time flywheel

dynespark  asked:

If the Scavenger formed a Combiner, what do you think they would look like and who would form what part?

If we pretend it happened during the short period of time where Flywheels was alive and Fulcrum was a part of the team so they could form a six-bot combiner, then I think Krok would form the head, since he’s the leader and that’s how these things seem to go. I guess Spinister would be the body since (I think) he’s the biggest. Misfire would have to be an arm that holds a weapon because that would be hilarious. Fulcrum was convicted for running away so he’d have to be a leg. Flywheels has big feet so he can be the other leg. I guess that leaves Crankcase to be the remaining arm. 

I feel like a combiner formed out of the Scavengers would be like…the Deadpool of combiners. Utterly nuts, but strangely capable in the most roundabout, unconventional way. I guess it could have a sort of haphazard, mashed together aesthetic. It would need some kind of stupid sounding name like…idk…Scabitron or some shit.