time flies when you are having fun!!


Time flies when you have fun…..


   Your love for us AROHA is pure and sweet, and that love motivates us to give all we can back. Thank you for all your hard work, all the amazing songs, and all the funny moments you have let us share with you. Thank you for always showing your love and gratitude towards international fans, too. It is amazing to see our support reaches you guys. We look forward to the next forever as ASTROs AROHAs, and look to your hard work as inspiration for us to work hard too.
   Congratulations on your first year since debut and #HAPPYASTRODAY! Let’s be together forever ❤ 영원히 함께합시다 우리 애기들 ❤


Best friends truly do make the best life partners. This woman’s smile captivated me 11 years ago in a dorm room and I’ve spent every day since wanting to see it spread across her face as often as possible. We were just 17 year old college girls when we met. It’s hard falling completely in love during a time when you’re supposed to be young, wild and free. Despite all the shitty and selfish things we did to one another as growing kids, somehow our love persevered and we’re creeping up on our 5th year of marriage…crazy how time flies when you’re having fun.

Time Flies by When You’re Having Fun

Time Flies by When You’re Having Fun

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“What’s taking you so long? Let’s go to bed,” Taehyung’s voice yawned from the bedroom.

You were currently examining yourself in the bathroom mirror; you were wearing his favourite piece of lingerie. He couldn’t help himself every time you wore it. It was a two piece: transparent, lacy, and pushed up your full bust. Your buttcheeks peeped out of it, temptingly–you would do yourself if you could.

“I’m coming,” you called out your late reply. Confident, you stepped out into the bedroom, excited to see his reaction. Your smile fell to see that he was facing the other way.

“Oh, there you are. Let’s go to sleep so it can be morning sooner,” he said.


“Less talking, more sleep-”

“Kim Taehyung!”

“Wha-” he turned around, his mouth gaping and his eyes widening. “Why didn’t you say you were dressed like that earlier?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” you said, climbing onto the bed and going to straddle him, “maybe because you kept rambling on?”

Instinctively putting his hands on your hips, he replied, “well, it’s definitely my fault, baby girl.”

“How are you going to apologize then?” You stared into his eyes lovingly as you moved your hips slowly, grinding on his growing cock.

“Oh, you’ll see,” his voice rumbled.

“If we do this, not only do you get to apologize, but time will go by much faster,” you giggled.

“It’s a win-win, then,” he said, his hands squeezing your ass as you moved your hips. “I should be the one apologizing,” he flipped you over, so that you were under him.

“Make me feel good,” you breathed, your eyes focused on his cock as he discarded his clothes.

“Let me do the work, jagi,” he whispered hotly in your ear.

You gasped, feeling at the immediate intrusion of his large member while his tongue licked your skin. Arching your back, you removed your bra instantly, wanting to feel his tongue wander your twins. Smirking, he began his strokes in and out of you and you felt his tongue play around with your nipples. You moaned softly, starting to move your own hips, but you felt his hands roughly stop you.

“No, no, I’m the one doing the work,” his tongue left your breast, leaving you to whine.

“Fine, but please, go faster,” you whined.

“That’s a better idea,” he said. “Get on your hands and knees.”

You followed his command, eyes closed, bracing for the impact. You squeaked, feeling his hand smack your ass harshly, “do that again!”

“Patience, my sweet.”

You moaned even louder as soon as you felt his member now go in from a different angle, penetrating you deeper than before. You moved, going forward and backward without thinking, meeting his thrusts. Loud slaps of skin on skin echoed through your room, but you didn’t care at the moment. You felt good; that’s all that mattered. His large hands spread out on your ass cheeks, squishing and grabbing onto it as he thrusted to pull you onto him.

“Ugh, Taehyung,” you moaned, slowing down, still keeping up your motions.

Moving in and out quickly, his head was thrown back at the intense pleasure. They became more irregular and more rough, as you began moving forward on the bed. Your face was smushed into the pillows and your hands were gripping the sheets. This continued for a little more until his thrusts became more slow and more loving. You felt his tongue ride up your spine, causing you to shiver in pleasure.

“I’m almost done… Maybe just a little longer,” he managed to breathe out, panting. In a minute, you were filled with his seed, and you collapsed onto the bed.

“Ugh, that felt so good,” you sighed, content.

Kissing your ass cheeks, he agreed, “thanks for that gift.”

“You’re welcome, but did you just kiss me butt?”

“Yes, because that shit is mine.” He said, patting your soft skin. “Alright, now we can sleep!”


this one was eh

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GOT7 THEORY: Thanks for the clue Jackson!

So yesterday I made a post saying that Junior was in the coma. A lot of people told me thats it was wrong, or just made theories about how juniors was dreaming/ or dead.

Well guess what, I was right about the coma, and It’s Jackson who gives us the answer ! Yes Jackson.

Let me tell you a story :

There were 7boys, 7 friends. They were in a car for a trip ! They having a lot of funs ! One of them, Jackson, films the moments in the car !

Good idea ! We can see how the time flies so fast (lol)


So everything is alright ! Then lil Junior sleeps and bam(bam lolz) car accident

So what happened ??? It’s when I saw many theories about Junior who is remembering the good moment, or the boys being dead and Junior follows them or things like that. Well nop.

Just after the car accident, Junior is dead and alive, he doesnt know what’s going on ! He’s on a road and he looks lost. He cannot find his friends  because, well they aren’t here anymore.

Then bam we see Junior who opens his eyes and his in the room with his friends.

« He’s thinking about his friends, hes still alive but they’re all dead » !

Originally posted by jaminbonbon

Look at the time : at 2 :04

And 2:09 

Yes, STILL THE SAME. And even at 3 :27 !

This is why the scene looks weird ! It’s not happening, Junior is dreaming, time doesnt flew in dreams, he is in the coma, we will talk about this later

So they all had the car accident and they all between life and death and-




Why they’re all flying but not Junior ? Everyone is flying !!!

We can suppose that flying = death. All the 6 members aren’t between life and death, they are dead.

One is still alive : Junior

We see him jumping of a building HE is the only one between life and death, will he survive ?

Yes he can’t fly. He falls down, down to the real life, he opened the eyes

But not really. He’s not really in the coma , in a vegetatif state (apparently ppl in a vegetatif state are not really in the real real coma). People in a vegetatif state can dream, and also they can open they eyes, move them but, he isn’t conscious. But he’s alive.






Well I still don’t really know. But I lied in the beginning hihi

5 are dead, and two are « alive » Junior and Jackson.

There’s something weird with Jackson

We see him flying just ONE time

That’s all. And he’s not with the others when Junior falls down. So if you guys have ideas !!

But I have two propositions ! the one is Jackson survided, and the second is that he didn’t die in the car accident, and he’s the one who stays next to Junior in the hospital


Sorry for the bad english and if you guys have ideas, well send me a message ! I really likes this concept, and I hope you likes it !

The worst part about becoming an adult is that once you begin a 9 to 5 job and you condition yourself to be in autopilot mode so that work time flies past, when you’re finally able to relax it’s quite difficult to turn off that autopilot. Time doesn’t slow down, so the good times are over quicker and enjoyed less. You can’t tell if you’re legitimately having a good time or stressing because your break is almost over. Time doesn’t just fly when you’re having fun, it fast forwards.

Two years ago today this little pork bun stumped into the world and our lives have never been the same…in the best possible way. 😁 Hard to believe our little ladybaby is all grown up and 2 already, but time flies so fast when you’re having fun! She absolutely is the snuggliest, prettiest, best little ladybun who brightens each and every day. Here’s to many more years to come! 🎂😃🎁 #HappyBirthdayBabyBun #KnivesIsTwo #corgi #PrincessBirthdayBun #knivesthecorgi #instacute #birthday


“What about this?” Nat passed you another file. You flicked through it effortlessly and then tossed it upon the mountain of other files.

“Nat, I don’t think files are going to help. Even S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t have a record of this kid. Maybe we just need to see if there was any other witnesses’ to the scene.” You grumbled - this was one of the most perplexing cases you’d been given.

The scarlet haired woman gave you a half smile, “You’re right. I’m over thinking it, grab a coat and let’s get going.”

Do you love that person? Or do you love the idea of love? Can a person be more than a human? The embodiment of love? Is it their lips? What do you feel? What do you taste? How can a simple kiss on the forehead make your day that much better? It was simple, yet.. it fixed everything. How you failed your test… it fixed that too. Is it a state of mind? Or just another way to view our concept of time? You see… the seconds, the minutes, the hours.. Don’t they feel shorter? Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Why? How can a midnight stroll change just by gripped fingers? Because in that moment, even if you cried, you knew they’d never let go. The sky as black as it is… just dims, even more. And there goes the minutes. It’s gone again. An even funnier thing, time also slows down. Yes. Not only does it fast forward, it also seems to rewind. No. You are not losing your mind. Some believe love is blind, I think so too. We are aroused by the thought of this person. So often we forget…. they are just that. A person. A regular person with a magical touch that changed your seconds into years. Memories, they call it. A memory of a person, how long does it really last? For some, a few months. For me? Lifetime…?That word does it no justice. We can only imagine the abstractness of the concept. For though love is kind, how can I be so certain I’d feel it in my next life? I do. You may not believe me, you don’t have to do such a thing. Love is experienced differently for everyone. My lover may love you and kiss you, but would you ever feel what I have felt? Never. So goes the impending doom. I may live the rest of my life clinging onto an image of this person and they’d never even know. Love. This love. This concept. It has boundaries. It has no means. It is as timeless as the expanding universe and yet, it is also as simple as a cell. I feel it all over my body and it’s a strange feeling. It can heal my sicknesses and it can also destroy me. Simultaneously. Back to back. However you may have it. Love for me, may not be love for you. So is my rant. This is not a poem, but for those who may read this, know this. If you love, you love alone. If you have felt love, you’ll feel it forever and together. That’s what makes us human. That is what makes us want this… love.
—  #692 // my description for love

Today is a really special day for us because it’s Valentine’s Day, which is the day we met and hung out for the first time back in 2015, and it’s also our one year anniversary! Looking back on all the memories we’ve made together over the past year as a couple makes me feel extremely lucky. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate your whole being. You’ve made my life so much happier, and I can’t wait to make more amazing memories with you! You’re my best friend, my girlfriend, and the best person in my life.
I love you to the ends of the earth Natasha ❤️

Josh Dun Imagine (V-day)

This is not a request, I just figured since I wrote about Tyler for V-day, I could write for Josh too, since this blog kinda lacks Josh imagines :D

Imagine recreating your first date with Josh for Valentines Day

Word count: 822


Time sure flies when you are having fun. You had just celebrated the three year mark on your relationship with your boyfriend Josh a few months ago and now it was already Valentines Day. You have been thinking hard about what would be the perfect way to celebrate, but nothing came to mind that was good enough to you. And then it hit you, two days before Valentines Day, that you could recreate your first date with Josh. And so you did. You were proud of yourself once everything was ready, and all you had to do now was wait for Josh to arrive.

 And when he did, he let out a laugh as he saw and understood what you did. He approached you and gave you a peck on the lips and said it was the best idea you have ever had. You couldn’t help but punch him in the arm playfully, because that can be taken in two ways. One, that it was a great idea for spending your Valentines Day, and two, that he sarcastically said how you have no ideas, so you have to recycle old ones. Both of you laughed, knowing what he really meant, as he went back outside and came in with several heart shaped balloons and four gold ones spelling XOXO.

 You smiled at him as he placed them over the fireplace picnic you prepared. You set out two pillows next to the fireplace and spelled ‘I love you’ with red rose petals. A few candles were placed in between the rose petals and the pillows, ready to be lighted with the fireplace when it begins to get darker. A bottle of wine in an ice bucket was also there, and a basket, with all the food you made. The balloons Josh bought rounded it up quite nicely and you smiled to yourself as you felt him wrap his strong arms around your waist, as he hugged you from behind. You leaned into him and looked up to look at him as he leaned down and kissed you once again.

 You two sat down at the fireplace and enjoyed your Valentines Day, talking, eating and drinking, and just having a great time together. And as the night was arriving, you had put the plates you ate on in the dish washer. Josh glued onto you, refusing to let go of your waist even to let you place the dishes in the washer. You both laughed as you tried to walk together from the kitchen, after turning on the dish washer, to the living room again. You went for the candles, in the attempt to turn them out, when Josh stopped you. He said he needed them for something.

 And even though you were kinda confused of what he wanted, you gave in and watched as he took the candles one by one and made a heart shape around your feet. You were even more confused as to what was going on, earning a chuckle from Josh, but he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to do it ever since he first asked you to be his girlfriend, and all this time was just a build up for him to gain courage to do it. He was at the jewelry store earlier today and picked out a perfect ring for the job.

 “If I could think of anything…How about the fact that you are the love of my life and how I want to spend the rest of my life with you. That is honestly the best way to put it, because you make me tongue tied every time I see you and you are the reason why I keep working hard. Will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He said, while on one knee, looking up at you with the box containing the ring opened in his hands. You gasped, unable to say anything for a moment, taken aback by his gesture.

Seeing his nervous expression, you realized you were waiting for too long to give him the answer so you smiled and said ‘yes’. In turn, Josh smiled wide and slid the ring on your finger. Then he kissed the back of your shaking hand and got back up to his feet and embraced you in a tight hug, kissing your hair. You knew you had your soul mate with you and your best friend and the love of your life all in one red haired guy. You couldn’t see yourself with anyone else and you couldn’t wait to start planning the wedding. When you two got ready for bed and were talking as Josh’s arms were around you and you rested your head on his chest, you felt it vibrate as he chuckled, listening to your ideas until you fell asleep and he kissed the top of your head, drifting into the land of dreams himself.

Hey hey lovely people. I really hope you like my writing, because it’s something I love to do, <3

S02 E14: Time of Death

This is the compilation of all Olicity fics written in response to S02E14 of Arrow. The list do not include speculation stories of future episodes or plot development, just post-episode reactions and missing scenes. Keep this in mind when you sent a suggestion to add to this list. 


Chapter 15 by Ciara2531 [T - part of a collection]

I need an Oliver POV fic of that last Olicity scene from last night: Because like, what was going on in his head when he cupped her cheek and she closed her eyes to savour his touch, leaned into his hand and hmmed in complete and utter contentment?

through the times that were dark you held the light by @hopedreamlovepray [T - 2748]

I needed the scene that was missing.

Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun) by jedichick04 [T - 1395]

John Diggle had seen Oliver make a lot of stupid decisions over the last year and a half.

2x14-Aftermath by anthfan [T - part of a collection]

Just a brief little look at the morning after 2x14.

2x14 by anthfan [T - part of a collection]


If you know or wrote a fic related to S02E14 and it’s not here, please send it to us so we can add here.

The English Vice, part 2

Jack Gallagher - OC - Pete Dunne

a sequel to part 1 of The English Vice (all the way up and all the way down)

AO3 link

wordcount: 3917

summary/notes: Gallagher and Dunne return hoping to be rewarded for their good behavior but probably get more than they bargained for.

Chapter contains some violence, BDSM, PIV sex, oral sex, masturbation, and general shenanigans.

Soundtrack: Soul Coughing - El Oso - “So Far I Have Not Found The Science”

2. but the numbers keep on circling

They say time flies when you’re having fun.

Turns out, when your life’s gone to shit, it’s a little more of a blur.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You don’t believe that. I know you don’t.”
  • “Promise me something. Never try to save my life again.”
  • “Here I am, minding my own business, and someone thinks it’s funny to throw a book at me.”
  • “Say it, I’m doomed.”
  • “If it kills by looking people in the eye, why is it no one’s dead?”
  • “Nothing to do but wait ‘til it stops, I’m afraid.”
  • “You will find that help will always be given at ______ to those who ask for it.”
  • “Spooky how the time flies when one’s having fun.”
  • “Reading? I didn’t know you could read.”
  • “It’s an odd sort of place, this, isn’t it? Do you live here?”
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you or anything.”
  • “I know, but it’s the only plan we’ve got.
  • “We need you. Now more than ever.”
  • “I’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don’t exist.”
  • “Now don’t forget to speak very, very clearly.”
  • “I shouldn’t have told you that.”
  • “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”
  • “You’re doomed.”
  • “Not to be rude or anything, but this isn’t a great time for me.”
  • “Tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?”
  • “I mean, that was very wrong indeed. Very wrong of you.”
  • “It’s really quite filthy down here.”
  • “If you put another toe out of line, we’ll bring you straight home!”
  • “I mean, what was the point of sending us in there? What have we found out?”