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Do you personally have a favorite AU? Specifically one of your own? Or if you don't have one, an AU somebody else has cooked up? (In relevance to DirkJake btw)

favourite of my own is definitely the pushing daisies one. it basically makes itself. i love sunshine alive-again jake and neurotic skittish pie maker dirk and exasperated detective jane and flirty fast talking roxy

can someone explain to me something because I really /really/ don’t get it lmao. Why do some people tag stuff, like “nsfw” or “gore” for example, but then they put a bunch of these: like, ///// or //-/-/-\/- or /.,.\,/\,./\, ./.\.//\---\ or \\\ idk, u get the picture. And like, it’s not consistent, like each time there’s a different amount/assortment of those dashes. It’s pretty much impossible to keep track of and individually blacklist every single variation that people put. And there’s also the fact that backslashes can’t be blacklisted. So…. if you’re not tagging it so people can blacklist it … and you’re not using a consistent tag so it’s not like it’s for archiving purposes… then why.. tag those… at all… lmao.? I’m just honestly, confused.


It’s Kevin time *gets hit in the face with a chair*


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎


happy birthday to the sweetest angel, makoto tachibana~! ♡ (17/11)

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

“Tale as old as time…”

My official redesign of the Beauty and the Beast 2017 ballgown. I tried to keep the general design of the new version while making it historically accurate. Think of her as a living golden rose.


bizarre nightmares