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After seeing the original post with designs for cowboy Hanzo and archer McCree, I couldn’t resist commissioning @theasgardiandetective for more!

I’m really gay for Hanzo and really gay for cowboys.

Thanks so much for the wonderful commission! 💕


it wasn’t even on the lips!!!


Bones » 2016 rewatch - 4x01 “Yanks in the UK pt. 1″

Well, would you like to tag along? 

It is murder. Can’t promise anything but it is possible a famous heiress is involved. 

I’m keen as ketchup. 

Mustard. Keen as mustard. Excellent effort at the colloquialism, though. Very impressive.


3 2 1 Let’s Jam!

Klance x Cowboy Bebop



Filter Out the Starlight - skoosiepants - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Why are you not more curious about me?” Stiles says when Derek’s got the door half open, sun spilling over the dark wood, dust motes spinning about his legs. Stiles is wearing fabric that hasn’t been invented yet, he’s clutching a smart phone to his chest, and he appeared out of nowhere, like an angel.

Softly, Derek says, “We all have our secrets,” and closes the door.


A heartbroken Stiles accidentally travels back in time to find his one true love. A harlequin-ish Christmas romance.


She tried it 😐


You’re so welcome! I seriously enjoyed writing them, maybe I should just write these for the rest of the characters…? Anyway, here’s the scenario for that tasty cowboy we all so thirsty for. 

McCree/Jesse McCree
Jesse likes to cuddle, likes to feel his partner close and wrapped up in his limbs, likes to comb his fingers through their hair, likes to mutter cheesy pick up lines and compliments into their ear, likes to make them laugh. 
He’s not always so easy going, he tries though, tries not to let the events of that fire and the downfall of Overwatch effect him around others, sometimes things just slip and his composure breaks and part of him blames himself for not being able to do anything for the two people he looked up to most. He hates when his partner see’s him like this and sometimes he’ll try and take his mind off things with sex or training, wanting to just completely switch of his thoughts.
“You should let someone be there for you for once Jesse.” They murmur into the crook of his neck, the air is fresh with the smell of sweat and sex and his S/O knows he’s not dealing well today, could tell simply by the way he’s talking and being a little too reckless. The hand on their back stills in motion and they know they’ve made Jesse uncomfortable, but he needs to know. Needs to be aware that things like that are just sometimes inevitable and he’s not alone anymore.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about darlin’…” he trails off, they lean up, looking down at him unimpressed, it takes about five seconds for Jesse to cave. “Always was weak to that pretty little face of yours” he mutters, they smirk and Jesse almost smiles, their expression softens at him bringing their hand to caress the side of his face. “Seriously Jesse, no one will think any less of you and no one blames you for anything, so stop being so stubborn, okay cowboy?” the pet name does get a small smile from him.
“You’re too good for me darlin’” he says softly leaning up to press a kiss along their jaw, arms wrapping around their waist. “I don’t know why you settled for little ol’ me, but I’m glad you did.” He’s placing soft kisses along their jawline towards their lips and they laugh lightly at the sensation “you’re not so bad yourself partner” they joke.
“I’m serious, you’re just this incredible force of a person, so strong in everything you do…”
he trails off again placing more kisses this time down their neck. “If you keep going Jesse, its going to end up as round two…” they trail off letting out a little moan as he nips at their collarbone. “Now who says I wasn’t aiming for that darlin’?” he smirks.