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i want to make a list of movies/books/etc where a major plot point is “mom helps daughter kill a man who hurt her, or at the very least helps her hide the body” but in general that is never what the actual plot is about, so it’s huge spoilers, which is ACTUALLY KINDA WEIRD now that i am thinking about it. with dad movies it’s the whole plot of the things, SOMEONE HURT HIS DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY’RE GONNA PAY

but i read a book once that was entirely about a girl going back to her hometown after twenty years and trying to reconcile with her mother after The Incident. then they finally reveal 80% of the way through the book that The Incident was that protag thought she’d killed her date rapist and had been scared to come back because she’d somehow made it twenty years without consequences, but actually she’d only seriously injured her date rapist. protag’s mom had found the guy while looking for her wayward daughter, realized what happened, and ran him over with her truck and buried the body under her garden. she never said anything because of Mom Code.

there was no indication at any point prior to this that this was a book about a murder. it was a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a woman entering her middle years learning to better understand her mother. that just happened to include covering up a murder. protag thought her mom was just an obsessive gardener.

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Alright so this probably doesn’t mean anything significant but I noticed it and thought it was cool, so here we go. 

Death Note cover art? Always has a cross on it, the last of those crosses depicting Light in a crucified position. 

In the volume where L dies, however, we have an image of an upside down L on the cross.  

My first thoughts on this were “why is L upside down this is confusing I keep wanting to read it the other direction,” then it quickly transitioned into “ooh that’s a pretty cross” (my mind tends to wander), then “oh. ohoh.”

See, historically and biblically Jesus’ disciples were all killed one by one after his crucifixion. 

Peter however, Jesus’ best friend, was crucified upside down.

  • Nino: ok wait I have an idea
  • Nino: you gotta call out 'babe!' and see who looks up
  • Nino: I'll go first
  • Nino: BABE!
  • Adrien: lmao nobody even flinched
  • Nino: you try then
  • Adrien: I will
  • Adrien: BABE!
  • Nathanel: what?
  • Marinette: yeah?
  • Chloe: you called?
  • Nino: what the fu

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Behind the TIME Cover Story: Beyond 'He' or 'She'
How a new generation is changing the meaning of gender and sexuality
By Katy Steinmetz

In a new survey from LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD, conducted by Harris Poll, those open minds are reflected in the numbers: 20% of millennials say they are something other that strictly straight and cisgender, compared to 7% of boomers.

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Your name it's Jinbei, Jinbe, Jimbei or Jimbe ?

ohhh this is a good question, it’s due to illegal scans and his very early first mention but very late appearence (mentioned in 1998)!

ジンベエ  is Romanized to Jinbē. This is what appears on merch from japan. However that ē is normally printed as an e.

Jimbei Is the licenced Viz translation and the Official English Name which came when one peice became officially translated.

Jinbei is often seen in the illegal scanlation! This is a merge of the two official translations and a ‘spelling error’. The same applies to jimbe, it’s a merge of the two real names!

I used the name printed on the official merch I own, because I feel that’s the closest spelling, to the pronouncation of the word ‘ ジンベエ‘ However there is no ‘canon’ spelling.

Bring back the suspenders! x

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Is there a background story for the jackson siblings in your pjo zombie au?

For a long time, it was just Percy and his mom. His father (Poseidon) leaving Sally and him when he was just a baby due to heavily confidential and dangerous reasons. He was hardly ever in Sally’s or Percy’s life, albeit the few birthday cards he sent Percy when he was very little, Percy rarely had any contact with the man (Not that it really bugged him). Percy was in 6th grade when Sally Married Paul, who happened to be one of his English teachers at this new middle school. A year later, Percy’s sister was born. And after so long, it finally felt like the family was complete and whole. The four were as happy as could be, even if things were hard financially. Nonetheless, things were good for the Jackson/Blofis kids. It wasn’t until Percy’s junior year of high school that Sally finally got her big break and became a best selling author for her children’s novels based on Greek Mythology. (Wink-Wink) The summer before his senior year was when the Apocalypse struck. 

Hope that gives some insight! If you guys have any more questions, now is the time to ask because I have Max on skype! So we’re able to answer any and all questions!

warm up sketches that were sitting around in my folder~
trying to solidify a new design for Underfell Gaster

The Road To Nowhere

Let’s take a drive down the long road to Nowhere

In the cool mist of dusk with the never ending line of telephone poles as companions 

The angels peer down from above the clouds, ever vigilant and silently smiling 

And the eldritch mass at the end extends skyward in greeting ready for embrace

Nowhere has been waiting for you to come back home.

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So in my story, one of my characters is autistic, and when we first meet him, he usually keeps to himself, and only speaks in sign language. Would it be insensitive for character development for them to eventually become verbal and extroverted?

Unfortunately, yes, I think that it is very likely to come across as insensitive.

Obviously, people can gain confidence and verbal ability can change, but if 1) the gain in confidence is linked to the improvement in verbal ability in your narrative and 2) this is shown as a “happy ending” type of character “growth”, then it definitely rubs me up the wrong way.

In theory, it is possible to tell the story of a person gaining confidence and learning to speak, but honestly there are very few people that I would trust to tell this kind of story. In my opinion, in order to tell this story sensitively, you would need to have an intimate understanding of the experience.

It seems unlikely to me for a character who communicates exclusively via sign to become “verbal” – depending, of course, on exactly what you mean by “verbal”. Verbal and nonverbal don’t fall into a clear-cut binary, so what exactly you mean by “verbal” makes a difference. Another thing is exactly what you mean by sign language. I talk a bit about different types of signing in this post.

Of course, there are some things that could change to what extent the story seems insensitive. If this is the main character, the story is more likely to seem insensitive; it focuses on their experiences, so you would need to have a much more thorough understanding of being nonverbal. On the other hand, if this is a supporting character, there are other options. Maybe the character does speak in English (or another oral language), but not when they are with the main character. People behave differently in different situations, so maybe this character initially only interacts with your MC in situations that they find stressful, meaning that they find oral speech difficult. Maybe it’s the opposite, and this character initially only interacts with the MC in situations where they are able to sign, but later in the story they find themselves in situations where they don’t have support from anyone who can translate for them.

The other thing that changes things is the age of your character and the period of time that your story covers. Many autistic people start speaking at a later age than is typical, so if your character is a child they may not have begun speaking yet at the beginning of your story. It is also possible that slowly, over a period of years, the character could become more comfortable with oral speech. However, if he normally communicate via sign then he must be surrounded by people who can understand him (and who possibly also sign), and surely he must be more comfortable signing? If this is the case, then there has to be a strong motivation for the character to learn to speak orally.

I have two possible suggestions that you might want to try:

  1. The main character doesn’t see the autistic character speaking, but the autistic character does speak in other situations. This is the most likely way for the scenario that you have described to happen.

  2. Your character becomes more outgoing and extroverted, but is still nonverbal. This way you can still show the character development you wanted without having the “cure” overtones.

(I want to note that I have answered this question under the assumption that the asker is not non-verbal. If you yourself are nonverbal and are writing a story about a non-verbal character gaining the ability to speak, I have a slightly different attitude towards the question that has been asked. Like I said earlier, in order to tell this story sensitively, you would need to have an intimate understanding of being nonverbal. If you are nonverbal, you definitely match this description!)

-Mod Snail

The album Hide bought in the 3rd novel. It’s Backstreet Boys‘. Yes.

In all 6 stories of the novel there are little drawings in the corner of the page (+ the index). For the second story, Kaneki and Hide’s, the picture was one of Kaneki’s books and the CD Hide wants to buy in the story:


(The album was released in 2001 so maybe this is when the story took place?) No, the numbers don’t add up, so it’s definitely later.

Guess what’s this album’s first song? I Want It That Way.

And the best part is Hide got the CD with the special edition poster.

What a Prize

Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson
Words: 4,485
Soul-Mate AU
Part 2 of my Marked Series on AO3

Pansy did not believe in the theory that everyone had a soul-mate. Her mother told her for years that it was a fallacy, a fake and hopeless dream that romantics in the wizarding world created to feel better about themselves and their pathetic lives. Pansy had never met any adults in her life that were marked, but being marked wasn’t something you shared. It was burned into your skin, right over your heart. It happened once you physically touched the one you were supposed to be with. Most people never saw someone’s heart, it was private, sacred.

Even though Pansy did not believe in this anomaly, she still took time to research it throughout the years.  She read that once you touched the one, the mark would burn into your skin and the pain was excruciating. Over the years, it would blacken with age and heal. It would never leave your skin, it would be a part of who you were forever. It was supposed to symbolize that true love never dies, but Pansy thought it sounded more like a curse than a blessing. To be permanently marked meant you no longer had independence, and Pansy only wanted to take care of herself.

The reason being marked was still considered a theory throughout the wizarding world was because most people did not find their soul mate, and if they did, they were considered the lucky ones. Skeptical witches and wizards, like Pansy’s mother, believed that individuals saying they were marked just got tattoos to convince the world that they were with their soul mate and to “prove” the theory. Pansy wished she wasn’t skeptical like her mother deep down, but she knew it was the best way to keep herself safe. Being safe was better than being vulnerable, and it helped her avoid feeling too much useless hope.

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