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FRIEND. I remembered a song that literally fits perfectly with your story about the one time Dark lost control. I don't know how familiar you are with musicals, but there's a Jekyll and Hyde musical with a song called "Alive" that is perfect for Dark's awakening after discovering his aura!

( @alto-viola ) Funny you should bring up Jekyll and Hyde… it’s not like I have an AU in mind pssh no way!


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for alli. thanks for sharing some of your magic with us bby ♥

Klance Skyhigh AU

•Lance is skyhigh’s classclown but also the resident cool kid. literally. His ice powers are powerful but so well controlled, he can freeze your entire body with a snap of a finger.

•Ever since the Hero/Sidekick test, he’s gotten popular but always stuck to his bestfriends Hunk who can manipulate metal and Pidge who’s a powerful technopath.

•Shiro, the schools councilor and resident superman, decides to enroll his cousin Keith to help him train his uncontrollable fire powers. He goes to his friend (and crush) Allura for help.

•After Keith got his powers at age thirteen, he wasnt allowed to go to school anymore due to the school sprinklers always going off. He was homeschooled for three years in a burnproof room until Shiro was finally fed up that Keith was being treated like a wild animal that must be contained.

•Allura, the Head of Skyhigh, reqires Keith to undergo tests in the school labs to monitor his powers.

•Currently his control is so out of whack, he accidentally melts metal like its nothing but ice, sets things on fire depending on his emotions, he doesnt get burned but can accidentally burn someone at contact so he’s always fully clothed from head to toe.

•Because of this Allura assigns Lance into a buddy system with him. She’ll give Lance extra credit and tell him to be careful with Keith as he has only came out of a bad situation.

•Confident that he can do this, Lance’s initial introduction with Keith bursts into flames really quickly (and literaly) as Keith remembers that Lance was the classmate that always provoked Keith into accidentally burning something at school causing him to be isolated and drop out.

•Guilty and feeling like shit, Lance promises to help him and gets Hunk and Pidge into it. Helping him build heatproof gadgets to help Keith with his stress.

•As time goes by they get close and Keith is adopted into the circle of freinds. He wears less and less covers, getting rid of the mittens, beanie, the layer of fireproof longsleeve shirt. Lance is proud. (and also realizing underneath all those layers of clothes was just a cute angry kitten)

•Lance definitely helps him control his powers. He’s not as affected as the other students but in a bout of panic one day when Keith almost set their project on fire, he grabbed Keith’s hand to cool down the fire about to burst. It worked.

•So they agreed everytime Keith was about to burn something, Lance was there to hold his hand and calm him down… They didnt think it was gonna affect how much they were already gone for each other but ooh were they wrong.



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