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Alternate Title: 50%* of Figure Skating History in the Last Decade 

(*) conservative estimate
Red = current world records (as of May 2017)
This list is not exhaustive, many wonderful things he achieved have been left out due to lack of space and a desire to keep this post within not-too-extremely unreasonable length
This list will need to be updated in due time

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In canon, when do you think Victor and Yuuri had their first time together? Do you think it was before Grand Prix? Right after? Or maybe not until they moved to Russia together because they wanted to take it slow and make sure Yuuri didn't get anxious about going too fast with their relationship?

Oh, hmmmm. That’s actually a good question. I’m honestly not sure because their private life is kept quite, well, private in the show. Any of those options are valid. 

Part of me feels like their first time might have been after the airport proposal. No matter what, I sincerely believe they slept in the same bed that night. (I could go into a whole spiel about it, but I won’t.) With their reactions to being apart for just a couple days, how close they had to get to each other, and the intensity of their feelings, there’s no way that Victor (or Yuuri even) wouldn’t have asked to share a bed when they got home. I don’t think either would have refused at that point. Whether they had sex or just cuddled, I dunno.

I also feel like their first time could have been a messy, not-planned-at-all handjob sometime during the summer. (That they never talked about and pretended didn’t happen for far too long.) (I’m also running mostly on the assumption that Yuuri’s probably a virgin when he meets Victor. (Although that’s also debatable.))

Before the Grand Prix is a totally reasonable time too, because, again, the ring exchange happened. I’ve always wondered if they went back to the hotel room and actually discussed what the rings meant. Or, maybe even, it happened back in Japan a day or so before they left for Barcelona as a way for Victor to help Yuuri ‘ease the tension’ before the competition. 

((I dunno, the way Yuuri acted in episode 8 always makes me think something happened much earlier than Barcelona, maybe sometime just after episode 7.))

If they were having sex by the time the Grand Prix final rolled around, I think for sure they would have gone back to their room and had sex after it all. But as their first time? I dunno, a lot of things happened that day and adding their first time to that might have been overwhelming for Yuuri? (Although, talk about a great fic to write…..)

And yet, after I’ve said all of this, there are still some moments (even in the last episode) that Yuuri still just seems like a blushing virgin, so I’m totally on board with them waiting until Yuuri’s living with Victor in Russia. Yuuri is pretty insecure/anxious about things, especially when it comes to relationships or being physically close with people. So to me, this is a pretty likely scenario - them being engaged for months, waiting until Yuuri’s fully settled in, talking about in-depth it for days beforehand, and then Victor planning a whole, beautiful evening for Yuuri to make him feel like he’s the only person in the world.

There’s just too many great options. I’d love to hear what you guys think!!

hello everyb. it me, doctor elly, cat doctor ph.d (Ph.luffy Doctor).

so many people sufferin so much lately. in world, and also on small human scale. human roommnt Rave Sahnsyed and me hear from especial many of yu in this week. some of u lost somebyyd or somthin important, or anticipting loss. som of u feel so lonely n isolated. some of u have get in truble for mistake & torn between fel guilty bad (for mistake) & resent (for unfair reaction). other ppl feel guilt for have problem in face of global scary tension. some of u just very scared for no reason, or all reason.

im dont mean 2 minimize all individ problem by combinin response this way. but i am nonly one small cat & carnt even read. so, its hard 2 answer all of this. especial hard for me 2 answer questions no one can answer, like, what happen if we cannot stop unraveling of global systm? jeez, i donnt no. im domb as hell.i mean yestrday i got trap again between glass tabletop n table.

so look, i say this only. i make recomend:take some time 2 NOT BE ON INTERNET. i know this sim like denial – STOP ABSORBING INFORMATION! – but internet IN PARTICULAR is machine for collapsing of experience. is no way 2 make emotional distinction betwen things Happenin to U and things Happenin to World that matter and things Happnin to U And World that dont matter, on itnernet. its all comes at u all time and it only make so tired.

so this is why im ask  u to unplug for couple hours or days if u can. ok? try maybe only tomor saturday. read book from paper, newspaper from paper. go outdise if u can, see how flowers comin in on trees. perhaps go to tax march tomor if u feel like u must engage with World. listen to new kendrick album!! (doctor lely luv kendric.) enjoy sensual, concrete pleasure and pains. try 2 spend time living consciously in those sensations, good n bad. 

adapt this recomnednatin to yur personal situat and limits. i cant atully go outside bc will die of panic attack if bird or squril gets 2 close. so im just stick my butt out window in the sun. this give me perspectiv and warm.

will this solv world problem? of course not. but mayb will give u strength & distance from feeling of crushing overwhelm, deep breath from which yu can re-enter heartbreaking lovely pointless important garbage endeavor of being alive. im tellin yu, those flower are gud.

Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day, saying,
‘I will try again tomorrow.
—  Mary Anne Radmacher, Simply An Inspired Life: Consciously Choosing Unbounded Happiness in Good Times & Bad

Okay, so if there are Slytherin muggleborns, then there must have been Slytherin muggleborns during the events of Deathly Hallows. Since Dumbledore’s army wasn’t contacting Skytherins, they must have had their own means of protection.


Pureblood students swearing on the honour of Slytherin house that their muggleborn friend is actually their cousin (taking advantage of the fact that, from where they’re standing, Slytherin’s honour doesn’t seem to be worth much anymore).

The Bloody Baron hanging around while the Carrows are investigating all the students’ blood statuses and occasionally saying “no, they aren’t muggleborn— I remember their grandfather when he was at school here” or “definitely not— the Smiths are one oldest wizarding families I know of, though sadly they didn’t get into the sacred 28.” Safe in the knowledge that neither of them are going to argue with a ghost who’s still covered in blood.

Snape summoning students to his office and them freaking out, worried that they’re going to be outed as muggleborns, but instead being told that the Carrows are suspicious, so they’re going to come down with a ‘sudden illness’ and are to get the train home immediately.

Anti muggleborn Slytherins discovering that one of their housemates is muggleborn and going to tell the Carrows— only for about ten of their housemates to turn on them with stunning spells. They end up in the hospital wing and, by the time they’ve regained consciousness, the student in question has been hidden in one of the many secret passages that lead from the dungeons.

Later on, muggleborn Slytherins being the first to volunteer to go with Slughorn to fight in the battle of Hogwarts, followed by their pureblood friends.

Slytherin house protecting its muggleborns.

Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include

(Btw I am using the Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne, y’all)

  • Not being entirely sure as to how it all even happened
    • On the off-chance that you’re one of Gotham’s minimal elite, you probably met Bruce at a charity gala and, for some reason beyond your comprehension, he picked you out of the other well-dressed women
    • In the higher likelihood that you don’t come from an affluent family, there’s a multitude of possibilities as to where you met: Maybe you were at a gala working as part of the catering company and he accidentally spilled red wine on you. Maybe you worked as an intern or temp or had a desk job somewhere in the Wayne Enterprise building in Gotham. Or maybe he just saw some assholes giving you a rough time and he stepped in and then offered to walk you home.

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“Great strides have since been made in the art of anatomy, physiology and all branches of science, and the workings of the man-machine are now perfectly clear. Yet the very fewest among us are able to trace their actions to primary external causes. It is indispensable to the arguments I shall advance to keep in mind the main facts which I have myself established in years of close reasoning and observation and which may be summed up as follows:

  1. 1. The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external influences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not from within, but from without. He is like a float tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea.
  2. There is no memory or retentive faculty based on lasting impression. What we designate as memory is but increased responsiveness to repeated stimuli.
  3. It is not true, as Descartes taught, that the brain is an accumulator. There is no permanent record in the brain, there is no stored knowledge. Knowledge is something akin to an echo that needs a disturbance to be called into being.
  4. All knowledge or form conception is evoked through the medium of the eye, either in response to disturbances directly received on the retina or to their fainter secondary effects and reverberations. Other sense organs can only call forth feelings which have no reality of existence and of which no conception can be formed.
  5. Contrary to the most important tenet of Cartesian philosophy that the perceptions of the mind are illusionary, the eye transmits to it the true and accurate likeness of external things. This is because light propagates in straight lines and the image cast on the retina is an exact reproduction of the external form and one which, owing to the mechanism of the optic nerve, can not be distorted in the transmission to the brain. What is more, the process must be reversible, that in to say, a form brought to consciousness can, by reflex action, reproduce the original image on the retina just as an echo can reproduce the original disturbance If this view is borne out by experiment an immense revolution in all human relations and departments of activity will be the consequence.”

–Nikola Tesla

“How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destines.” New York American, February 7, 1915