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Jurassic Park! AU ~ (so far)

Kuroo: He is a former InGen geneticist that was originally recruited to work on creating new hybrids for future attractions but left to join the field researchers on their herd studies after befriending a family of Stegosaurus. He’s also been known to spoil the juvenile Triceratops and scratch under their frills.

Tsukishima: The leading scientist at InGen, essentially created every dinosaur you see at Jurassic Park. He has a particular soft spot for dinosaur eggs and loves tending to the hatchlings (@asteriskscepter). He will visit the site from time to time to collect data (@xlady-saya) but prefers to stay in the lab.

Bokuto: He is in charge of the Pterosaurs and absolutely loves flying on the backs of his Pteranodons. The smaller Pterosaurs and babies like to sit on top of his head so he’s been known to keep dead insects in his pockets for them. He’s a usual patron at the Jurassic Grill and loves playing with kids at the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo.

Akaashi: He is a wildlife photographer seeking inspiration. A newcomer to Jurassic Park, he is immediately drawn to the Aviary where Pterosaurs fly above him. He hopes to capture them on film and take the perfect shot.

Iwaizumi: He is a retired sniper from the military that got recruited to oversee the behavioral study of the Velociraptors. His raptors are fiercely loyal to him and are very protective of him. They’re like his best friends and he loves joining in on their running exercises. He likes accompanying Titan (the matriarch T-Rex) on her walks around the island and is the only one she’ll allow to get close to her infant. 

Oikawa: He is the current CEO of InGen and sees everything that happens in Jurassic Park. Usually in the central control room or his office, he monitors all the going-ons in and around the park. When he’s lonely though, he visits the Mosasaur’s tank at night and two are now quiet friends. 

I miss fusion dances!

Why have the gems all stopped doing fusion dances?? I understand that Ruby and Sapphire wouldn’t always have to, but nowadays, gems just grab each other’s hands and fuse.

This one was okay. At least it can be considered a dance, and Opal has existed before. Not often, though.

Smoky Quartz’s dance… it wasn’t even a dance, it was a hug. And Steven and Amethyst have never fused before! Where did the dances go??

Bonus: Under the cut is a collection of times gems should’ve been able to fuse at this rate.

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i have a thing for colored vinyl

does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

“She could hardly really walk. Fred was dripping. He’d changed his shirt five or six times. Every time we would get almost to the finish, something would happen. It got to be like a block. We’d say, ‘What’s going to happen now?’, and it would. We were just at our wits’ end. Finally the director, George Stevens, said, 'Let’s quit for the night. It’s late. Everybody’s tired.’ Fred and Ginger said, 'No. Let’s do it while we are hot. We’ll do it if we have to kill ourselves.’ So we said, 'Alright, one more time.’ So they got to the top of the stairs, and everybody was holding their breath. And he caught her the first time in the spins. He caught her the second time… I think it’s about four times. The last time, he caught her, she whirled off down the steps. It was perfect. Everybody shouted – the crew said 'Hooray!’ And you look at it today, and people say, 'Oh, isn’t that pretty. They’re having so much fun.’” – Hermes Pan in a 1986 interview for BBC Four, recalling the night Fred and Ginger danced until dawn broke to get one perfect take of Never Gonna Dance.

the signs as shit gordon ramsay says in kitchen nightmares
  • aries: you fucking donut
  • taurus: i would like to pray before i eat this
  • gemini: you stuck up precious little bitch
  • cancer: bland as fuck
  • leo: have you ever sat at a table and watched 6 customers with its fucking donkey dick swinging in front of its face? it's hilarious
  • virgo: no, don't eat that, i don't want to be responsible for putting you back in the hospital
  • libra: it's not a crab cake... it's a crap cake
  • scorpio: that baby was fucking ugly
  • sagittarius: *gags and spits out food*
  • capricorn: looks like a fucking flip-flop
  • aquarius: stuffed clams. looks like a dog shat in the shells
  • pisces: i need the toilet, excuse me, i knew it would come out faster than it went in
To accept one’s past – one’s history – is not the same thing as drowning in it; it is learning how to use it. An invented past can never be used; it cracks and crumbles under the pressures of life like clay in a season of drought.
—  James Baldwin, from “Down at the Cross: Letter from a Region in My Mind,” The Fire Next Time