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i decided to participate in at least one day of the Victuuri Week

(illustration to the fic that was originally based on @beanpots AU)

Listed by Ao3 hit count, here are the


  1. Escapade by dolce_piccante
  2. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante
  3. And Then A Bit by infinitelymint
  4. Four’s Company by vampire_angel_z
  5. Wild And Unruly by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews
  6. Unbelievers by isthatyoularry
  7. As You Are by zarah5
  8. Gods & Monsters by Velvetoscar
  9. Let’s Fall In Love In A Place You Want To Stay by embro
  10. Want You More Than A by TheCellarDoor
  11. The Dead Of July by whimsicule
  12. Butterfly Gun by eravain
  13. Always Come Back To You by whoknows
  14. I Only Ever Want You by itsmiz
  15. You’re An Asshole (But I Love You) by theboyfriendstagram
  16. Led By Your Beating Heart by missandrogyny
  17. Let Me Make A Thing Of Cream And Stars by missandrogyny
  18. Loving You Is Free by littlelouishiccups
  19. One Direction One Shot Collection (Volume II) by purpleeyestellies
  20. In Dreams bu dolce_piccante
  21. Louis Love by OhSlashy
  22. Bring Your Body Baby (I Could Bring You Fame) by theboyfriendstagram
  23. Leave It To The Breeze by hattalove
  24. Nobody Shines The Way You Do by wildestdreams
  25. Just A Feeling by whoknows
  26. Marking Up The Atmosphere by acidveins
  27. You Drive Me Round The Bend by TheCellarDoor
  28. Hand Over by crybaby
  29. Bite Me by happilylarry
  30. Every Arrow That I Aim Is True by estrella30
  31. May We Stay Lost On Our Way Home by LoadedGunn
  32. After Hours by Velvetoscar
  33. You Take Me Over, You’re The Magic In My Veins by supernope
  34. Both Showing Hearts by kiwikero
  35. Don’t Tell The Gods (We Left A Mess) by bottomlinsons
  36. (Your Heartbeat) Rang True Inside My Bones by flimsy
  37. In Vogue by otpwhatever
  38. Walk My Days On A Wire by sunshiner
  39. Back To The Beginning by LHStylinson
  40. Indestructible by whoknows
  41. Dreaming Of You by Velvetoscar
  42. Untangle Me by suicxne
  43. Burn To Ash by bethaboo
  44. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast by dancesongsoul, lookatyourchoices
  45. Take My Hand (And My Heart And Soul) by bananasandboots
  46. Give You My Fever by beautlouis
  47. So Grab Your Passport And My Hand by infinitelymint 
  48. Sweet, Where You Lay by infinitelymint
  49. We Can Take The Long Way Home by eleadore
  50. A Little Trouble Never Hurt Nobody by sweaterpawstyles

Post 4/? of the Louis & Harry Fic History series

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don’t threaten me with a good time || panic! at the disco


D.Gray-Man Week || Day 4: By Your Side
↳ Favourite Noah - Wisely Kamelot

My Astral Travel Process

Some people seemed interested in my method for astral travel (mind you, I define astral travel as transporting your consciousness to the astral plane, not as an out-of-body-experience like astral projection) so here I go!

Note: This is entirely based off my personal experience. YMMV. And I always encourage taking everything with a grain of salt, even when I write it. Ok? Cool. Now let’s get to this.

Step One: Safety

There are dangers in the astral. When I first started out, I was tricked by several malicious spirits and straight-up attacked by one. That’s a story for another day though. The important thing is that you learn from my mistakes and take precautions before traveling.

I don’t like giving out the exact details of my protections, but there are three key parts to it. Passive protections in my physical space, active protections on myself, and more passive protections in my astral space.

The passive physical protections include sigils for safety, crystals that absorb negativity, and a decoy poppet of myself designed to take the blow if any entity comes after me. Windows, doors, vents, and and other entry points to my space get special attention. I recharge and cleanse these things every month or so. New moons are good for this if you want to keep a schedule.

I do some shielding on myself each time I’m about to travel. I also wear protective jewelry. I charge and activate these every single time.

Inside the astral, I set up a perimeter of sigils and shields in my space to keep out any entity that wishes me harm and prevents them from lying about their identity. This can be difficult when you’re just starting out, but it’s worth it. If you’re able to create objects in the astral, you can do this to work full spells within the astral to protect yourself.

Be sure to read up on interacting with spirits beforehand as well.

Step Two: Relaxing and Letting Energy Flow

I make sure I’m as comfortable as possible when I astral travel. It keeps me from being too aware of my physical body. Normally I lay on my back or even my stomach, as if I’m going to sleep. When I first started, I also listened to nature sounds to calm me.

It’s a bit like meditating at first. I focus on my breathing and avoiding distracting thoughts. Once I get rid of whatever song was probably playing in my head and feel my body sinking into the mattress, I work on my energy flow.

For a few moments, I pause to let myself feel my energy. I like to visualize it as a river running through my body. Then, starting from the soles of my feet and moving up my body, I start checking for anywhere it’s not flowing smoothly. It’s a gut feeling thing. If part of that energy river feels wrong, I fix it. Typically I imagine the block as a big chunk of ice in the river, and I visualize fire melting it away.

I do the same melting ice visualization for any sore parts of my body that might be bothering me. I have some chronic pain issues, so this doesn’t take that pain away completely, but it helps me put it in the back of my mind for a while.

Step 3: Separating Energy from the Body

Once my energy is flowing freely, I keep a small part of my mind focused on that feeling while I move on to the next step.

Using your five senses in the astral takes practice, and for me it also takes a short warm-up before I go in. With my eyes still closed, I “look” at my room in my mind’s eye, from the same angle I would see it from where I’m laying. I take care to add every detail.

Once I’m sure I’ve recreated my space fairly well, I finally move my energy out of my body. I picture myself sitting up in bed, standing up, and stepping into the picture of my room I’ve created in my mind. It usually takes a couple of tries. I’ll pace around and touch things, focusing on what they should feel like, until my awareness of my physical body fades into the background.

Warning: As somebody with multiple mental illnesses who often dissociates, I can say from experience that this step can occasionally trigger my dissociation. If you start feeling wrong, immediately stop and ground, do any reality checks you may have, and eat something. You can try again later, but don’t push it if it’s harmful to you.

Step 4: The Door

It’s finally time to enter the astral. Note that, with practice, the first three steps only take a few minutes.

This was a piece of advice I saw ages ago. I don’t remember who said it, but I’ve seen it passed around quite a bit. When you’re ready to step into the astral, imagine a door that will lead you there. Don’t try to force the appearance of the door. Mine is the standard cheap white one that most modern houses seem to have. Some people have more ornate doors, and a few even have weird sci-fi ones. Just let the door exist in whatever way your subconscious sees fit.

I place my hand on the doorknob, take a second to feel the cool metal to continue adjusting to feeling things with my energy body, then open the door and step inside.

Step 5: Astral or Imagination?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between the actual astral plane and your own imagination. I like to do a quick test to make sure I’ve actually made it.

The astral has rules that your imagination doesn’t. My go-to test is to look at some random sturdy object and try to force it to bend with my mind. In my imagination, the sturdiest tree will tie itself in knots if I want it to. But in the astral, that tree won’t budge. I simply don’t have that level of control.

A lot of people attempt to fly if their astral body can’t already do so. Over time, you could also develop your own tests that work better for you.

Step 6: One Last Part About Touching Everything for Some Reason

Yes, I already talked about touching everything in my room before entering the astral. But I do like to do this one more time once I’m actually there. The first thing I do after my tests is wiggle my toes in the dirt. Then I feel the bark on the trees in my astral space, listen to the creek and the birds, and smell that unique forest smell. This would obviously be different if you’re not in a forest, but it really does help me stay in the right mindset. Plus it’s just neat to be able to feel things that don’t exist in the tiny apartment I’m traveling from.

Step 7: Enjoy!

At this point, I’m there. I have a sort of home base in the woods where I first entered the astral, and I spend a lot of time there, but I can come and go as I please. The rest is just a matter of practice.

Extra notes:

• Your astral body may or may not look like your physical body. Some people have wings or tails, some people have an entirely different face, some aren’t even human, and others look completely the same.

• In the astral, I can easily create new objects and manipulate them, but anything that already existed before I got there is set in stone. Some areas of the astral have different rules, however.

• I want to reiterate that spirits may find you, and many can and will lie. Stay on your toes.

• Sometimes my physical body has odd little twitches while I travel. Nothing major, but it feels like my body is attempting to make the movements I’m making in the astral.

• When leaving the astral, I just walk back through the door into my room, then wiggle my fingers and toes until I feel like I can comfortably move the rest of my body. It helps to ground and get a snack after I come back.

If anybody has further questions about my astral experiences or what I do once I’m there, feel free to ask!

doodle of a prayer

seventeen hogwarts houses

this has been done so many times but I can never seem to find one I really agree with so I’m making my own with justifications ok.

this ended up at 1.8k which is more than i wrote for my last essay and if that doesn’t say something about my priorites and motivation then idk what does.

also last thing i promise but i do mtls for seventeen, bts, exo and knk so ask me stuff pls i rly enjoy doing it :)

alternatively; a surprisingly effective method of first learning about a kpop group, 10/10 would recommend.

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100% inspired by @punziella


Hand-focused vignette’s from the fic Careless Talk Costs Lives by @theuncertainhour 

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Chara’s presence in Undertale

Charas presence in all runs has always been incredibly obvious, Chara IS there and it’s canon, which is why I’m not labeling this as a theory. This is not touching on Narra!Chara in anyway. Although if you wish to read up on those, I would recommend SaveLoadReset & PassiveChara

Spoilers for Undertale below

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