time atac


Here are some helpful instructions for rebuilding your Time ATACs.

 These are probably the most bomb-proof clipless pedal on the market. Even the first-generation models work with the current cleats, giving you a wide variety of pedal that work with one cleat.

I’ve followed these instructions to rebuild a pair of mine, and can vouch for their accuracy. PRO TIP: don’t buy a cheap pair of circlip pliers.


So I competed in the Cycle Messenger World Championships this year over easter in Melbourne, I had an awesome time but the best part about it was having the honour to ride the first custom frame built by Sasha at Pony Bikes. I thrashed this frame over the easter weekend and it handled beautifully. Sash finished this frame as I had not received a frame I’ve had on order since Feb. Everything on this bike was built up at the shop by myself under the watchful eye of Sasha and I couldn’t be happier. A list of components is below.

Hubs/Rims:   Front, White Industries Track / H+Son Archetype

                      Rear, White industries Track / H+Son SL42

Stem/Bars:    Cinelli ANT / Cinelli Pepper Risers with Mike Giant lock-ons

Crankset/Pedals:   Sram Omniums / Time Atac XC8

Chainring/Cog:   Bespoke Chainrings Drillium 50t / White Industries 17t

Saddle:   Brooks B17