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At this point, I'd settle for the writers making Kara ace. I DONT want her with anyone at all. Instead of ending every episode with K/Mel shit, show her as the strong, independent woman she is who spends "me time" in her beautiful apartment, watching movies, eating potstickers, listening to music, and occasionally has game nights with the superfriends or sister night with Alex and Maggie.

anything but k*ramel tbh. Obviously I ship supercorp a lot but I would literally pay the writers to have Kara back with James or with no one. We need a storyline where Kara can grow and have her own story which doesn’t revolve around anyone else.

@the-redthread has good ideas and asked for Barry and Julian locked in a cell. I was hoping to get this done before the Gorilla City episode aired, but oh well.

“Look what mess you’ve gotten us into this time, Allen!” Julian cried. “If you had just listened to me instead of being so stubborn, maybe we wouldn’t be locked in a bloody cell!

“Oh, so this is my fault now,” Barry scoffed, hands coming up to grip the bars separating them. “Maybe if you hadn’t shot at a telepathic gorilla, we would still have the element of surprise!”

“Guys, guys, calm down,” Caitlin called from a few cells over, trying to keep the peace. “Now is not the time to fall apart. Instead of bickering about what happened, let’s focus on getting out of here.”

Julian let out a heavy sigh, letting his head drop onto the cool metal of the cell. He hadn’t meant to get them stuck in this mess. He’d just… panicked. He was still panicking now. Julian had thought that he would be useful, what with his military training and all, but everything so far had proved otherwise.

How were they getting out of this? Grodd had trapped a group of the smartest people Julian knew in cells near each other, certainly they would come up with something. But by then it might be too late. Grodd had already taken this… alternate Harrison Wells. Harry, was it? Clearly they all cared about him, although Julian had never met him until now. The last thing he wanted to do was let his new-found team. He didn’t want disappoint Caitlin and Cisco, but most of all, he didn’t want to disappoint Barry. They were friends now, in a sense. He’d do anything to not screw that up.

“I’ve got an idea,” Julian said. “I’m the one who shot Grodd, perhaps if I offer myself up, you’ll have enough time to break free.”

“No, Julian, we’re not letting him take you!” Barry objected. “If anything he wants me!”

“I’m not letting you sacrifice yourself when you’re one of our best chances against him!”

Cisco groaned loudly, sliding down the cell and onto the floor. “We’re never going to get out of here if you two keep arguing over who’s going to sacrifice themselves first.”

“Which is why I’m giving myself up! It’s my fault we were bloody captured in the first place!” Julian nearly shouts. “GRODD! COME AND GET ME!”

“Please, Jul, don’t do this,” Barry begged.

“I need you to get away safely, you idiot. It’s the quickest way.”

Barry’s eyes flickered up to his, then down to his lips for just a sliver of an instant, but Julian noticed. He always noticed. He pressed a kiss to Barry’s lips, quick and dry and over much too soon. Barry was bright red when he pulled away, staring at him in shock. If they made it out if this, he hoped he’d be allowed to do it again and again.

Julian was ready to be taken away; all that mattered was that Barry and his friends were safe.

Okay but.

Them outside, a brief break from the hectic heat of the pub, Rob happy and giggly and he asks if Aaron wants to go back in. Aaron asks if they can stay out for a bit longer.

And Rob’s face softens, he sits down, listens as Aaron allows himself to be honest.

Rob tells him a simple truth: that it’ll pass. He tells his new husband that it doesn’t matter. That he’ll wait. The time they spend apart, no matter if it’s a few weeks or if it is indeed near a year as Aaron fears, it will pass. Release day will come, and then Aaron will come back to Rob.

Aaron will come home.

They’ll put his tears, his fear, this whole horrible time behind them. And live their lives with their family, in their home. Together.

I was almost alright, and then that little exchange destroyed me all over again.

In the Dark ~6~

To read 6, y’all should read the other 5 parts! I’m nice so here are the links

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This is not my best chapter, but I have plans for 7 that will make this story not suck! 7 might be the last one… but gotta end it somewhere, right? If you want it to continue, then please tell me! 

Now, be prepared for this my friends. You’ll hate me now if you haven’t already. 

Enjoy! ~Lucy

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“J! What the fuck!” I screamed at the clown as I woke up from my drug-induced slumber, my body tied to the bed. My hands tried squirming against the restraints but it was to no avail. He just stood in the doorway of the room he kept me in, a smirk gracing his handsome features. 

Some time apart had given me a chance to rethink the way our relationship was built. I couldn’t even call it a relationship, really. J just sorta kept me around to show off to business partners or so he could have some fun with me. (I mean that in the most perverted way possible.) My brain had cleared of its infatuation with the madman and now I was as levelheaded as I could possibly be. The voices in my head were still there guiding my every move, but it seemed that now every single one of them put me as their number one priority. Not him. Don’t get me wrong, some of them still told me to go to him so we can be as we used to before he pushed me into Batsy’s not-so-loving arms, but it was just less

His body wouldn’t move near me as if he was just enjoying the fact that he had me back in the same bed he slept in. “Oh my little princess.” While he was smiling, I knew on the inside J was overly pissed. “I leave you alone for a while and you immediately go and fuck your therapist. I should’ve known you were a desperate one.”

Anger boiled through me and all I wanted to do was make him as mad as he made me. So, what would any other girl in a situation like this? Obviously, say something that would be regretted right after the words came from their mouths. “At least he pleased me in bed.” Of course my lips clamped shut, hoping that he heard my dishonesty. 

But of course, he was too blinded to know that it was all a lie. J got to my side in a few strides, the smile on his face gone as if it was never there to begin with. He raised his one gloved hand, but hesitated bringing it down to smack me. 

“Do it J!” I yelled, my voice breaking as I fought an internal battle of whether he was what I wanted or not. “If you’re gonna hit me then fucking do it! Don’t be a pussy.” Anger flared through his eyes as he lowered his hand. A wave of relief crashed through my body, but it was soon replaced with sadness as he stomped from the room. 

It was like the hole in my heart reopened, even after it had just closed. I was still tied into the bed and the ropes dug into my flesh, but the physical pain couldn’t even compare to the emotional pain that was running through my body. I still craved his touch even after all this time. He mentally hurt me so much that the sane part of me knew that it wasn’t healthy to run back to him. I needed to get away from him. He can not be my priority, not after him proving that I wasn’t his. 

I’d get away. And I’d make sure that he would never hurt me ever again. 

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One of my very first visits to stage door (2nd I think). This was quite early on during the play’s run and most of the casts came out at that time (apart from Jamie of course) but it was such an experience! I was so shy the first time I couldn’t even say thank you properly and just ended up smiling too much and shoving the programme book to be signed. I was still getting to know the casts at this point and had to constantly look into the biography section each time a cast walked out (I completely missed Paul Bentall and Barry the first time). You can’t imagine how happy I was to see Sam Clemmett and Anto B and was even more amazed at how humble they all were. I told Alex that he was my favourite ‘villian’ and he gave me such a snarky Draco smile that I swooned. Poppy was so kind, I mentioned it was my second time watching it (I think back then there weren’t that many that had seen it more than once) and asked my opinion on the difference in the performances. Also I think Paul had his daughter with him that night too and did I mention what an amazing person he is?!

Was quite surprised by the crowd, no shoving or pushing, just pure joy and excitement shared between fans. There is so much love for CC <3 I’m seeing it again this Sat 25th if anyone wants to meet =)


So there was a single, solitary kiwi on our counter in the kitchen.

And I decided to make fun of my roommate for it, because who buys one, single, solitary kiwi? So I asked her that.

Roommate: I didn’t buy a kiwi.

Me: This isn’t your kiwi?

Roommate: No?

Me: But this isn’t my kiwi.

Roommate: That kiwi was there when I got home.

Me: I don’t even eat kiwi!

As you can see, it’s a real kiwi. Here it is, on my counter, giving away nothing.

But I was still confused as to where it came from. Did one of us accidentally buy a kiwi at the store? 

So I looked up the Kiwiny company to figure out which stores it’s sold at, to see which one of us might have bought it, since we tend to use different grocery stores.

Kiwiny doesn’t have American retailers.

There is literally no reason for this kiwi to be in my kitchen.


lots of people have been asking me if I ever figured out where the kiwi came from. So to provide an update on the magical kiwi … one day I took a nap and had a dream about those creepy spiders that hide in bananas and I thought like oh my god this kiwi is gonna be full of spiders. So I woke up and promptly put the kiwi in a ziploc bag. To contain the dream spiders.

The kiwi sat on the counter for a few days, then got moved to the top of the fridge to get it out of the way. It sat there for a couple weeks. It never appeared to go bad? I did eventually throw it out, just because I was confused about it and neither of us were ever going to eat the kiwi.

Never found out why the kiwi was in my kitchen. I guess we’ll never know.


Kiwiny is following me on twitter now.

Raise your hand if you got all these cool goals and ideas you wanna do that keep winding up on the back burner because the daily grind of Life in General™ exhausts you, making it near impossible not to give in to simple, cozy pleasures instead

lol the concept of dan and phil referring to the place they share together as ‘home’ and where their parents’ live as ‘my parents’ place’ or ‘my parents’ house’ is something that fucks me up every day because they say it so off-handedly and so naturally like…they made a home out of shitty furnitures that they haven’t bothered to change since 2012 and candles and houseplants and plushies and dvds and videogames and photos and paintings and little cracks on the floor and countless of mugs and colorful bright decoration and things that remind the other of each other like what the fuck dan and phil have a home together in london dan and phil have each other as a home what kind of government bullshit is this 

You know what? At this point of the episode, I realize I stopped caring about Yuuri winning. I didn’t even care that despite his quads, he lost to Phichit (I love him too no worries). Heck I’m not even worried about the GPF. Don’t get me wrong, Yuuri winning with/for Victor would be awesome, yes, but I also realize, that more than that glory, all I want is, for the love of gOD PLEASE DON’T TEAR THESE TWO APART BY THE END OF THIS SERIES.

Please. Please give them a reason to stay together. PLEASE. 

For anyone who’s afraid they’re moving apart this year:

“2016 was a really crazy year for me and Phil, and we want 2017 to be more chill, a lot more YouTube-focused…then we’re gonna, just do some life things.” - Dan

“That is definitely gonna go on our wall for years to come.” - Phil

“Like what would happen if we did go further apart?” - Phil
 “I think the universe would rip in half, let’s not try that, Phil.” - Dan

hey so im moving out and my official move in day is feb 1st which is super soon and i’m not nearly as prepared as i should be but i made a wishlist of things i still need if u wanna help me out since i’ve never lived on my own before!! and am broke till i get paid again in two weeks

وَقَفَ الزمانُ حَبيبَتي

بيني وبينَكْ

أعطاكِ في يومٍ لِغيري

ثُم أعطاني لِغيرِكْ

- عبدالعزيز جويدة 

Time stood between you and I my love .. 

It gave you to someone other  than me .. 

and gave me to someone other than you ..