time anomalies

so i found this great comic at a thrift store:

It was only like a dollar and the plot was part of a bigger story arch but basically batmen from every alternate timeline come from the past to roast 90’s superman’s mullet

And so batmen are just popping up out of nowhere thanks to some kind of time anomaly bullshit and they’re all just kind of weirdly cool with it

Frank miller’s batman gets kind of gay for a minute 

He does not approve of that hair tho everyone hates it, also theres this guy

Posin, thicc, looming. Then batman has a weird moment with batman 

*careless whisper plays in the background*

Also, bonus surprised bat:

A Collection of Time-Related “WEIRDNESS” Associated with Gravity Falls

Hey guys! After this post gained some traction, I really have been sitting down and thinking about time anomalies and what they mean for Gravity Falls. As tricky as time travel business can be in a narrative, Gravity Falls has kind of taken the bull by the horns and not let go. I’m using this post as a sort of collection of these ‘time-related’ things, so as to try and formulate some more interesting theories behind it all.


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Berenstain/Berenstein Bears Theories:

- The government or a special company has created a machine that changed our world line/universe to another one similar to the original with a minor difference

-A time traveler (ex. John Titor) went back in time to when the books were written and tampered with the writing

- The universe naturally changed its world line to a different one

- Aliens have used advanced technology to change the world line

- All consciousness has been transfered from the original universe to the current one through natural or man made means

anonymous asked:

So I just want to say thank you for drawing Bakugou the way you do. As a closeted trans male, it means a lot to me to see this representation. And the way you talk about it too, is so nice. You talk about it like it's not a big deal, which is how it should be. For you, Bakugou is trans, that is the way he is, and that doesn't make him special or anything, it's just so normal and I appreciate that so much. I don't want to make it a big deal or anything, but it does mean a lot to me so thank you

hhhhhhh i’ve written like 20 different responses to this and gone back and forth on whether i should post it, cause i dont wanna seem like im giving myself props for something that should be completely normal, BUT,, i just, want people to see, this is why it’s so important my dudes

The Descendant Materialization (Barry Allen x Reader)

Rating: G

Summary: In a universe where you, the Reader, are National City’s very own Supergirl (and dating the ever-dashing Flash), a surprise arises when one of your descendants accidentally travels back in time to your present day…

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littlemissprincesspotatoes  asked:

I'm a huge fan of your theories. Yesterday I saw a theory that Sans is Ness (by Game Theorist) and it didn't resonate well with me. So I was curious, what is your thought on Sans and Papyrus origins?

(undertale spoilers)

The origin of Sans and Papyrus is a great mystery! In particular, there are a few key dialogues that have us spinning in circles as to where the skeleton brothers are from.

The residents of Snowdin do not know where the skeleton brothers are from. Of course, this alone isn’t proof enough. The two could simply be from another part of the underground. However, two specific dialogue from Sans makes one think twice.

In the genocide route, Sans explicitly says he “gave up trying to go back a long time ago.” He is not referring to the surface, and it doesn’t make sense to be talking about the underground. He wants to go back somewhere, and it appears impossible for him to go back.

Here, Sans implies that he wants to go back home. This is why he knows the feeling Frisk has. Unfortunately, it’s unclear where exactly home is. Home is clearly not Snowdin – he still lives there with Papyrus. While it could just be whatever was home before they moved, his dialogue in the genocide route implies that it’s impossible for him to return to it. What makes the skeleton brothers’ origin even more mysterious is Sans’ powers that allow him to pull off pranks “ACROSS TIME AND SPACE.”

Unfortunately, that’s as much as it’s given to us about Sans and Papyrus’ origins, without doing some heavy speculation. Home could be anything from another universe to simply a time before the anomaly came into existence. It’s unknown, but this gives players room for speculations and headcanons. However, when it comes to the idea that Sans is Ness, there are a few reasons why that theory doesn’t hold up quite well. 

As nice as the encouraging messages are in the tag… I would prefer actual content. SO!

Imagine an AU where McCree is actually from the old west, an there’s been time anomalies happening all over the place caused by Lena’s temporal misalignment. Reyes has her on a team for a mission in America, and suddenly a rift opens and poor ‘ol McCree comes tumbling in, running from a posse. Unfortunately the portal closes before they can get him back to his time, and he’s stuck with them in the future. 

Gabe takes it upon himself to look after him, make sure he gets a check up, make sure being in the future alone won’t kill him, teaches Jesse about the new world he’s now a part of. And Jesse is star struck. This beautiful brown man, is a leader, in a world where everyone finally has equal rights, that there’s acceptance with gender and sexuality, that McCree himself, isn’t seen as dirty for being mixed race. He doesn’t have to steal to survive anymore, and his gun-slinging skills are even more accurate with the new weaponry Blackwatch has. His world is forever changed and he can’t help falling head over heels for Gabe, the handsome man from the future. 

Even if given the chance… he’s not going back home. The future his his home now. Gabe is his home now. 

vineyardelf  asked:

Hopefully not too weird, but for the OC ask for any/all of your chars (i love them too much to pick <3 ) 1) what do they smell like?

Let’s see if I can do this Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab style:

Anomaly: Engine grease and hot metal, from too many nights spent working on his fighter.

Loudmouth: Green grass and ozone, with whatever candy he’s been eating.

Killer: He smells like medbay disinfectant no matter how many showers he takes.

Caliber: Ozone, blaster oil, and something sweet and feminine.

Rose: Cheap booze and a little blood and dirt.

Sparrow: Nibral’s cologne and good leather.

Nibral: Expensive cologne, Corellian brandy, and an underlying hint of something coppery…

Aure: Smoke and ozone, and a touch of earthiness.

Rán: Rich earth and a sharp lightning tang.

gul’dan pls

  1. skorpyron // toxic - britney spears
    listen I know the scorpion isn’t actually poisonous on account of it being made of crystals, but listen, ok, listen: fuck you
  2. chronomatic anomaly // time is on my side - kai winding
    so many puns, so little time
  3. trilliax // whistle while you work - adriana caselotti
    you what’s interesting is that snow white does exactly zero whistling during a song that’s supposedly about whistling
  4. spellblade aluriel // boys wanna be her (tommie sunshine’s brooklyn fire retouch) - peaches
    while you were being heterosexual I studied the blade
  5. high botanist tel'arn // FROOT - marina & the diamonds
    “Careful not to singe the buds as you burn!” high botanist, indeed
  6. star augur etraeus // E.T. - katy perry
    entropy is inevitable
  7. tichondrius // everybody loves me - onerepublic
    “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself!!” proceeds to summon help for 2/3 phases of the fight
  8. krosus // london bridge (oh shit) - fergie
    with how much he screams about destroying the bridge you’d think people would move quicker but here we are, with five people dead within the first minute of the encounter because they couldn’t be assed to move
  9. grand magistrix elisande // victorious - panic at the disco
    she has some regerts
  10. gul'dan // genghis khan - miike snow
    you know it’s a little weird that khadgar didn’t help out more w/ that last fight since him and gul'dank are #rivals but you know it’s whatever
  11. the legion returns // we are number one remix but by the living tombstone - the living tombstone
    oh good, our “"savior”“ has returned : ))))

listen to it here:
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Alpha pt. 5

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four //

The clock on the wall ticked noisily as you stood in front of the class and held your paper in your hand.
You cleared your throat and spoke with clarity.
“Aphrodite was not just a goddess of beauty. No, she was something more than that. Something dangerous”

You slipped the bottle in a black bag and tied off the end.
Your heels clacked against the pavement on the way back to your car.
The plan went accordingly.

“She could move through the day with ease, playing the world with a smile or a light giggle. While at night, she would concoct terrible things and see it through until the end”

Lydia jumped once she closed her locker and saw your face.
Her shock went away and she turned to walk down the hall.
“I hear you’re having a party”
“Not sure where you heard that from”
“You’re Lydia, you are always throwing a party”
“True, what’s it to you? I thought you hated my guts”
“I do,” you pulled on her elbow to stop her from walking.
“But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends”
“I’m confused”
“Of course you are, listen, I want help you out with your party”
“And why would I let you?”
“Because Lydia,” you stepped forward until you were inches away from her face.
She gasped when you caressed her cheek in a gentle manner.
“Word around school is you’re the crazy girl who likes to walk through the woods naked and scream in your car during school hours. No one wants to befriend the school nutcase, which leaves me. If people hear that I’m going to your party, they’ll want to come for sure. So ask yourself girl-who-doesn’t-have-many-friends, what have you got to lose?”

“Her beauty is used to liquefy the mind and shape it into whatever form she wants it to be. This goddess if famous, sure, but no knows how powerful she truly is”

You finished adding decorations to the room and climbed down from the stool.
“What is there to drink?”
Lydia shrugged her shoulders and waved a paper around.
Lydia got to making the punch while you roamed outside.
A patch of blue flowers caught your attention and an idea formed in your head.
You returned half an hour later to an exasperated Lydia.
“Where have you been?! The guests will be here any second”
“Relax, I went to go get something for the punch”
You shook the bag of wolfsbane and walked past her to the kitchen.
You started pouring it into the bowl.
“What is that?”
You expected her to be more surprised but she seemed strangely calm.
“It’s something I heard online. These flowers make any drink taste amazing. But don’t try it, I’m afraid you might go for seconds the third and we’ll have to nothing to serve the party”
The doorbell tore her attention away from you, turning on her heel to answer it.
A large group of people stood at the door, peering inside.
Lydia widened her eyes then stepped aside to let them in.
They paraded through, heading straight for the pool area.
You handed everyone a drink with a smile.

“Aphrodite is a goddess to be feared and respected. A warrior under silk robes and pleasant fragrance. She is…Beauty”

Jackson took a swig of drink and played with Scott’s mind.
He talked to Allison, trying to piss him off so he can show everyone what a freak he was.
He got bored with conversation then walked away from her.
As he finished the rest of his drink, Jackson saw a blue top from the side of his eye and immediately recognized as Y/N.
She whisked around the corner.
She was so beautiful.
He remembered the first time he met her.
A smile formed on his lips as he thought more about it but it quickly vanished when he remembered the day he cheated on her with Lydia.
He had to get his key but he also wanted to talk to Y/N.
When he turned the corner, Jackson saw something that made him want to cry, punch a wall, scream, and vomit.
Scott gripped Y/N’s waist, snaking his fingers up her shirt.
She had her arms wrapped around his neck, leaving enough space for him to kiss all over her neck.
Y/N moaned out his name along with a breathy moan that pissed Jackson off.
He launched himself at Scott only for him to walk into a door.
“What the hell?!”
Lydia opened her door and crossed her arms.
“What is wrong with–Jackson?”
He rolled his eyes and walked away.
Lydia chased after him.
“Please don’t go, I just want to talk to you”
“Don’t, it’s pathetic”
“What did I even do? You won’t talk to me, call, text, and now you won’t even look at me? I demand a reason”
Jackson stopped and Lydia bumped into him.
“You demand a reason?” he snorted.
“I don’t care what you want and you don’t tell me what to do. Besides, I’m only here to get my key back”
“A key? You came back for a key?!”
The clearing of someone’s throat the both of their attention.
Y/N leaned against the door frame with a nail in between her teeth.
“We ran out of punch”
Lydia sucked in a breath and turned away from him, “let yourself out, Jackson”
She hauled over to the kitchen, you following close behind.
“Wow, the flowers too?”
“No, I threw it into the garbage. You must always start with fresh flowers”
“I’ll get them, make sure the house is intact”
“Sure thing”

The party grew into an uproar.
They were throwing things, curling up into a ball, and finding anyone to make out or have sex with.
You took a sip of your water and watched everyone freak out.
The phone in your hand was warm and nice to the touch.
The cops would be arriving in ten minutes.
The neighbors seemed to have made a complaint about the obnoxious noise.
You smirked at your terrible deed.
Two jocks looked in your direction, smacking their lips.
Boys, when will they learn?
You walked over to them and started flirting.
“Hey, everyone’s jumping in the pool, maybe that kid over there should loosen up”
The jocks huffed and nodded in agreement.
They waltzed over to the photographer obsessed with Alison named Matt.
“Come on man, have some fun!”
Matt started freaking out at the immediate contact, “no, please, don’t!”
“It’s just a little water, kid”
The taller one grabbed his legs while the bigger guy hooked his arms underneath Matt’s.
“Stop! I can’t swim, please, help me!”
The boys threw the poor kid into the water and everyone watched him flail around for dear life.
Finally, Jackson reached in and pulled him out.
Matt shot daggers at Stiles and Scott from across the pool.
You shoved on your helmet and drove past the flashing red and blue lights heading in the direction you left.


The moon looked beautiful at this time.
So full and so bright.
You played with your hair while sitting by the window, thinking about all the wrong you had done tonight.

Time went by and you took the time to do your late night ritual before going off to bed.
Could Matt really not swim?
Drowning a boy wasn’t how you thought the night would go but it did.
“So that’s how you stalled”
You jumped up from under your covers and turned on the lamp beside your bed.
“Thought you wouldn’t make it”
You ran up to the man and wrapped your arms around his neck in a warm embrace.
He didn’t hug you back, he kept his arms to his sides and stared ahead.
Once you pulled back he met your disappointing gaze.
“Not much of a hugger”
“I wouldn’t imagine any of the Hale boys are. What took you so long?”
“Well I’m sorry I couldn’t come back from the dead any quicker”
“Apology accepted. What now?”
He smiled on the inside.
She was truly an interesting person.
She demanded things and knew what she wanted.
There was always the persuading to get her to comply but she met requirements.
“Patience, little puppy, things take time. You know I’ll call when I need you”
“Peter, don’t leave. You need a shower and food to consume. I have both”
Before he could make leave, Y/N moved over to the hallway closet to grab some towels and extra clothes for him to wear.
Peter took them without arguing, heading into the bathroom.

A sweet smell of steak and bare ribs drifted through the house.
His stomach growled in response and guided him downstairs.
Y/N moved around the kitchen, fixing him a plate of food, ample meat plastered on so much that sauce threatened to drip off onto the floor.
Without being told, Peter took a seat on one of the bar stools near the counter.

You watched Peter rip through his meal like a savage animal.
You even offered him a beer to quench his thirst.
“What is in that mind of yours?”
“I want you to sleep with me”
“I prefer not to”
“It could be fun, we can talk about boys and our deep rooted issues”
“Speaking of boys, do Scott and Stiles know about my rebirth?”
“No, I did everything you asked”
“And more. You drowned a kid?”
“Peter,” you caressed the side of his face, “sweet, sweet, Peter. I would never do such a thing”
With a snap of a finger, Peter grabbed your hand and pulled you close to his face, a strange blue color glowed in replacement of his red eyes.
“There’s something wrong with you. It’s a full moon tonight, why aren’t you transforming?”
“Patience, Peter, things take time”
“This anomaly is actually perfect. I need you to do something”
“Get in Scott McCall’s head”
Peter stood and ran his hands along your arms in a sensual manner, his fingertips lightly brushing your sensitive skin.
Something about it screamed erotic.
“Make him want you”
His large hands kneaded your shoulders as he slid up to your neck, the heat radiating through his touch.
A carnal fire dwelled in your insides that only Peter had been able to start.
Perhaps it was because he was your Alpha but he was the perfect match.
“Make him…”
His lips now rested in the crook of your neck, a tortuous tease, his hot breath creating an anticipation so keen that you were sure to burst any second.
“Think about you every second and break him so much that he comes begging for mercy”
By now, blood hummed in your veins, your body involuntarily released a strong moan as he squeezed your waist with intention and purpose while pecking your neck.
Peter smirked at how much he had an effect on you, his beta.
“Break him, have him go against his friends, take away his precious Allison and bring him to me”
His knee rested underneath your hot center constantly rubbing against your weak spot over and over.
You were a moaning mess, his existence bothered you in a way you liked.
“Don’t let me down, little puppy”

Part Six

Hope Is Still The Strongest Aspect: Wherein I Wonder Aloud If Y’all Even Read The Same Fuckin’ Webcomic As Me

So! How’s it hangin’ y’all? This post seeeems to have upset some of you. I made that post to be a funny look at how the Hope aspect works, ‘cause hey! If I’m gonna say Hope runs on willful ignorance then I may as well have some fun with it, right?

Unfortunately, the humor was lost on a lot of y’all. Fair enough. Tone is hard to convey through text. But apparently the issue wasn’t with me comparing Hope players to shitty, closed minded people who deliberately ignore reality, it was with me saying that Hope was the strongest aspect. Not the best, not the most charming or loveable or perfect. The strongest.

And apparently that didn’t jive.

So while I’ve been drowning in anons accusing me of talking up Hope for the sake of my ego (it’s true. You’ve found me out. I keep my ego in my homestuck side blog. However will I survive unless everyone knows my made up Title is the strongest and bestest of the the made up Titles. How will I go oonnnnnn.) I decided to go back over it and think about why I made that part of the post, and why that was the part that people took offense to. 

“Oh Sylphie,” y’all might say. “Nobody would’ve minded your jokey funtimes post if you had sourced it. If you had backed up your claims. You’re work is usually so in-depth, why didn’t you do that with this one?”

Well, the reason I didn’t bother doing that on my ‘Hope is the Strongest Aspect’ post, and I swear to god somebody’s gonna fucking doxx me for this:

***I thought this was so colossally dumbfuck obvious that everybody knew it already.***

That’s right. I was genuinely surprised when I got people disagreeing with me about which aspect was the strongest, and you can imagine my shock when the anons started rolling in. The reason I didn’t bust out my motherfucking dissertation skills wasn’t because of my ego, or because I didn’t have evidence, but because I actually didn’t process that y’all failing to arrive at this conclusion on your own was even a fucking possibility.

I mean, even aside from the part where Aranea says it in plain motherfucking words:

there are loads of narrative reasons to come to this conclusion, but apparently nobody else was looking too closely.

And since y’all didn’t, I’m gonna break it down reeeaaaaaal nice and simple for you, and we’re gonna start by talking about The Worf Effect.

((This shit’s gonna get real fucking long, but if you sent me shit on anon, called me literally any fucking adjective or otherwise doubted me where you knew I would read it, I expect you to fucking read this whole goddamn thing. Y’all made me read your fucking horseshit, and I’m willing to bet actual fucking cash money that you didn’t bother putting half the thought into yours that you expect me to put into mine. You want me to back my shit up? Here it fucking is, now you’ve gotta fucking read it.))

(((If you politely disagreed but didn’t go on anon or say any rude shit, still read it and just pretend I wrote it less angrily.)))


The Worf Effect is a pretty well known trope, named for Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but even if you’re not familiar with tropes (or Star Trek) it’s pretty simple to figure out. It’s basically this:

Person A (Worf)  is very strong. If you want to establish that Person B is incredibly strong, show them easily defeating Person A.

Like I said, pretty basic. This is usually used to introduce tough new villains, but could also potentially be used to establish a newly gained ability. For example, if I want to show off that my OC, Marisu Strongy, was very STRONG, I might show her going over to Equius, challenging him to an arm wrestle, then gripping his hand so hard it breaks his fingers before slamming his arm back so hard it breaks the table in half.

“Holy shit!” say the trolls. “Marisu is so strong!” say the trolls.

“Holy shit!” say the masses. “What a fucking Mary Sue!” say the masses.

Really basic technique. So who in Homestuck qualifies as a stand-in Worf?


So, Homestuck is not exactly a stranger to overpowered characters, but the folks that stand out head and shoulders above the rest in terms of sheer power level are The First Guardians, the Master Classes, and of course Lord English. 

Let’s break down the First Guardians before anybody else.

Powered by the space-time anomaly that is The Green Sun, a star the size of two universes, First Guardians are gratuitously OP. Doc Scratch would never shut the fuck up about his omnipotence, omniscience, and incredible charm. Bec Noir was a game breaking boss to such a degree that after breaking the kids’ game he went over to the trolls’ game just so he could break that too. And Jade is, well, Jade. So let’s go over how they’re defeated.

How do you defeat a First Guardian? Well, basically, you don’t.

Doc Scratch stopped existing of his own accord once he succeeded in his plan to bring in Lord English. Bec Noir was stopped in his game breaking rampage, not because he had any actual weakness in his powers, but because PM developed an identical power set and the two were forced into a three year long stasis, which even then was only broken by Jade, who also had First Guardian powers. 

And Jade. Oooooh, Jade. 

Jade’s First Guardian powers are so over the top that, from a narrative perspective, it makes her a liability. If Jade could be allowed to wander freely with her power, she could fix just about any problem she came across and there would be no more narrative tension. Which is why, after her moment in the spotlight in [s] Cascade, Jade is shoehorned from position to another, all of which make sure she either can’t use her powers or, if she can use them, it’s for the wrong team. In the Green Yard she can’t use her powers. When she gets to the next session she gets mind controlled and works for the Batterwitch (for the sake of this argument I am not counting mind control as a defeat, since it’s not directly outweighing her powers). The cure to mind control is keeping her asleep, so she can’t use her powers. She doesn’t have anybody to fight when she’s in the Furthest Ring with Callie, and when she does finally come back, she gets matched up with Bec Noir and PM, so she can’t curbstomp anybody. Jade is so overpowered that the narrative itself won’t let her go all out in a fight because the story would be destroyed in the process. The other First Guardians count, but Jade is 100% a Worf.

As for the Master Classes, they get a bit trickier. While the First Guardians regularly interact with the main characters and make their power levels very clear in the process, the only two  Master Classes spend a lot of time in isolation, or else only fight against other people or with other objects that make guessing the extent of their abilities really difficult. (I am not counting Jujus as a potential Worf or defeater of a Worf, because the extent of their abilities is unknown).

It’s implied, though, that they are a lot stronger. Alt-Calliope collapses the Green Sun and makes it look easy. This would seem? to imply? that a fully realized Master Class is stronger than a First Guardian???? But it’s not entirely clear.

Making matters worse, there’s Lord English.

It’s hard to say how much of his ability is because he is a Master Class, how much of it comes from Doc Scratch, a First Guardian, how much of it is reliant on his True Immortality from defeating Yaldabaoth. Basically, it’s a crapshoot. But he’s really, really strong. 

So who is able to consistently curbstomp these hyper OP motherfuckers?


A Page of Motherfucking Hope, that’s the fuck who.

When Aranea ‘healed’ him and he went all Hopey, he was able to take out Grimbark Jade without, seemingly, being cognizant of it.

And, of course, in Caliborn’s Masterpiece

So, this should be the end of the discussion! In conjunction with Aranea’s earlier statement we can come to the conclusion that -

“But Sylphie!” the masses cry out. “Pages are canonically the strongest regular class once they’re fully realized! Jake isn’t able to fucking wreck the strongest people in canon because he’s a Hope Player, he’s able to because he’s a Page!”

((at which point I would like to throw some serious side-eye at the folks who are fine with there being stronger and weaker Classes but get their panties in a massive fucking twist over the idea of Aspects being anything but perfectly fucking balanced.))

In response to the Page argument, I say you can fuck right back off and look at Aranea again.

After getting the Ring of Life, Aranea mind controls several ghost Damaras to make them move a golden battleship. Aranea is able to mentally affect ghosts and have their powers influence the living world.

Does she cure a bunch of dead Tavros ghosts’ mental trauma and make them do a Windy thing? No. What about a bunch of dead Horuss ghosts? No. She opts for one motherfucking Page of Hope rather than a horde of Pages from another class.

“But wait!” cry the masses, yet again. “What if ghosts are just really weak? She had to use 3 Damaras to lift the ship after all! It isn’t that Hope is the strongest aspect, it’s that Jake was alive while the others weren’t!”

Well first off that’s ignoring the “unrivaled 8y that of any other aspect” line, but frankly who hasn’t ignored that, right? Kurloz still mind controls Meulin while he’s a ghost, Alt Calliope collapsed the Green Fucking Sun while she was a ghost, Feferi convinced the Horror Terrors to create the dream bubbles while she was a ghost. Ghosts lose relevance, not power. Please come back with a better argument. 

But you know what? Let’s look at that further. What have other Pages done when fully realized?

Horuss doesn’t do much, but Tavros is able to singlehandedly form an entire fucking army to go fight Lord English. What a cool and awesome display of power! He earns his many dances. No doubt they will fucking curbstomp that misgoynistic green asshole!

Oh wait.

The army was just there as a distraction so they could deploy the House Juju as a secret weapon. Less impressive than Jake, so Jake is stronger, Hope is the strongest fucking aspe-

“BUT WAIT!” scream the masses, as I try to keep myself from ramming my face through a fucking wall out of sheer frustration. “Tavros’s army was up against Lord English, while Jake only beat Caliborn! There’s no proof that Jake is stronger! Heck, John was able to beat Caliborn in a fight! This is a false equivalence that means absolutely nothing!”

Well hold onto your fucking hats because I’ve still got more explaining to do. God forbid I should leave even the tiniest fucking amount of space for confusion. Even the tiniest fucking crack in this logic house I’m building. Y’all will cram yourselves into it Enigma of the Fucking Amigara Fault style and then blame me for my shitty construction. SO LET’S KEEP FUCKING ROLLING. 

I am not counting John’s kerfuffle with Caliborn as an example of the Worf effect, for the same reason I’m not claiming that Clubs Deuce is the strongest player in the game for taking Jade out with a Barbasol bomb. 

Attacking a strong enemy when they are not strong is not an example of the Worf Effect. Caliborn didn’t have total control over his abilities yet, he hadn’t collected the Felt, he hadn’t fought Yaldabaoth, he hadn’t gained True Immortality, and the fight reads as a joke where neither of them are seriously injured. Likewise when Clubs Deuce killed Jade, she hadn’t gone Dog Tier. It doesn’t count. This is the same reason I’m not espousing Aranea as being the strongest character for crushing Jade beneath a building after Jake knocked her out. If the opponent is not strong at the time you fight them, defeating them does not prove you are stronger. 

“But that doesn’t change the fact that Lord English is stronger than Caliborn! You can’t prove that Jake’s powers are stronger than Tavros’s!”

Yyyyyyes I can. 

It’s true that Tavros never goes toe to toe with Caliborn, Jake never goes toe to toe with Lord English, and we don’t have enough of a grasp on their power level to say for sure who would win what fight. But you know who we do have a grasp on?

Motherfucking Jade Fucking Harley.

Jade can shrink and teleport planets within moments of getting her powers. Shrinking and teleporting people is a cinch for her. But this is an army of God Tiers, including dead Kanayas and Porrims, who could potentially unshrink people or move them back to the battlefield. Depending on how cohesively the army is and how prepared they are to fight Jade, there’s even a chance they could win!

But she would still be able to affect them, and that was never on the table for Jake. 

“BUT SYLPHIE!” the masses wail in agony. I stare into the distance. My eyes are dead. My soul is on another plane of existence. “JUST BECAUSE HOPE IS STRONGER THAN VOID OR BREATH DOESN’T MEAN IT’S THE STRONGEST ASPECT OF ALL! SYLPHIE, SEE REASON!” I cannot see reason. I can only see the canon fucking words in the fucking webcomic.


And finally my last fucking point. The big man himself.


The masses scoff amongst themselves. “Sylphie thinks if you disagree with her you’re an idiot. She would apply this to the creator of homestuck himself. How foolish she is! How arrogant!” They continue to scoff, but I am no longer here. Where am I? Even I do not know. But I am gone. 

Now, seriously.

Andrew fucking Hussie is a goddamn genius of literature. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? Because Andrew Hussie knows what the fuck he’s doing with a narrative, and he can write some compelling shit because of it.

Do you think.

Andrew fucking Hussie.

Would bring in the Worf Effect twice for the Page of fucking Hope.

Would have another Page have another Pagey moment that is very. fucking. decidedly. not Worf Effect shit. 

Would write Aranea’s goddamn line. 

On. Fucking. Accident?

This is a man who will bust out pesterchum handles representing GCAT strands of DNA, only to have the character with the astrological sign of cancer cause a deviation, representing literal cancer as some side shit. As a fucking easter egg. That’s the shit he’s not even gonna call attention to.

This is a man whose grasp on temporal mechanics is so fine that you can follow the location of a fucking wallet through three different fucking universes just by going back and paying a-fucking-ttention. 

Andrew Hussie is not a fucking idiot.

Speaking of subtle shit Andrew Hussie does, I wanna to talk about some visual associations he makes with the Hope aspect. Everybody has noticed the correlation between Life and Food (looking at you, Batterwitch) but far fewer people have noticed the correlation between Hope and… putting it politely, procreation. 

Setting aside the multiple, gratuitous crotch shots, all three Hope players are notable for their romantic relationships - the Destruction classes for their failing relationships, and Jake for the struggles of the people who want to enter a romantic relationship with him. More than that, though, Hope has multiple, direct correlations with children and childbirth.

Or, for the Destruction classes, the destruction of children or the parent/child bond.

Not to mention Eridan’s whole thing of white stuff shooting out of his rod to hit his flush crush, romantic rival, and the matriorb.

Real fuckin’ subtle, isn’t it?

“But so what?” ask the masses. “What does this have to do with being powerful inside the realm of Sburb?”

The game that’s filled with reproduction-based imagery?

The game that is literally about procreation on a universal level?

You mean the game that punishes you for not believing you can do the impossible?

Yeah, no, no reason for Hope to be the most powerful Aspect in the game of Sburb. No conceivable reasons here. Definitely nothing Andrew Hussie canonically wrote into the fucking comic. It’s gotta be my ego talking. I mean, I’ve never tried to play myself off as a Master Class, but obviously my sense of self is entirely dependent on people thinking I have the best Title. Especially with all the other motherfucking times I’ve done that right? I’ve sure never said that Hope is powered through willful ignorance and that Hope players tend to be stupid. I’d never say anything like that, with my ego riding on this and all.

But, real talk, if y’all could collectively get off my fucking ass that’d be absolutely swell. An absolutely abstract kinda real fucking good times going on. Get off my metaphorical dick unless you have an actual goddamn reason to think I am wrong, and in that case think reeeaaaaalllll fucking hard about whether that’s actually the fucking case before I have to waste my time with another goddamn essay, just ‘cause y’all couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the fucking Sylph. Am I talking about me or Aranea? Who’s to fucking say. Either! Both! 

Hope next time y’all can learn to fucking read before making me take time out of my day! ^U^ Toodles~

Stanchez week day 3: domestic AU

@stanchez-sloppy-seconds has a wonderful cryptid AU here are some domestic headcanons for it

-When Stan first started disappearing for long periods of time, Ford’s first conclusion was that there was some sort of time anomaly, which explained where all the wrinkles were coming from. He nearly slammed his head into a table when he realized it was just his skin pruning from being in the water.
-Multiple times, Stan has built a pool in the backyard and filled it with lake water, but Ford’s “experiments” have all put them out of commission in one way or another.
-Stan now just has a large tub he puts in the golf cart so he can drive Rick back to the house.
-Stan loves taking his time fishing, but Rick has no patience for it, so he’ll literally chase large ones out of the deep and onto his hook so Stan will feel happy and call it a day.
-Rick’s skin is pretty cold and slimy, and he doesn’t much like it, so instead of actually cuddling, Stan will just idly pet his fins or a particularly rough patch of scales.
-Ford has asked several times to “properly study” Rick, but he’s been very firmly denied the opportunity by both Stanley and Rick.
-although, he knows more than he ever wanted to about Rick’s mating habits
-As a cryptid, it’s pretty hard for Rick to get drunk, so he’s resorted to brewing his own “beer” (drinking it has landed Stan in the hospital).
-There’s a running game where they both try to steal a (fake) gold chain from each other. The rules are: 1. you must wear it on your wrist 2. It can be stolen by any means of distraction necessary
-Stan now has scuba gear (don’t ask where he got it) to go visit Rick’s aquatic home (and watch his Old Person shows on a modified tv).
-“who is he” is a running joke between them. Whenever either set of grandkids asks about the other one, they’ll pretend to be oblivious until the kids give up. Even when the other one is in the room.
-they’ve been married 3 times, all in Vegas. One time with each of them dressing in drag, and one both as men. In the same place. The priest didn’t even bat an eye at the man who was clearly soaking wet and had fins poking out of his clothes.


“March of 2024.” You said, looking out to Central City. The city you called home, but your home was eight years earlier. “God, I miss Central.”

“Yeah, I do too.” Jax said next to you. You and the team has just landed in Central City, looking for the time anomaly that brought all of us here. The city hadn’t changed that much, a few new buildings, some of them changed, but mostly it was your city.

You were a part of the Flash team before you were a time traveller. It felt weird. You knew that the Reverse Flash was here because of the newspapers that he brought back from the future. You knew that Barry was still here too. You knew that Iris was here. It feels like it has been forever since you’ve seen your friends. The people who were your family.

“We should go to STAR Labs,” you announced to everyone, turning away from the city that glowed underneath the morning sun. “We have the Flash here. If he isn’t too busy with whatever person he’s up against now then he might be able to tell us what’s going wrong.”

“Barry? Cisco? Caitlin? It’s me, (y/n)?” You announced in STAR Labs, walking in the cortex. Things had changes in here. They changed where all the desks were and all the computers and monitors were all updated to the highest level. It was what she remembered and completely different the entire time.

“Barry!” You said a little more forcefully, hoping that the man you called your best friend was here, because you would have no idea where he would be living now.

“Oh, hey, babe.” Barry greeted from behind you and Sara. You turned to face him and his lips were on yours. Your eyes went wide and you gently pushed Barry off of you. He went back with confusion in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” He took a look at the blonde next to you. “Why’s Sara here?”

“We’re from 2016, Barry. We were travelling and we could use your help.” Barry’s eyes widened in recognition and nodded his head, taking a step away from you and putting his hands behind his back. Why had he kissed you? Why did he call you ‘babe’? “Why did you kiss me?”

Barry looked taken aback then looked at you then Sara. “Are you allowed to know about your future?”

As you opened your mouth to say yes, Sara cut in. “No.”

You glared at Sara, and you wanted to know why your best friend just kissed you. Were you together? If you were, what happened to Barry’s thing for Iris? You were confused. Sara continued talking. “We’re gonna take you to the Waverider, okay?”

Barry nodded his head and we went on our way back to the Waverider.

“I just want to know what’s going on, Sara.” You told your captain in a hushed whisper. Barry, Nate, Jax, Ray, and Stein were all in the library and you and Sara were on their way now. You were venting to her because you wanted to know everything about Barry in 2024. “I know we’re together, but I want to know the details. I want to know when we got together and I-”

Sara cut you off. “Look, (y/n), you can’t know those details because once our mission is over and you go back to 2016, you’ll be anticipating every little thing. You don’t know how that will affect your relationship with Barry, or the other things that could ripple because of it.”

You groaned, walking into the library. “But, (y/n),” Sara said, stopping you. She leant into your ear and whispered ever so slightly. “I would look at his ring.”

Your head snapped to the small circle of men around the table in the library. You marched forward, going to stand in between Barry and Jax and you took a glance at Barry’s left hand. On his ring finger was a black ring, a wedding band. You gasped sofly, “Holy shit.”

“What?” Barry asked following your eyesight until it reached his ring. He quickly pulled his hand off the table and held his hands together, covering his ring up. “Oh no.”

“We’re married?” You asked, looking this older Barry in the eye. “Holy shit.”

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Spectrum Ch 27

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Aaaand here’s the actual chapter. Before midnight on April 2nd, here in Australia.

After tacking on an hour of daylight savings.

Chapter 27! 

In which we get to the core of the matter, in more ways than one.

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aiiaaya  asked:

I've written a draft and I'm currently rewriting it. There are some parts that I'm excited to get to but idk if I should skip sections to rewrite and go back to them. Any help?

You have permission to do a second first draft. If you’re concerned about losing enthusiasm/good ideas/inspiration if you do your rewrites in a linear fashion, then by all means, work on the ones that are screaming at you for attention first.

But at some point, you really should read front-to-back because that will be how you find plot holes, continuity errors, time anomalies and such. 

More tips for rewrites here, including a tip to work back-to-front.

– mod Aliya

anonymous asked:

Could i maybe see some Fresh relationship headcanons?

this just in: mod mellow has been sick for the past 5 days now this is the Worst - M.M.

Underfresh-Sans Relationship Headcanons:

- He’s very “popular,” so when you’re out together he’s constantly being swarmed with attention & praise. It makes him really uncomfortable, so unless who you’re interacting with are close friends of his own or yours, he’ll be more likely to make an excuse to escape any social interactions with them.

- You kind of have to remind him every now & then that’d you wouldn’t mind having dates at a restaurant or even a fast-food place–you just, you need to eat. He doesn’t, so it tends to slip his mind a lot more often than not.

- At times he can get a little…odd. It’s usually when his grip on everything is slipping–he’ll just start jabbering on & on about different things you just can’t understand. Something about time travel & coding & anomalies–& then some else about a Void & parasite–it’s really scary. During these moments it’s best to just let him be until he can get it out of his system. It doesn’t take long before he’s back to his normal, radical self & after these moments are when he most often attempts to smother you in affection.