time and space festival

The legendary director Waris Hussein is our guest of honor this year at L.I. Who 5!


Last official week of classes because next week I just have final tests (basically exams) in every class and then I’m DONE!!!!
First year that I dont have any of my exams during the exam period and I am so happy because that means that I get all of December off school 😊


Loafer, Aolie and I (Kicks!) put on a UV art exhibit last week at Blazing Swan festival (Western Australia). Had such a fun time! The space doubled as a chill space for Alliance (one of the sound camps) and I was super happy to see it was utilised by lots of people enjoying the art, many of whom had special DMT trips in there ^_^ 

Taylor and Dean are time travellers

After countless rewatches of Gilmore Girls, I have come to the conclusion that Taylor Doose is Dean Forester travelling through time.  Allow me to state my case.

My suspicions began in season three, when Rory describes her dream about hulahooping.  Despite it being Taylor, she knew it was Dean, thanks to his ‘freakishly thick head of hair’.

The real evidence is shown through Rory and Dean’s song.  On their first date, they watch Willy Wonka and, after they sleep together, Rory chooses ‘Candyman’ as their song.  Who is the ‘candyman’ that runs Stars Hollow Soda Shoppe? TAYLOR DOOSE.  During Rory and Dean’s date in the storeroom, you can see a cutout of Taylor in the background.  The writers are laying out the clues.

Why does Taylor keep Dean so close to the market? Why is he so excited about Dean being star of the hockey team? Why is Taylor so concerned with Rory’s behaviour, and upset about her leaving Stars Hollow? It goes far beyond her being the Icecream Queen.  Timetravelling is lonely. and Taylor doesn’t want to be in Stars Hollow alone.  Why does Luke loathe Taylor and Dean so much?  Why is Dean furious whenever Rory talks to Jess? Why does Taylor angrily describe him as ‘the hoodlum in the back’? The answer is clear: Jess is trying to win Rory away, and threatens her relationship with Dean.

You may have noticed Taylor runs all of Stars Hollow festivals.  To participate would disturb the space-time continuum.  Why does Taylor claim to be in a different timezone when he’s supposedly with his sister in Maine? The reason is that he’s communicating through a wormhole, and the child belongs to Clara, now a fully-grown adult.  If all this doesn’t convince you, think of Dean’s name. Taylor Doose is really Dean Forester - lost in the forest of time.  They are stuck in Stars Hollow, unable to centre back to earth.

I want to believe.

Ninth Annual Illidan-Did-Nothing-Wrong Festival Ruined By Crazed Warden’s Murderous Rampage

By Hazrie of Dalaran

A Warden brutally beats one of the costumed fans at the festival to death with his own rubber Warglaive.

Once a year on the anniversary of the death of Illidan Stormrage a gathering of individuals known as the “Illidan Fandom” gather from all across the world to express their enthusiasm for the controversial historical figure or Demon Hunters in general.

The gatherings have always been relatively small but have grown larger over time, requiring larger spaces to conduct their festival.  This year marks the first where the festival’s attendance warranted outdoor accommodations.  Over two hundred attendees flooded the little forest town of Astranaar.

The hosts who conducted the festival received numerous notices and warnings from a mysterious sender, threatening to kill everyone who attended the event.

The festival-goers were left uninformed as the warnings were ignored, not even reported to the local authorities.

The attack, committed by an unnamed Warden resulted in the four casualties and ten others wounded, the vast majority of the assaults committed with a stolen rubber Warglaive replica.

Each of the victims of her rampage was wearing a homemade Demon Hunter costume, taking part in a festival tradition known as “cosplay”.  Some of Astranaar’s residents claimed that the victims deserved what they got.  We spoke with  Haljan Oakheart who made a statement, “They shouldn’t be idolizing that monster.”

We at the Dalaran Daily disagree.

Please take a moment to mourn the loss of Karnyl Snowtoe 46, Tylbia Puddlefuse 34, Hailee Sutton 26, and Darrius Graeme 81.

Upon contacting the Watchers for information on the Warden they refused to speak common, pretending to not know the language.

We will continue our attempts to contact the Wardens in every language we have access to until the truth is revealed.