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Lemme elaborate. I know who Goku is. I'm just confused about his 'butchered character.' I always thought he was consistent.

Ok, here goes..

DBZ Goku vs DBS Goku

You might want to watch the series or read the manga to decide for yourself… But, the best way I can describe it? The original Goku grows up, still has some silly manchild fun and naive simplicity, but also had an air of maturity, seriousness and even a detached nuance that was at times rather difficult to place–introspective and quiet, even. Particularly in the Japanese version. He also had a more layered relationship with Chichi and was more “knowed” and affectionate than his hardcore childish ignorant DBS counterpart. Goku made mistakes sometimes too–flawed, a bit oblivious and even a bit of a trickster–but despite his moments of selfishness and honest desire to fight above all else, he was also a man who was led by his morality. 

The current Goku in DBS? Is a slapstick parody of his silly, naive, and socially crude traits, which are played up to the point that he’s a senseless, forgetful dumbass, way too rude/inconsiderate and on a consistent basis to really be “him”, because he’s not rounded out anymore–and he’s lost all of his maturity and nuance. Even by the end of DB, he was more mature than he is in DBS. By the end of DBZ, Goku was a fully fleshed out, albiet “simple” soul with a surprising depth of character. The anime goes further in all these traits than the manga does, tho the main themes of his personaliy remain. In DBS, he’s just an unlikeable piece of shit and I wouldn’t cry if he got sucked into a jet turbine and died for good