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Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to try out my Buzzfeed Unsolved Cards Against Humanity deck for a bit, and have decided I’m going to try to host a game this Sunday June 25th, around 15:00 / 3:00pm Mountain Time. Pretend You’re Xyzzy (website) works best on a computer, yet it has gotten considerably better on mobile than before. Time may vary, but I really want to hang out with more of the Buzzfeed Unsolved community as all yall are already so nice :). 

Some converted times: 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm Eastern Time, 10pm UCT


“You don’t know who I am?”

OBS&BH/Rivals Update

The first chapter of ‘Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts’ aka the companion fic to ‘Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches’ and Part 2 of the Rivals series will be posted tomorrow at somewhere between 1pm and 2pm GMT time (unless something goes horribly wrong but let’s hope that doesn’t happen!) There will be a post on tumblr as soon as the chapter is up. See you guys tomorrow!  Rey/Kaz xxx

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Anon…. Anon I got this message at 2pm. What time zone are you in?!

Also, writing this was a challenge for Saeyoung, Saeran, and Vanderwood, as… well, if you’ve played Saeyoung’s route, you know why.

Sorry this is going up so far behind schedule, I’ve been sleeping for almost two days solid and I woke up and couldn’t find my computer. Turns out my roommate borrowed it and forgot to give it back. But here it is.


  • MC played LOLOL
  • I mean, she was nowhere near the level of SuperYoosung, the #2 of the shooting star server, but she’d gone toe to toe with a dragon alone once
  • On more than one occasion, MC got the change to fight SuperYoosung in game, and every time, even though her level was lower and she always lost, MC kept getting closer to beating him
  • When MC found out SuperYoosung was her Yoosung, she nearly flipped, having chatted with him on an open forum more than once
  • He’s super excited too, though he thought she was a guy because she didn’t have an open mic, and thus didn’t talk to people online
  • After a few months of either playing with Yoosung or watching him play, MC or MasterCoordinator finally manages to beat SuperYoosung in front of his entire guild


  • MC was a barista at a cafe Jaehee frequented for a while
  • Because Jaehee came in often and MC had a little bit of a crush, she knew Jaehee’s order by heart
  • MC also attempted to leave cute messages on the cups and draw cute images in the foam
  • However, Jaehee was usually so busy or stressed, she either didn’t notice, or  thought it was a cute cafe aesthetic
  • It wasn’t until Jaehee and MC were actually working together and MC made her a cup of coffee with an image drawn in the phone did Jaehee connect the two
  • MC revealed that one time, in a truly desperate attempt to get Jaehee’s attention, she wrote her number in the foam, but it was missed completely
  • Jaehee’s embarrassed she didn’t notice sooner, apologizes, and is happy things ultimately worked out
  • The main reason Jaehee kept going back to that cafe was because of the cute barista, that just so happened to be MC


  • Well, I mean, MC is a casual fan of his
  • But they take the same train
  • Now, Zen doesn’t ride the train all the time, but when he does, they usually end up on the same one
  • More than once she’s taken a sneak pic of him
  • So, in his route, MC was on the train home from work, in a chat, and Zen posted a selfie of himself in the train
  • A quickly scan located him, and he moment she was off the train, she posted it with a little comment
  • “Hope to ride with you again soon~ 😘”
  • Zen freaks in excitement
  • He all but interrogates her about her travel schedule, but MC gives him nothing
  • After he meets her in person, he recognizes her, grins from ear to ear, and say, “I knew you were my type!”


  • Well, ironically, she was already a party planner for the rich and famous
  • They met in passing, a tense business smile here, and brief chats about the weather there, so on
  • And needless to say, his father had hit on her, but she turned him down in an instant, stating professionalism, but the truth was, she was creeped out
  • So when she was thrown into the midst of planning an RFA party, she practically had the whole party planned in an instant more out of habit than anything else
  • Jaehee host? Pfft, MC could do it! Not like it’s anything new!
  • One thing MC would remark on for years to come was Jumin’s face when he realized that she was the woman he was speaking to in the chats
  • While she “stayed” with him over the next few days, he was impressed with her work ethic and her ability to plan an entire party from flower arrangements to table settings to music and guests all from her phone
  • If anything, watching her keep a cool head when things went horribly wrong and one thing happened after another, it made Jumin fall more in love with her
  • He genuinely regrets not getting to know her sooner


  • Well, it took them a little while to recognize each other, but MC put the pieces together eventually
  • It turned out they grew up in the same neighborhood, going to the same church
  • MC had seen him a lot in passing, but had only spoken to him once or twice
  • MC didn’t know much about him, not even his name, she just knew that things were bad at home, he had a twin brother, and if he wasn’t with his twin, he was alone
  • A few times, she came over and gave him things like food, candy, and the like, in the hopes of coaxing a smile out of him, but they never came
  • Saeyoung didn’t immediately recognize her because (1) she had short hair back then, and (2) MC had changed a lot with puberty
  • And while Saeyoung doesn’t like talking about his past or his childhood, he likes that he has someone who was there and understands who is here for him


  • MC worked at a gallery as a glorified secretary for the curator
  • V had sold his pictures at the gallery and they’d spoken casually a few times, but he never knew her
  • However, being the polite guy he is, V always remembered her name
  • When they met again, he wasn’t sure until he saw her picture, and he continued to be friendly and polite
  • MC was the first to ask why he hadn’t released any new works lately, as she was a fan
  • When they did meet again, face to face, she openly admitted to him that she’d always harbored a small crush for him
  • The blush on his face was super cute


  • Did you think he did his pink tipped hair alone?
  • I don’t think so
  • … okay, after a while he did, but not at first!
  • No, at first, Saeran had to go to a hair stylist
  • MC was new to being a stylist, but she did his hair with impeccable care
  • he found that having her do his hair was incredibly soothing, even if the environment was not
  • Until Saeran could learn to do his hair by himself, he went to MC to get his hair dyed and touched up whenever his roots started to show
  • Because of this, he was able to watch her and get an idea of the kind of person she was (namely that was naive enough to fall for her coworkers tricks from time to time)
  • So when he needed to find a person to plant into the RFA, MC immediately came to mind


  • MC had once worked with the agency as a independent consultant
  • She didn’t know any details of their operations
  • All she did was consult on several projects
  • She was also legally gagged and threatened
  • One of the projects she worked on was with Vanderwood directly, but not for any long duration of time
  • And honestly, he didn’t remember her until she remembered him

5/12 Happy Birthday, Shigeo Kageyama~!!!!

Best sweetest, soft boy ever :3

BigHit: Okay the coast is clear! No super groups are having a comeback at the moment so we should let BTS drop their new song and win all the awards and sweep the charts!!

StarShip: I think we finally have the timing right! If we drop Monsta X’s new comeback rn we’ll get out first number one annnd finally prove ourselves in the industry!!

JYP: THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME!! Let’s have 2pm and Got7 comeback and just SLAUGHTER everyone and win EVERYTHING! *laughs* And I mean we totes can do it cause who’s big enough to stop us anyway??

SM: *smiles knowingly*

SM:*slithers out of the shadows*

SM: *whispers* SHINee’s Back




JYP: Damn


20170529 - After Jun.K & Taecyeon upload photo their dinner last night. Nichkhun & Junho also upload via their instagram

le2jh :  더 소름돋는건 무의식중 영보이 올드보이
le2jh :  The creepier thing is that it’s unconsciously young boy - old boy

khunsta0624 :  My love, my brothers. #2PM #6NIGHTS

trans r: 2pmalways

speaking of polls, you guys voted and it seems like some people out there want to see the cover of chapter 02 streamed! in that case, i’ll start tomorrow.

catch it at this time:

2pm GMT / 9am EST

(there’s a chance i’ll begin streaming in the morning somewhere between 5am GMT and 8am GMT but i might not be able to. i’ll definitely be streaming at 2pm though!)

see you there!

Golden - William Nylander

Requested by anon: can i get a william nylander imagine because he won worlds?? and maybe have backstrom make an appearance because i love their friendship. thanks :-)

A/N: I’m actually quite proud of this one. I hope you like it!

Word count: 1210

Warnings: google translator swedish.

Master list

Originally posted by mapleleafstrash

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to inform you that we will soon be landing on the Cologne Bonn airport in Cologne. It’s currently 2pm, local time. The temperature outside is 18º Celsius, 64º Fahrenheit. The crew hopes that you’ve had a pleasant flight and we are looking forward to seeing you on future trips, thank you.” I ignore the flight attendant who is giving now the same briefing in German and look out the window, looking at the city of Cologne from the sky.

I had never thought that I would be leaving Toronto to go to see my boyfriend play in a World Championship, but life has funny ways and I can’t wait to see what mine has in store for me.

After the loss against the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs my boyfriend William decided to join team Sweden in Europe to play at the World Championship, but everything was planned so last minute that I couldn’t get enough time off from work to go with him. I have hated watching the games from home, wanting to be there to support my boyfriend more than anything. When the Tre Kronor made it to the Final I couldn’t just stay in Toronto, so I booked a plane ticket to Cologne. Without telling Willy. Because I just love surprises.

The plane lands and after a little while we are cleared to unbuckle our seatbelts and leave. My legs feel stiff from spending so much time sitting on a rather uncomfortable seat, but I’m so excited to be her that I almost don’t care. After getting my suitcase I walk through the doors that take you where the families wait and start looking for Alex and Michael. It doesn’t take me long to see Alex’s blond hair.

“(y/n)! How was your flight?” He greets me, giving me a hug. Alex and I have a really great partner-in-crime relationship, which annoys Willy greatly.

“It was good. A little long, but good.” I say, moving from him to Michael to give him a hug as well. “Thanks for picking me up.”

“No problem. I’m sure that Willy is going to love to have you here.” Will’s dad says and you nod excitedly.


I slap the tears off my face as I see your boyfriend tackling Henrik Lundqvist. They’ve won. My boyfriend is a World Champion. Will hasn’t noticed me yet, he was too focused on the game and now he is too busy celebrating, which is fine; I’m just happy to get to see him win. Alex is taking what could be considered as an excessive amount of pictures and Michael is standing besides me, looking at his oldest son with such pride that makes my heart flutter.

When I thought that anything could make this moment any better William is named the Most Valuable Player of the Competition and my hands can’t control the amount of proud tears that are leaving my eyes. My makeup is ruined, but I can’t care less about it. Also, I’m not the only one crying at this point, but I’ll never tell how Alex is quick to wipe the tears out of his face before anyone notices it. The team finally makes it out the ice, but we stay on our seats for a little longer, knowing that it will be awhile before they make it out the locker room. I try to answer as many texts from my friends and family back home as I can, but I can’t help it but to burst into laughing when I get one from Will.

“WE MADEEEE IT! I wish you were here.” I read out loud for his brother and father and they chuckle too.

I’ve seen it! I’m so proud of you. Congratulations, my love.” I type out, topping it up with a bunch of gold medals and trophies emojis.

Alex, Michael and I wait for what it seems like forever before Will texts Alex saying that he will be out soon, so we made our way to the hall to join the rest of the families. Everyone is smiling and, even though I don’t know any Swedish but pet names and cute little phrases here and there, I know that they are as excited to see the new World Champions as I am.

Players start coming out the doors that lead to the locker rooms and the hall erupts on cheers while the men join their families. I keep my eyes on the door until I see him, wearing his suit with no tie and carrying the MVP award and the gold medal on his hands. He doesn’t notice me as he spots his dad and brother, waving at them as he makes his way through the crowd.

“Alex! Påve –” He stops dead on his tracks when he sees me standing in between the two men, looking at him with a smile. “Älsking? (Love?)”

Alex and Michael step a side, leaving more room for Will to come hug me. He wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up, holding me close to him as he buries his face on my neck.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, letting go of the awards, which his father is taking from his hands, so he can hold me properly.

“I couldn’t miss it.” I just answer, wrapping my own arms around his neck.

“You didn’t tell me.” He doesn’t sound accusatory, he is just stating the fact that I, indeed, didn’t tell him.

“It was a surprise.” I whisper. “Do you like it?”

“I don’t know if I’m happier because of the Championship or because you are here.” He says, making me laugh at how cheesy he sounds.

He puts me down eventually and walks towards his brother, who hugs him as well and says a couple of words in Swedish which I don’t understand. I hang out by Alex side as Michael and Will share a longer embrace, Michael’s voice cracking every once in awhile as he speaks with his oldest son.

“Nylander.” I hear a voice from behind us and we all turn around, meeting the Backstrom family.

“Nick!” Michael says, his hand clashing with the other man’s as they pull each other into a brotherly hug before Nicklas moves over to Alex and then to me, looking at Willy inquisitively.

“(y/n)?” He asks and Will nods, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me closer to his side. “So the lucky charm was here after all.”

“Apparently.” Willy chuckles, kissing my temple in an affectionate way that makes everyone else smile.

“He hasn’t stopped talking about you.” Nicklas offers me his hand and I shake it, smiling at him. “Well, actually he was whining about how much he wished you were here.”

“I didn’t whine.” Will defends himself, holding me even tighter.

“Yes, you did.” Michael, Alex and Nicklas say at the same time, making you laugh.

“I didn’t whine, I’ve just missed you a lot.” He whispers to my ear.

“I am here now.” I answer him. “And I don’t have a ticket to go back.”

Jag älskar dig. (I love you)” He says.

Jag älskar dig med (I love you too), my love.”

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I read several days of this blog and did basic research, but I still don't understand what's going on that led to #Norbury. Why are the Pike fics significant if they're not officially connected? I know ARG, but what does PTB stand for? Why do we have sufficient reason to bring Takei into this? I see the arguments about why /not/, but I don't see anything why /for/. Everyone's acting like these are things everyone already should know, but I can't find simple explanations?

Ok anon, strap in:

  • I believe the Pike fics are officially connected. Though it takes some extrapolation to get there (which I’ll explain in a moment), the content of the fics themselves are such that there would be no purpose or motive in writing them UNLESS you had the knowledge and opinions of a showrunner looking at fandom from the outside in. Read The Players for yourself.
  • “TPTB” means “The powers that be,” referring to the nebulous group of people in charge of Sherlock (in this case) who call the shots.
  • Dale Pike’s legitimacy comes from the assumption that the twitter elements of the ARG are real (imo, likely controlled by Joe Lidster). There’s a large network of these, I haven’t been super tuned in, but essentially, consider them NPCs that exist to wave flags and give us sidequests.
  • Our attention to Dale Pike came from parody twitters for two once-prominent members of the Sherlock fandom. These led to Dale Pike’s twitter, which, in turn, led us to their AO3. The AO3 contains a fic series called “Spoiling Sherlock in Real Time,” and has written and published several fics with info about s4 episodes prior to the episodes airing. Identifying Eurus as an imposter, that Sherlock would not be saying “I love you” to John, and…… jesus christ, just trust me on this? They predicted things they couldn’t possibly have known. Although it is possible for ao3 fics to be backdated, we know from the twitter and tumblr bots that update when new johnlock fic is posted that they were published when Dale claims.
  • These fics intricately express tjlc #moods, often featuring female audience inserts who bemoan about the existence of “The Good Story.” In several cases these inserts can be identified as specific Sherlock fans. Ashleigh @kinklock​, for example, is clearly The Girl from the Bus. (Yes, in the show too! That is why she LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE HER FUCKING CLONE.)
  • On the 29th, when most hope for a special was spiraling, Dale posted a plea that we tweet #norbury, complaining again about ALL. THIS. SHIT. Unfortunately, however, Moffat read his audience incorrectly, as they blew up the theater, and the audience fell into chaos. (READ THE FUCKING PLAYERS.)
  • I believe #norbury is the correct course of action because the emotional climax/resolution, post-bomb blast, is Steven (YES, STEVEN IS NAMED IN THE FIC) begging a lone remaining believer to PLEASE pull him out of the mirror well and to “TELL THE WORLD WHO I REALLY AM!!!!!” Capslock all Dale’s.
  • While I’m also willing to believe the bomb in the theater is about exposing canon johnlock (vs. blowing up the show with TFP), I feel like there’s no other real way to expose canon johnlock than complaining about how canon johnlock didn’t happen, AND with the who you really are thing, like, how else can we throw him the rope? What else is there.
  • Also in The Players, John and S are searching for the bomb, which they INSIST must be on the main stage. It must be (it turns out to be strapped to S(herlock) and John themselves–who, imo, might mean Moffat and TJLC), but as they’re searching John discovers two things: That it’s S who brought this dangerous bomb into the theater, and actually, oops, he doesn’t know how to solve the problem.
  • (This is debatable, because S and John have this whole conversation about whether or not this is a trick and he knows how to land planes, but this post is long enough as it is lmao.)

About twitter:

As far as I’m concerned, what’s really important is attempting to get #norbury trending at 7pm London Time/2pm EST/11am Pacific on March 4th and 5th. Whatever methods we want to use to try and get this to happen are up to the people that decide to play.


George Takei comes from the fact that one of the NPC ARG twitters, I believe @contactWSSH, contacted one of the people organizing #norbury from the get go (I’m sorry idk who you are! pls message me if you want me to edit this and credit you!!!) and suggested that 1) If we can get someone with 50k+ followers to retweet our message, we will be trending within minutes, and that, 2) Why not try good ol’ George, elder of the gay tv community.

I personally feel that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS COURSE OF ACTION. Whether or not you believe contactWSSH to be legit, the advice about retweets is, and there’s nothing wrong with @’ing a celebrity on twitter. This is actually laughable and perplexing to me. I’m not wild about the concept myself, but one of the basic appeals of twitter is the ability to talk to verified celebrities. People are asking George to retweet shit all the time. This man almost certainly has interns fielding this shit. The worst case scenario I can possibly imagine is George seeing the tweets and going “huh.” If you’re down to believe that WSSH is Joe Lidster/TPTB/what have you, then you can further conclude that maybe George (or George’s PR team) has been NOTIFIED about this and is READY AND WILLING to help us try to make sure this happens.

Because in The Players, in its opening lines, the narration acknowledges that things aren’t going as planned. There are far fewer people milling around backstage than expected. Maybe, just maybe, imo, George Takei is a failsafe.

Hope that covered all the bases. 💜!


Divine Flora is a flower shop and fortune teller’s hideout. Located at Lavender Beds, Ward 8, Plot 34 (Dappled Stalls Sub Aetheryte), Divine Flora will be open on most Saturday afternoons for all of your floral and future seeking needs!

Divine Flora is also seeking competent staff with a love for botany, good customer service, fortune telling, or any combination of the above! This is not a free company, but is instead a Linkshell based business. If you love flowers, are passionate about making people happy, or seek to see into the possible future, a job at Divine Flora is waiting for you!

Please send an ask to this blog, to @astrometers, or an in game tell to Megetu Adarkim if you’re interested in being part of Divine Flora. Your best bet is an ask, though, as I don’t always hear/see the tell notifications and may be AFK. Please note that none of the positions are paid OOC, but IC your character will be compensated for their time!

In time, the shop will also be offering (roleplayed) fortune telling courses and floral arrangement courses, with a view to perhaps offering courses in the wider art of Botany in time. Interested in becoming an instructor yourself? Maybe you have a desire to learn! Either way, contact me in the above ways and I’ll get back to you!

Divine Flora’s Grand Opening is THIS SATURDAY at 9pm UK Time/5pm Eastern Time/2pm Pacific Time!

Come along for some relaxing roleplay in a friendly, chill environment! Whether you’re looking for floral arrangements for your manor, a bouquet to apologise to your love for a wrongdoing, a peek into the stars, or help and guidance on botany matters, please come and drop by! There will be plenty of tea and snacks!