time 2 do laundry and pack


Okay it’s almost 10 and I have a 6am alarm for tomorrow so right now I’m going to clean my room so that it’s one less thing that I have to do and then get into bed and hopefully get to sleep. I just realized tomorrow is going to be super busy because I leave for home right after class on Thursday, so everything that needs to get done before I leave has to happen tomorrow. soooo:

  • 6am alarm for the gym
  • come home, shower, eat
  • read/type up the notes from anatomy class that I missed yesterday (probably dedicate about an hour to this)
  • class 10:30-11:35
  • i think the time in between my classes should be dedicated to doing homework…so finishing and submitting my health ed report, designing and submitting my capstone evaluation form, starting (and hopefully finishing) my prevention program part 3 draft
  • class 2:50-4:30
  • then i’ll do laundry, make dinner, pack my bags
  • and I have a meeting at 8 that I’m tryna get out of bc it really isn’t necessary that I go i’d rather be productive with my time

ok time to clean before bed PS thank you everyone for the music suggestions!! I’m looking into all of them :) :)

Tips from a college student #2: pack more underwear and socks for college than you think you’ll ever need. You may not wear them all and that’s fine, but when you literally don’t have time to do laundry for the next week, and you haven’t done it for two weeks, you’re going to have to pull stuff out of your dirty laundry basket. And that’s also fine. But there’s nothing sadder than opening your drawer after a shower and not having clean underwear. If you have to compromise and wear the pants you’ve worn for a week straight and the shirt you’ve worn three times before to class, at least you’ll have clean socks and underwear. Trust me, it makes you feel a little cleaner than you are. (Also, make sure to bring lots of perfume/body spray and spray it on dirty clothes to mask the smell of it being dirty and no one will notice you haven’t washed them in a while)