time 2 ball

super monkey ball 2 is the greatest game that ever existed and i will fight anyone on that xD its such a wonderful and colorful cute game with the freaking hardest levels you will ever play!!

(also here’s tiny little aiai excited to be out of his ball!)

Please accept this really messy abandoned wip of my beautiful boy

Mystic Messenger is that type of game where you think it’s gonna be a stupid cliche dating game; but then you actually start and it just tears your soul apart.

“Mr. Zamasu! Smile!!” “I-Io..!”

(Since Io spends time with her “mortal” friends, it makes sense that Nillva would have given her a phone! Some people are more okay with pictures than others…)

Never talk to me or to my torment runes, sigil of tormenting and my 100% torment dur ever again.