time & eric

Every time I go to Michael’s (which is way too often) I always, for some reason, end up getting the same cashier when I check out. His name is Eric. He has undercut blonde hair. He has an upturned nose. He has brown eyes. He’s about the same height as me (I’m 5'6").

Every time I see him I try my hardest not to laugh and subsequently have to suppress the urge to say “Man, are you aware that you are the living version of an online comic’s protagonist?”

stop making bitty ride the amtrak to pvd…the boy works hard…he is tired…stop making him take 2+ hrs of public transit to get laid. let bitty use jack’s uber account like any good pro athlete’s booty call/love of their life

Check Please/Back to the Future AU

Okay, so when Bitty wears his puffy vest, it has always reminded me of… well, you’ve guessed it, Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

This Back to the Future AU needs to happen.

So, this is how it’s going to go down.

Bitty needs a final science credit to qualify for graduation, but the only class he can get into last minute (and doesn’t require a prerequisite course he doesn’t have) is Theory of Physics for Non-Majors that’s taught by an eccentric professor who may or may not sound like Rasputin from that one animated Anastasia movie that Bitty secretly loves. (He has a crush on Dimitri, okay? But who doesn’t???)

So, Bitty and this Physics prof get on surprisingly well and the Professor says that he’s been looking for a lab assistant this semester. Bitty, after checking that it doesn’t interfere with his hockey schedule, takes the job because he could use the money. (Going to see Jack in Providence so often is starting to add up quickly.)

Bitty’s job is mostly filing papers, picking things up around the lap, and helping the Professor with various experiments and projects he’s building. Most of the time, Bitty has no idea what’s going on when the Professor starts talking Physics. Bitty nods along and holds stuff like ends of wires and stuff like that. It it seems to make the Professor happy.

One evening, Bitty gets called into the university labs. When he gets there, the Professor announces that he’s invented a time machine! (Said time machine is also powered by some illegal plutonium, but uhhhh, if Samwell admin asks, that’s not true.)

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Jack watches over Bittys shoulder as he plays some game on his phone involving baby animals and a lot of tapping. Bitty’s curled up into his side on the couch and Jack enjoys the warmth.

SportsCenter is showing highlights of the Habs game but Jack is more interested in the concentration Bitty is giving the game.

As Bitty’s score totals up, slowly inching towards the second star out of three, Jack squeezes his hip.

“Hey, Bits.”

Bitty hums his acknowledgement.

“I love you,” Jack continues.

Bitty cranes his head around to look into Jack’s eyes, a wide grin on his face.

“I love you too, hun.”

“I love you three,” Jack immediately counters, corners of his lips slowly inching up.

Bitty rolls his eyes fondly and turns back to his game.

“I love you four.”

“I love you infinity.”

Bitty huffs out a laugh at Jack’s ridiculousness. He starts up the next level of his game and says, with some finality, “I love you the same.”

Jack presses a kiss into the crown of Bittys head, satisfied with his cheesiness making Bitty smile, and turns back to the TV.