More than 9,000 firefighters are battling 21 major blazes in California, suffering, for months now, from the effects of drought. The largest California wildfire is raging in the Lower Lake area north of San Francisco, the Associated Press reports. The fire nearly tripled in size over the weekend to 84 square miles. It has destroyed 24 homes and 26 outbuildings and was threatening 6,300 additional homes. In this photograph by Noah Berger of EPA, firefighters watch as the Rocky fire burns near Clearlake, Calif., on Aug. 1, 2015. See more photos on time.com/photography. http://ift.tt/1OKBtGz

"Mimi Thi Nguyen on (Un)productivity in the Digital Age"
  • Chanelle Adams:Since you’ve been active in the POC zine community for years, how do you think about the transformation from material forms like zines to digital ones like blogs and Twitter? How do you respond to pressure to immediately respond through social media platforms? Do you find it hard to take the time to have a contemplative feminism?
  • Mimi Thi Nguyen:While these concerns are not part of my scholarship, I have thought about these questions a lot. New technologies have produced expectations that we now have more democratic access to more knowledge, and that we must accommodate ourselves to an accelerated sense of time. But I am wary of this internalization of capital’s rhythms for continuous consumption and open-ended production. I hate feeling obliged to produce a post or tweet on a timetable. It makes me anxious. There is value in being about to respond quickly to an object or event, of course, but I also want to hold out for other forms of temporal consciousness, including untimeliness and contemplation of deep structures, sitting with an object over time to consider how it changes you, how the encounter with it changes the nature of your inquiry.

anonymous asked:

is it better to study by chapter interval or time interval??


Personally, I study by time interval. I mean studying by chapter does help you progress more, but after a while, you might become unfocused on what you are studying especially when the chapter has many sections and pages. 

I study by sections since the chapters of my textbooks are long. But, it also depends on how much time you study then break. I study more in blocks of either 25 minutes with a 5-minute break or 50 minutes with a 10-minute break. It might not seem like much, but you actually do get studying done.

Best of Luck.

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With each episode of Life is strange, I notice more and more similarities between Max and Chloe and Homura and Madoka. Homura goes back in time, trying to save Madoka again and again, without luck. And Max keeps trying to save Chloe, again and again, and she keeps dying in different ways. It just reinforces the idea that no matter how many times you rewind time, you can’t save them… You need to let go…

간 = Time period, for, during

이건 몇년간 연습한 결과입니다 = This takes years of practice.
저는 지난 3년간 서울에서 살았습니다 = I’ve been living in Seoul for 3 years.
일주일간 머물다 = Stay for a week
그를 몇 달간 만나지 못했다 = I have not seen him in months.
중국의 춘절은 15일간의 공휴일이다 = The Chinese New Year is a 15-day holiday.

The space between, among

우리는 로마와 파리 간을 매일 두 차례 운항한다 = We fly between Rome and Paris twice daily.
두 사물 간의 차이 = a difference between two things
부모 자식 간에도 예의는 지켜야 한다 = Even in a parent-child relationship, there needs to be mutual respect. 
직원들 간의 버스 이용이 잦아졌다 = Bus use is increasing among the staff.
어떤 가정도 가족 간의 화합 없이는 행복할 수 없다 = No family can be happy without harmony among its members. 

누구든 간에 = Who/whomever (out of anyone)
어떻든 간에 = Whatever it is 
일어나든지 간에 = Whatever happens 

Parking Lot

the weight of our universe is undeniable
that sense of being.

some nights, it’s a conciliating cerebral hum
others, an infernal incessant howling.

but tonight
our universe was still.

i believed, for a moment
our universe had died.

what a notion
that the universal clock could conclude.

but yet again
even the most finely crafted clocks expire.

and truly
time is simply an experiment in sanity.