I just finished watching The chilling adventures of Sabrina last night and first it was awesome!!!! But something also popped out at me.

First spoilers if you haven’t watched the show and want too (not to bad)

Okay now I have to say my favorite character by far in all of season 1 is Hilda Spellman. And her little budding romance with Dr. Cerberus is just too cute to handle but during the last episode when he turns around after their kiss and his eyes turn red its safe to say he isn’t human but it Also got me thinking. 

What if he is actually Cerberus? I mean during the last episode the writers make it a point for him to mention that he is the oldest of three sons and if you know anything about the hades legends its that the underworld is guarded by a three headed dog named Cerberus. And Dr. Cerberus is such a miner character a lot of people wouldn’t notice the comment. The whole purgatory scene too, when Zelda states that Harvey’s brother’s soul is in the mortal version not the witches version, well who rules over mortal souls in Greek mythology…… Hades. And it wouldn’t be so far fetch for him to appear as human as shown with Lilith/madam Satan 

Damn Slunk

Free will gives us choices.
Souls sort and weigh.
Lust fills in the blanks.
Feet tap another day.
When the fates of two collide,
change is felt together.
When hearts and minds align,
pairs will love forever.
When one of four is askew,
time will corrode and sever.
Love is not a slam dunk.
The heart and mind know never.


@markiplier just out here causing existential crises 😂

No but seriously thank you Mark that was the kick in the ass that I need to stop skipping school, start doing my homework again, and actually get back on track to get my degree. Thank you.

If YouTube bottoms out one day, you could easily move in a new direction as a motivational speaker.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws have difficulty grasping the passage of time every once in a while. Did that thing happen last week or last year? Who knows.