Hello-WOW! Tumblr’s literally quoting me*WAIT! Oh no… Everything I do or say is being written down, this isn’t normal is it? It’s like the Tumblr people have somehow broke into my mind chambers and stole my secrets, HARRY POTTER, what? No… My mind just thought of that by accident, don’t quote me… AHHHGKF! Everything I do or say is being plagiarised, please stop it Tumblr, stop, stop now!!! Stop now!!! Stop now!!!!!!‘xhjcnd – oh wait maybe if I click the Post button…
—  Me
One of the Eflife's Tumbler has on your life.

Don’t you hate those assignment whear you have to draw something that represents you as preson, but all you do is hang around the Internet, and you don’t want to put a computer screen that has tumbler on it, cuz then you will get a bad grade, and everyone will end up calling you a loser

Do you really want him calling, Newo? Do you really think he’s coming back to you? Oh, once the world stops spinning, read that writing on the wall. Is there another, Newo? Is there cushion just enough to break the fall? Oh, don’t you cry. Just lie there baby in the past, ‘cause if you want it all