timberwolf glock


Custom Lone Wolf G22’s with 40-9 conversion barrels and burnt bronze Timberwolf frames. Dubbed “Razer” and “Lazer” they are completely identical except for the different engraved patterns that make them unique.

The engraving is a solution that gives a camouflage look to your Glock without modifying part fit and reliability like cerakote or film dip.

I am proud to be the designer of such an innovative solution to weapon camouflage.

If there is a certain pattern you would like to see implemented to this style of engraving, let me know!

Disruptive Environments Carbine Vehicle Darkness, Team Tactics and Castle load outs.


BCM Mid-Length 14.5" Carbine with Red Dot (EOTech EXPS3-0 pictured)
HSP D3CR (Disruptive Environments Chest Rig)
Jones Tactical EDC Belt
G-Code Holsters OSH Holster
Lone Wolf Distributors Timberwolf Glock 17
G-Code Holsters and HSP D3 Carrier
Sordin Supreme Pro-X
Viking Tactics 2 Point Sling
Leatherman MUT Tool
Surefire Pen
Energy Gel
Battery Caddy
HSP Klean Canteen and Carrier
HSP Troubleshooter Ballcap
HSP Gasket EyeWare
HSP Incog Rifle Bag