Fern - our little plant baby

That’s when I focused on playing the family and practically stopped taking pictures. So with little Fern I officially announce that this legacy got cancelled.

But soon, the Timberwolfs will return, with a new founder and a little storyline.


Today would have been the 1st anniversary of my BPC-Legacy.

Well, since I will restart the Timberwolf-Legacy, I thought I’m just being nostalgic and show you how far I played. The ones with the dog-icon are the founders and heirs, the ones with the heart-icons are the spouses.

Btw, the vanillafied generation 3 heiress is the foundress of the Wanderer-Legacy. :)

Tbh I miss them a bit. But I really like the new idea for the BPC and especially my founder Milow. To honor the sims of the first legacy, there is a queue coming up with some of my favs gameplay pictures till the birth of the last child of generation 3.