got these very cute bears in the mail today! i’m pretty sure they’re timbertop bears though i don’t recognise their clothes, and since some of the furniture that came with them is maple town their clothes might not even be sylvanian clothes - especially as mr timbertop’s shirt is a little small for him. all of the bears have patches of flocking worn away, especially ivy, who has almost no flocking left on her feet! hopefully this can be fixed.

information about this family:

Mrs. Rose Timbertop loves kids so much that sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones   are hers and which ones are visiting. But Mama Rose knows!

Mr. Taylor Timbertop is a wonderful dad. He hugs all six of his kids so much that the Sylvanian Families call him “Daddy Hugs”. In the 1988 Annual, it is stated that Taylor teaches math.

Older Sister Ivy loves to sew. Daddy still wears the first shirt she ever made for him. Ivy’s always embarrassed because she made the arms too long.