BTS as Shoes
  • Jungkook: Timberlands (wears them year round)
  • Seokjin: Oxfords (nicely polished, residual scuff marks)
  • Yoongi: Black Converse (worn out, well-loved)
  • Jimin: Puma sneakers (courtesy of Taehyung)
  • Taehyung: Brown boots (his laces always drag)
  • Hoseok: any snazzy sneakers (falling apart from dancing)
  • Namjoon: Red Converse (keeps them clean, matches with gf)

Originally a 70+ Followers gift for my older (deleted) account; Vendredi Sims.

Part 1 of 4 of My Shoe Dump. (note, there will be two male dumps and two female)

Here it is :) 

1: Timberlands 

2: Converse High Tops

3. NIKE High Tops

4: Jeremy Scott Wings

Credit to all the CC creators and pose makers.

Model: Rafael