Day 3: A main protagonist’s best friend and their bio

Instead of one, how about 3? :3


Priita is a bubbly, giggly ball of laughter and sunshine.  They work as a leatherworker, creating saddles, bracers, leg wraps, and reinforced pants for workers out in the field.  She’s carefree and loving, wearing her heart on her sleeve as she cares so much about others and wants to help in any way she can.  But behind that ray of sunshine that is her smile, she hides self destructive behaviors.  She sacrifices her own happiness if she knows it can benefit someone else, even if she knows she doesn’t have to do such a thing.  She suffers in silence and solitude because she doesn’t want to bother others with her problems, and she hates telling her pain to others.  But Ragna and Sigrid usually find her sulking by herself, and get her to confess what was bothering her, and help her feel much better in the end.

Priita gets along fairly well with Wulph and Flip, but moreso with Wulph.  Priita encourages Wulph to talk about things that they like, and Priita glows when she watches Wulph light up as they talk about their interests.  She finds happiness in Wulph’s happiness.  With Flip and Priita, it’s more a teacher and student kind of relationship, but very lax between them.  Priita takes pride and enjoyment in teaching Flip new things, like how to stitch bracers or which leather to use for different kinds of saddles.  She likes seeing the “a-ha” moment appear on their face when they figure something out.  The two don’t talk much, or rather Flip likes to listen and Priita does a majority of the talking.  But she doesn’t mind, and understands if Flip doesn’t feel much for conversation at times.


Sigrid is proud and brash, and will bite your head off if you set her off in even the slightest way.  She has a quick temper that can only be quelled by Ragna’s calm coos, and she can be aggressively protective of those she holds dear.  She doesn’t trust others easily, as trust has to be earned with Sigrid.  She’s always up for a fight and will defend her and her friends to the end.  Sigrid refuses to be outworked, and always puts her best foot forward with any venture.  She and Ragna run an orphanage, which is quite surprising given Sigrid’s fighting origins, but Sigrid is actually quite caring and the children love her and Ragna to bits.  Sigrid isn’t ashamed to admit that she has a soft side, and loves the little tykes she is in charge of, only wanting the best for them and to eventually find them a permanent home to live in.

Wulph and Sigrid don’t hang out much, but they are comfortable with each other’s presence.  The two will spar to stay in shape and to keep their skills sharp.  Sigrid became protective of Wulph the more time they spent together, and Wulph has respect for how quick Sigrid is to defend someone.  As for Sigrid and Flip, the two are more likely to start arguing and fighting due to differing views.  The two may seem to hate each other, but the two actually have some kind of respect for one another.  They don’t exactly show it all too often, but they don’t hate each other.


Ragna is Sigrid’s girlfriend, and is very soft-spoken due to a bad childhood with her father.  Her mother had run off when Ragna was just a baby, leaving her father to raise her instead.  Ragna knew her father was bitter about her mother, and endured abuse from him due to how similarly they looked.  But eventually, as Ragna got older, her father apologized and the two reconciled.  Ragna is an introvert who doesn’t want to anger or upset anyone, and is a total doormat to others.  It wasn’t until a young Ragna met a young Sigrid that she began to build some confidence and self worth.  Ragna is still working on her social skills, and Sigrid is there for her every step of the way.

Ragna and Wulph are good friends, having connected through their similarities of being pushovers and doing things for others to please them.  They inspire each other to continue to better themselves so they can protect the ones they love, and also to find peace within themselves.  Ragna and Flip are okay friends, with Flip being an inspiration to Ragna to be stronger.  Flip also sees a bit of Wulph in Ragna, and has made it a point to look after her.  In doing so, Flip has become more calm and less aggressive.

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