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do you think it's possible for stuffed animals to have a spirit ?

Absolutely, especially our old childhood toys.

I have a Madeline doll who is literally almost as old as I am–she was given to my on my first birthday–and I still share my bed with her at night. (She rests beside my pillow rather than under my arm because A) it’s hard to cuddle stuffed animals when you have boobs and B) she’s now 24 years old and kiiinda fragile.) She has the energy of a protector and… something like a cross between mother and older sister.

My old stuffed wolf Timber is, and always has been, a dignified beast, a noble savage. My tiger Hobbes is a bit more down to earth and friendly. I could go on.

The way I see it, as we pour love and energy into something, it can take on a spirit of its own. Childhood toys are especially susceptible to this, because we are so eager to give them personalities and names, and we take them everywhere with us, and we cradle them in our dreams and trust them to watch over us. All that energy and affection builds up over time, and eventually what we envisioned in the toy solidifies and becomes “real.”

Canadian Timber Wolf by Rudy in Ottawa on Flickr.

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