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Mysterious Dolls

21 porcelain dolls on bamboo stakes were found at Bear Creek Swamp in Alabama. They are all wearing different dresses and all their faces have been painted white. Autauga County Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger said authorities tried to contact the timber company that owns the land, but no one got back to them.

The Montgomery newspaper reports that it has been a rite of passage for groups of teenagers to enter the swamp at night to look for monsters or creatures that are said to roam the swamp.

Bear Creek Swamp is claimed to be haunted by the spirit of a mother looking for her lost child. The dolls are thought to be part of a “ritual” local teenagers do to summon the “spirit.” 

Okay, I’m putting this out there.

We all have loved Billie Jean. It’s got a lot of history behind it for us. But, someone suggested buying/trending Kesha’s “Timber” as a way to not only celebrate the end of this circus, but to also show support and solidarity for Kesha and her ongoing battle with Sony. And I think this pretty well encompasses our happiness for Louis being free of this as well as our collective disgust for Sony as a company, as well as our collective support for Kesha.

So, with that, I am suggesting #ProjectTimber. Buying, streaming, trading, and playing “Timber” by Pitbull ft. Kesha whenever this news becomes official.