More Jason Todd Headcanons

He is super against misogyny and any type of abuse in general, even more than the rest of the batfamily due to what he saw as a kid.

(Fourth wall time) he is super against people romanticizing the Joker and Harley Quinn, and he sees her as a victim to Joker’s manipulation. when Harley ended up with Poison Ivy, Jason was relieved.

He loves hot sauce, and his favorite food type is Chinese.

He attends school rallies against drugs incognito and encourages kids

He makes coffee and hot chocolate and tea in the winter and recruits the batfamily to help hand it out to homeless people in Gotham, because God knows how much he would’ve wanted that as a kid.

Jason is a superb horseback rider, and he is absolutely fearless as a jumper.

Tim taught Jason how to play video games and also caught him up on all the stuff Jason missed while being dead.

30 Day Challenge: Day 26

Prompt: “Yell at me,scream at me, hit me for god’s sake but just do something.”

AN: I’m sorry in advance, and I have tissues if you need them. 

Words: 2240

           “You slept with Talia?” You swallow the words, and they burn more than a shot of whiskey ever could.


           The answer is like a punch to the gut, and you do your best to not show the reaction. The tears are burning behind your eyes, and all you want to do is cry. Instead you force the tears back. You try to say something, but nothing comes out.

           Bruce’s fingers glide over your skin and you jerk away. You wrap your arms carefully around yourself. You’re careful to stay out of arms reach. “Y/N, please say something.” There’s several moments of silence before he says “Yell at me, scream at me, hit me, for god’s sake just do something.”

           You look at him, and simply say “I can’t be around you right now.”

           Then without another word you leave the room. You walk quickly pasta sorrowful looking Alfred, and up the stairs to yours and Bruce’s room. You lock the door behind you, and you want to scream. You’re surrounded by mementos of a relationship that’s lasted since you were ten. A romantic relationship that’s lasted since you were fourteen. And looking at it hurts.

           You just act. You pull a suitcase out of the closet, and you pack. You throw clothes in haphazardly. And at some point Bruce starts banging on the door, begging you to let him in. You do, as you leave the room. You simply brush past a stunned Bruce, and down the stairs and to the old jeep that’s sitting there.

           That jeep had been your first car. You had bought it with your own money, and Bruce had kept it in excellent working condition all these years. Your first make out session together had been in this car. You push that memory aside as you throw your bag in, and then climb in yourself. You pull out of the garage as Bruce steps out the door, and despite your best efforts you look back.

           You don’t realize where you’re going until you’re there. By the time you pull up, you’re exhausted both mentally and physically. Your shoulders ace, and you briefly wonder if you’re doing the right thing by coming here. But you know Bruce wouldn’t try coming here, and right now you need that certainty.

           Dick answers the door dressed in sweat pants and nothing else. Your first though is that his hair’s shaggy and it needs a cut. His eyes go wide at the sight of you, and you know why. You haven’t seen him in three years, since his last big fight with Bruce. “Mom?” His voice is shocked, and then he spots your bag, and probably the puffiness of your eyes “What the hell did he do?” His voice goes hard, as he brings you inside.

           You feel silly, and a bit sick. You’re Dick’s mother, and he’s the one taking care of you. You pull out of his grip, and give him your best smile “I’m sorry baby bird. I shouldn’t have some here, I shouldn’t drag you into this.”

           You turn to leave, but his Dick’s voice stops you. “Mama. Don’t go.”

           You turn to face your oldest son again, and his arms wrap around you, and you finally let out the tears. Dick holds you while you cry, and all you can think about is how tall he’s grown.

           You don’t speak that night, you just lie on his couch and stare at the ceiling. You wake up as he comes out of his bedroom, still dressed in his pajamas. You give a small smile “Don’t you have work?”

           He sits down next to you “I called out. Figured you might need me.”

           You smile a true smile now “My concerned baby bird. Always so sweet. You shouldn’t have to take care of your mother.”

           He kisses your cheek “Everyone needs taking care of sometimes, even moms.”

           You don’t say another word as he moves around the kitchen. You take a moment to look at his apartment. It’s big, and messy, and there are clothes everywhere. You walk into the kitchen as he pours you a cup of coffee. He sits down across from you and finally asks “What did he do mom?”

           You take a deep breath “He has a son.” The words taste like acid in your mouth.


           “A ten-year-old little boy. His name is Damian, his mother is Talia Al Ghul, and he’s the spitting image of your dad.”

           “Mom, the man has a lot of faults. He’s cold and distant. He has major control issues, and very rarely can let go of anything bad. But despite all of that he loves you. More than anything. I mean you’re the only one who he lets talk sense into him. Clark calls you when he goes off his rocker I mean … why?”

           You shrug, “I honestly don’t know Dick. And to be honest I didn’t stick around to listen. I was just so hurt, and so …I honestly don’t know.”

           Dick nods “Well you can stay here as long as you like. I know the place is a mess, but I’ll clean it today, and I promise I’ll put all my clothes in the hamper.”

           You just smile at him, but he sees how it doesn’t reach your eyes. It’ll be several nights later, as you’re cooking dinner that Dick slides in through the window. “You’re back early.”

           He grins at you “I’m not alone either.” You turn a bit in surprise to see Tim and Jason slide in after Dick. You smile, and turn the pot down to simmer, and you hug your boys. It’s the first time you’ve seen either of them in about a year. They hug you, and you sit down to dinner together. They keep the conversation surprisingly light until Jason says “We should probably tell you while we’re here.”

           You stop eating at that “Dick didn’t call you?” You ask slowly.

           Tim puts down his fork “Bruce sent us.”

           You take a deep breath as Jason continues “Found his brat getting ready to kill a thug named Nobu. Tim stopped him, and called me in when he claimed to be Bruce’s son. We may not see each other often anymore, but you email and call about the important things. I figured you’d do the same if this was true.”

           “We called Bruce in, and he explained, how Damian is his biological son, but not yours.”

           You swallow thickly “Did he say anything else.”

           Jason shakes his head “Nope. And I can honestly say that neither of us were in a talking mood after that. We hightailed it over here, to see what Dick knew, and sure enough, he confirmed you were here.” There’s a moment of silence before Jason throws his napkin on the table “I just don’t get it. Why go to her to have a baby? I mean if he wanted a kid that badly he could have used a surrogate, or something else, I just don’t get it.”

           “Explains a lot though.” Dick says “Why we were never good enough. We weren’t his.”

           “No.” They all look at you, at the sound of the word. “Um, before any of you came along we tried for several years to have a baby. We both wanted it, you know. But I couldn’t hold a pregnancy. I had three different miscarriages, and it nearly killed me each time. Both literally and figuratively. After the third one I had an emergency hysterectomy. I was in bed for weeks with depression. Bruce never left my side. He told me how beautiful I was, and how strong I was, and that we would be okay just the two of us. And the thing is I know he meant it. I’ve always known when he’s lied to me, and when he’s telling the truth, and he was telling the truth.”

           You take a deep breath and look to Dick “My first trip out after the procedure was to the circus. He wanted to take me somewhere fun, and we had gone years before, and just had a blast. So we went, and then your parents died, and I saw in you what I saw in Bruce all those years ago. A lost little boy who needed something. And Bruce, well he went straight to you, and I watched as he tried to shield you, and something in me clicked, you were meant to come home with us. You were one of the missing pieces.”

           The tears start falling after that “I felt that click with each of you. And I thanked God for each of you. And Bruce, Bruce was ecstatic to have you boys around. I know he didn’t always show it but he was. He’d talk about you guys when we were alone, everything you had accomplished in school, and on patrols. He keeps these scrapbooks of all the stuff you boys do, both in your civilian lives, and after hours.”

           Tim’s voice is quiet “You never told us that.”

           You smile “Things turned out how they were supposed to with you guys. You’re our sons, and that will never change.”

           “Are other things going to change?” Jason asks

           You swallow “That’s going to depend on your father. I have some thinking to do. In the meantime, I want you three to go help him. Something is going on, and he very well might need your help.”

           They all nod and Tim just says “We’ll head out first thing in the morning.”

           You wait for him in your bedroom. And he’s more than a little surprised to see you, but he doesn’t question it. He simply takes a seat on the bed next to you. You sit in silence for half an hour before you finally ask “What really happened Bruce? And I mean the real version, not some self-sacrificing one.”  

           He doesn’t give a self-sacrificing one, he simply looks you in the eyes and says “She drugged me. Slipped something in my drink when I was there for a mission eleven years ago. It made me do whatever she wanted.”

           You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding “A date rape drug.”

           “Essentially yes.”

           You lick your lips “I’m so freaking selfish. The fact that that makes me happy. I’m a horrible person.”

           Bruce takes your hand “Why? Because you hear that it wasn’t by choice that I was unfaithful, that it wasn’t because I chose someone else? Personally I’m relieved. Because I would never want to do anything to hurt you. Ever.

You take a deep breath “I’ve signed us up for counseling, with Lee. Twice a week, possibly more if she thinks we need it. We have an issue hear Bruce, and we need help.”

           He clutches your hand and simply says “I’m there. Every single time. I will be there. I don’t want to lose you Y/N. I love you, and I don’t know what I would do without you.”

           You lean forward and wrap your arms around him, and his own wrap around you. You sink into his embrace, and you allow yourself to cry. And when Bruce’s sobs echo your own, you can’t help but think it’ll all work out. Because he was telling the truth. He loves you. He wants you. And you know that he never meant to hurt you. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt.

           You meet Damian for the first time that night; when you can’t sleep and you slip out of bed and down to the kitchen. You find him sitting at the island staring into the backyard. His head turns towards you the minute you step into the kitchen.

           “You must be Mrs. Wayne.”

           You nod “You must be Damian.”

           He nods, and you take a seat across from him “So, how much hell am I in for?”

           You raise an eyebrow in question “Excuse me?”

           “My mother says that’s why I wasn’t allowed to see my father, because you would punish me for his unfaithfulness.”

           You laugh “Your mother is a piece of work kid. But, none of this is your fault.”

           He leans forward “So you don’t hate me to your very core?”

           You shake your head “You, no. Your mother is a different story in this case.”

           “Well at least one of you doesn’t hate me.”

           You smile “Your father doesn’t hate you Damian. He’s never been able to hate his children. He’s never been especially good at expressing love for them either, but it’s there. And he wouldn’t have fought to keep you, if there wasn’t something there.”

           He raises an eyebrow in question “So certain about that?”

           You nod “So certain, that he gambled sixteen years of marriage, and three kids on it.”

           Damian sighs “My father is an idiot.”

           You shrug “He has his moments, but I love him.”

           He simply nods and slides from his stool, “Very well, Mrs. Wayne. I’ll see you in the morning.”

           You smirk “Call me Y/N, I’m only Mrs. Wayne when you get in trouble at school.”

           Damian doesn’t say another word. When you slide back into bed, it’s to find Bruce awake. You just turn to him and say “There was a click.”

           He strokes your cheek “Always with the click.”

           You lean in and kiss him “It tells me everything I need to know.”

Baby On The Way

Prompt ~ #97 “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader

Perhaps you and Jason should have been more careful that night. You and Jason weren’t planning for it, but you both were happy nonetheless. The question soon popped out of no where.

Who’s going to tell Bruce?

This wouldn’t have been hard if Bruce hadn’t seen you like his daughter. When he found out you were dating Jason he almost killed him. Now imagine what he would do to him if he found out you were pregnant and Jason was the father. You also weren’t sure how the boys would react, Dick would be happy for certain. But Jason, Damian, and Tim’s reactions were unpredictable. Alfred would be delighted no doubt, he was always nagging for Bruce to have children but sadly only ended up with Damian to his sorry extent, then he moved on to pestering the boys to have a child and it seemed that his wish had been granted.

You were scared out of your wits and so was Jason, it had seemed luck was not on your side when you were invited on Friday to have dinner at the manor.  You did not have enough time to mentally prepare yourself for the moment, this explains why you were currently hyperventilating on the drive there.

“Hey don’t worry, the worst that could happen is that he’ll kill me.” Jason reached over and held your hand rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand trying to comfort you.

“Worry? You were the one who was sweating buckets when I brought up the question.” You retaliated as the car drove by the open gates.

“He probably will obliterate you on the spot.” Jason pulled the keys out of the ignition, unlocking the doors.

“Now that’s what worries me a bit.” He opened the car door for you, linking his arms with yours, you both made your way to the front door. He raised his left hand and knocked on the wooden door.

The door swung open revealing Alfred, “Master Jason and Miss (Y/N) how delightful that you were able to join us for dinner.” You both walked in, a smile making it’s way on your face.

“It’s great to see you Alfred.” You pulled away from Jason and hugged Alfred.

“It has been some time hasn’t it?” He smiled as he closed the door behind you and walked you both to the dinning room.

The dinning room was set up beautifully, every one sitting in there designated seats, two of them empty awaiting for you and Jason. You quickly greeted your father with a hug, Bruce chuckled at how hard you squeezed him.

“A family dinner was due hm?” He chuckled as you both pulled away.

“I’m guessing it was Dick’s idea?” You laughed as Dick walked up to you and hugged you.

“Of course it was my idea.” Dick sat down on his seat once more, while you greeted and hugged Damian and Tim. Jason greeted them with words along, ‘I thought i had seen the last of you’ and some minor bickering with Damian. The dinner was delicious, since Alfred cooked it himself. The conversation flowed easily with some banter in between. It felt good to be reunited with your family it had been some time, you all had busy schedules it was really sensational that you were able to meet up with them. But you knew it couldn’t last forever, for you had news to tell and the opportunity could not be passed.

“Guys me and Jason have some news.” You gained there attention, tentative eyes on you. You felt Jason’s hand slip into yours under the table giving your hand a small squeeze.

“What you didn’t get her pregnant did you?” Tim joked, only to be met with silence from the both of you.

“Oh God you really-”

“You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?” Bruce cut off Tim abruptly.

“Well i was thinking man that was some-” You covered Jason’s hand with your mouth, and mouthed the word ‘run’ to him. He quickly stood up from his chair and got up running away from Bruce.

“Were not done here young lady!” Bruce pointed an accusing finger at you and ran off after Jason.

“This is amazing!” Dick got up and hugged you once again, this time tighter as he jumped up and down in excitement.

“I find this great news, I will teach your newborn everything i know.” Damian proclaimed with a devious grin.

“There is no way we are letting demon spawn corrupt a baby that isn’t even born yet!” Tim retaliated quickly.

“I’m so proud of you Miss (Y/N) we are finally going to have a baby in this household.” Alfred popped up, probably eavesdropping on the conversation.

“Am I the only one worried about Bruce and Jason right now?”

Just a little reminder for JayTim shippers:

● Jason and Tim aren’t related and even Tim stated that Bruce isn’t technically Jason’s dad anymore, as you can see here:

They weren’t raised together or stuff like that so there’s no reason why he should necessarily consider Jason as his brother (I’m not saying that It’s not ok or possible to see them as brothers, I’m just proving a point)

● They overcame their problems and even If the writers didn’t make a perfect job exploring this important aspect of their relationship, there are still some conversations to prove that:

(Oh Gosh I love this panel so much)

● Tim always cared about Jason:

(even in young justice)
● And he still cares (and considers him as his partner):

(”you’re not just the man under the Red Hood” is actually one of my favourite JayTim quotes ♥ Tim is so sweet)

● Jason eventually got psychologically better and started to care about Tim, to see him as a partner:

Just look at the pictures, the ship sails Itself:

● Aaaand It’s not pedophilia because: http://salt-sass-and-lyrium.tumblr.com/post/146304003444/superboyvapes-despite-you-wanting-to-make-me (Sorry I always quote you, I just love your post lol)

SO our ship is perfectly normal and you’re perfectly normal, bye.

Top 5 emotional FNL scenes

03. Jason leaves | 3.08 - New York, New York

Tim : I hope you get everything… I hope you get everything you want. But no matter what happens in there, you’re always gonna be my best friend. And you deserve to be happy.
Jason : Thank you. Texas forever?
Tim : Texas forever.
Jason : Erin, I made some serious changes in my life in the last couple of weeks. I just got a job in the city. In Manhattan. It’s just an entry level position but… I have my foot pretty solidly in the door of a pretty great sports agency. I’m gonna be making about $40,000 a year, which I hear isn’t much around this neck of the woods, but, I want you to be able to take some time off and just be with Noah and be home. And I’m gonna find a place to live, and I would really like that to be with you and Noah, if that’s what you want. If that’s not what you want, I’m still gonna find a place close to here. You know, far enough away, I won’t be a stalker or anything, but close enough that I can be here. For you and for him, ‘cause… I’m never gonna let this baby down, ever.
Erin : Jason, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much.
Jason : I missed you too. Sweetheart, it’s all good.

3rd Times the Charm

Prompt: The day of batmom and Bruce’s wedding, she has a mental breakdown of a typical bride to be?? And it’s the most funniest thing ever because she completely loses it when Bruce’s sees her in her dress before the wedding? And some of the leaguers video taped this so like fast forward to where they had the batkids he shows this to them

AN: I’ve had a lot of requests for this one and it’s finally here!

Words: 1918

You find the tape while cleaning, an actual tape. It’s hidden in the back of a drawer in your dresser. You smile as you turn it over in your hands, before making your way down to the viewing room. Despite being outdated, Bruce had kept the video tape player. Your husband was just a bit of a pack rat. You pop it in before settling down into one of the plush chairs.

           That fuzzy screen shows for a minute before it suddenly cuts in. Your first thought, is that you look young. Then again, twenty-one is young. You can’t help but smile a bit at the first shot of the camera; it’s of Bruce getting ready.

           He’s wearing only the pants to his tux, his upper body still undressed. You take a moment to stare at his chest, it’s relatively scar free compared, to now. He’s just slipping his shirt on when he notices the camera. There’s not a hint of annoyance as he smiles at the camera, and asks “Really, Alfred?”

           “It’s your wedding day Master Bruce, I will videotape to my heart’s content.”

           Bruce just smiles a bit wider, before he starts buttoning his shirt. “Have you checked on Y/N? Is she nervous?”

           “I saw her briefly this morning, when I forced some dry toast upon her. I made sure to put some wool socks on her feet.”

           You smile at the memory. You had been scared out of your mind to marry Bruce. And it wasn’t because you didn’t love him, or anything like that, it was simply the size of the crowd. Over four hundred people had attended you wedding, and you hadn’t been very good with crowds in those early days. And your wedding, it had been a who’s who of Gotham socialites, and even now, nearly eleven years later, was regarded as one the events of the century.

           You couldn’t exactly disagree either. Alfred had pulled out all the stops, and had planned a dream wedding. In fact, you’d barely had to talk to any of those socialites, because Alfred had kept them so well boozed. He truly was an amazing party planner.

           You watch as the camera is set down on the chair, and as Alfred comes into the shot and helps Bruce tie his tie.

           “Man he was young.”

           You jump a bit at the sound of Jason’s voice as he leapfrogs over the back of the seat to land in the chair next to you. “What party is he getting ready for here? Children’s Hospital Gala?”

           You smile “Not quite.”

           “Then what is it?”

           You jump again as Dick’s voice sounds from behind of you, this time when you turn to look, you find your three remaining sons there. Each of them takes a seat near you, while waiting for your answer, but you don’t give it to them. “Give it a minute and you’ll figure it out.”

           All four give you a puzzled look, before the camera cuts out, and the screen goes fuzzy for a moment. “Did they not have transition in the olden days?” Damian asks

           Your eye twitches a bit at Damian’s words, “This is on tape, not DVD, and it’s a home video.”

           Damian just shrugs “Perhaps, but decent editing really does wonders.”

           Tim just rolls his eyes “You still haven’t told us what this is. I mean we know it has to be special, it’s not like Alfred always films Bruce getting dressed, but . . .”

           His voice trails off as you appear on the screen, wearing your wedding dress. Out of the corner of your eye you watch as the boys lean in a bit, to get a better look. It’s a simple dress, all lace, and strapless. You’re wearing your hair down, and slightly curled. Your veil doesn’t hang in front of your face, but it’s rather long, long enough to touch the floor.

           Your twenty-one-year-old self is biting her lip, her hands smoothing down the dress, as she stares at in the mirror. “All right Miss. Bride to be, arms up.”

           You do as you’re told without question, and Janet Drake appears on screen a moment later. You squeeze Tim’s hand as he takes a sharp breath at the sight of his mother. She carefully ties a blue sash around your waist, and fusses with the bow for several seconds before admiring her handiwork.

           A red-head appears in the frame a moment later, and Dick asks “Is that.”

           You nod “Barbara Gordon Sr. She, Janet and I connected after Bruce and I returned to Gotham. They were older than me, it was a bit like having sisters to e honest.

           “She looks just like her.”

           You smile, “It’s like looking into the past sometime.”

           Barbara’s voice rings out clear “Don’t you mean MRS?” She and Janet have a good laugh before recovering.

           Janet smiles at the camera “Of course I do, Y/N the only single one left, but not for long.”

           Barbara turns to you, drawing your attention “To be honest, everyone thought you and Bruce would come back with a kid, or at least be married.”

           You shrug, finally turning away from your reflection “Technically we are married, have been for the past two years. We had this little ceremony in Tibet. Very simple, and very legal. This ceremony is for Alfred.”

           You finally turn to face the butler and his camera, showing off the full front of the dress. Alfred’s amused voice comes from the other side of the camera “And I’m very grateful you’re doing it. It was very gracious of you.”

           You smile at that, and you watch as the nerves melt away, as Alfred distracts you. You smile “Don’t you mean guilt us into it. You went on for two weeks about how sad you were that you weren’t there.  You talked non-stop about not even having a photograph to imagine it by. And then the piece de resistance you went on and on about how Bruce’s mother, and my mother would have loved to see us get married.”

           “Well they would have.” All five of you jump at the sound of the new voice as Alfred comes around the chairs with popcorn. “More than once Martha Wayne wondered about what kind of woman her son would marry. I’m happy to say that she would have been more than pleased.”

           You smile as you take your popcorn from Alfred. The butler takes a seat at the end of the row, and everyone’s attention refocus’ on the screen. You watch as the camera changes hands, and Barbara takes the camera. A much younger looking Alfred steps in front of the camera, and holds out a velvet box to you. “This is from Master Bruce.”

           Your twenty-one-year-old self smiles as she takes the box and opens it. Your eyes go wide as they flash back to Alfred. It is a custom in the Wayne family, for the men to present their brides with a strand of pearls on the wedding day. Typically, the mother-in-law would bring them, but since Mrs. Wayne is unable to be here, Master Bruce asked me. I hope you don’t mind.”  

           The girl in the video shakes her head, as the younger Alfred carefully removes the pearls from the box, and steps behind her. As he fastens the clasp he says “I can assure you, that this is one part of the ceremony that I did not help with. Master Bruce had this necklace custom made for you. He hopes it can be your something new.”

           You see just a hint of tears on your face before Janet cries out “Don’t cry.” You can hear the tears in her voice as she says “I’m already going to have to re-do my mascara, and we don’t have time to re-do yours.”

           Barbara reappears, as Alfred takes the camera back, and as the two women start in on a debate about waterproof mascara and it’s pros and cons, the camera focus’ in on you.

           In the video you’re lost in your own little world. You have this small smile on your face, and your fingers are lightly brushing against the pearls at you neck, and then the video cuts out again.

           There’s a barrage of hey’s, and what’s going on’s and where’s the rest, before you smile and say “The photographer we hired ended up trying to sell the photos, and instead of giving them back to us as court ordered, and paying the fine, he burned the photos, and the wedding video he was editing.”

           Tim’s voice goes dead-pan as he says “You can’t be serious.”

           Alfred scoffs “Unfortunately she is. Their wedding was a hot ticket item, and he had the only pictures in existence. Guests were not allowed cameras, and we even declared the sky over the entirety of Gotham a no fly zone for the day. We had intense security, and each guest was patted down on arrival, to make sure they had no recording devices. We wanted to keep the ceremony intimate.”

           You laugh and say to the boys “Originally the guest list was at six hundred and then I threatened to do something at city hall and we compromised on four-hundred.”

           “Well, you looked very pretty Mom.” Tim says.

           The other boys nod, and then Dick asks “Do you still have your dress?”

           You nod “Alfred made sure it was indestructible, I think he put it in a vault.”

           The butler just smiles “Well I thought that if you and master Wayne ever had a daughter that may like to wear it. It’s good as new after all.”

           Jason smirks “And what size is the dress?”

           Your eyes narrow “A fourteen.” You say slowly.

           Damian full out grins “And your size now?”

           Your eyes go wide as what they’re truly asking dawns on you. You point at them and say “No.”

           “She’s still a fourteen.” You twist in your seat to face your husband.

           He still dressed in his suit from Wayne Enterprises, and he’s grinning down at you. “You no good traitor! You don’t reveal your wife’s dress size!”

           He just shrugs “Why, you’re beautiful, and I wouldn’t mind doing it a third time.”

           You stare at him “Really, you? You who hates the socialite scene doesn’t mind getting married in front of a big crowd again.”

           Bruce just smirks and leans in to kiss you. When he pulls back he says “I like marrying you, we always have a wonderful time afterwards. Remember last time? We barricaded ourselves in the lake house. We didn’t come out for days.”

           There several fake gagging noises from the boys before Tim lets out a shrill whistle “Listen up boys, if we’re going to recreate this thing we only have a few weeks, their anniversary is in less than three weeks. We already have a dress but there’s still everything else to be done.” He turns to Alfred “any chance you still have your notes?”

           Alfred just grins “Of course, I’ll go fetch them.”

Tim just grins and says “Great, we’ll have to add to the guest list, of course the leaguers will have to be there, and there’s new contacts to be made…” Then all the boys and Alfred are walking out of the viewing room talking a mile a minute.

           When they’re gone you turn to your husband with a stupefied look and all he says is “You want to go practice for our third honeymoon?”

I have a picture of the dress that I found on pintrist if you want to see it :)

Whats Mine

Prompt ~ #129 “So why did I have to punch that guy?”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader

Note ~ Not very good, crappy content

 You walked into the well decorated venue, your red dress flowing behind you. A sweet smile etched on your face, you plucked a drink from one of the many server’s trays walking deeper into the venue. From the corner of youyr eye you spotted black ruffled hair with the infamous white streak in it. You walked towards his direction placing your now empty glass on a nearby tray.

He saw you the second you entered, you looked marvelous. He didn’t think there was a word to describe how beautiful you looked. Jason’s face quickly turned from a loving expression to a jealous one. He watched as a blonde man looked you up and down and held his hand out for you, signaling he wanted to dance with you. You shook your head no and walked away from the man’s out stretched hand making your way back to Jason’s direction. You pulled his arm taking him into the middle of the group of dancing couples, swaying carefully with the music.

“I saw that face, are you jealous?” You snickered at his faltering cocky expression.

“Of course I wasn’t.” He lied through his teeth.

“What ever you say babe.” You laughed, well knowing that he was jealous. He was the some what possessive type. The moment was ruined as you heard a loud crash and cries of guests.

“Get to safety.” Jason whispered in your ear as he disappeared, you obeyed to his command and made your way outside walking far from the venue hailing a taxi.

Jason quickly clicked on his helmet, taking the safety off his guns. He ran towards the amateur thieves, they had planned to steal the money and expensive items of the guests at gun point. Yet it seemed their plans had been soiled. Jason quickly began to shoot at the goons, using rubber bullets mind you. He felt someone at his side as he kicked one of the goons, it was Tim. He had forgotten he would be attending the charity event tonight. Jason decided to ignore him as he tried protecting the few guests who weren’t able to make it out.

Jason and Tim finished knocking out the final one, Jason’s eyes glanced over to the guests. There in the front of the group was the blonde man that tried to dance with you earlier.

“Tim punch the blonde man.” Jason said in a dark ominous voice, Tim gave him a questioning look but abides to his weird order.

“So why did I have to punch that guy?” Tim asked as they grappled away from the scene.

“He messed with whats mine.”

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Prompt: Did you have fun last night 

AN: Tim won his first challenge day, today!!!!

Words: 968

           You slide into the chair next to him with a little grin. He’s face down on the table, and groaning. You try to be quiet as you slide the cup of coffee in front of him. When he doesn’t reach for it, you realize just how much pain he’s in.

           “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

           You receive a groan, and the coffee cup in front of him remains untouched. Another moment passes before his hand shakily reaches out and pulls the mug closer to him. It takes another three minutes for him to lift his head and take his first sip of coffee. “I hurt so much.”

           You stare at Tim, your coffee cup nestled in-between your hands “Yes, that is what is called a hangover. You, my little, protected baby boy, consumed much, too much alcohol last night at Kyle’s party, and here we are.”

           He groans again “I don’t even remember how I got home.”

           You take another sip of your coffee, before singing “I know how.”

           “Oh, no.”

           You laugh a little and he winces a bit at the sound, and suddenly a voice booms, “Oh no, is right.” You grin as Bruce walks in, his voice louder than needed. He’s dressed in sweat pants, and an old tee-shirt. He winks at you as he takes the chair on the opposite side of Tim. His hand lands somewhat hard on the back and rubs for a second before saying “How our boy today sweetheart?”

           You full on laugh this time, as the rest of the boys come into the room, each taking a seat at the table, all ready to enjoy the show. Jason’s grin is downright evil as he somewhat yells “HOW DID HE GET HOME LAST NIGHT MA?”

           You give a playful swat to Jason’s arm, as Damian nearly falls out of his seat laughing.

           “Well your dad and I were at that charity ball last night when we get a call from Commissioner Gordon.”

           Tim just groans, and Dick reaches over the table to ruffle his brother’s hair. Bruce grins and asks “And what did he have to say?”

           “Well, the police department had been called to break up a house party, and while most had scattered, out wonderful boy had apparently passed out in the basement in nothing but his underwear, and they very kindly asked us to come get him.”

           Tim just lets out the longest groan yet, before he asks, his voice muffled by the table “Please tell me there weren’t pictures.”

           Dick lets out a laugh “None in the pictures, but we, your wonderful brothers made sure to take some of Dad carrying you wrapped in a superman blanket up the stairs.”

           You smile “It’s going to go in the scrapbook right next to Dick’s and Jason’s first drunken pictures.” That stops the laughs from your oldest children, Damian on the other hand finally falls out of his chair laughing.

           You raise an eyebrow and say “I’d watch what you say, if you’re anything like your father, you’ll have a picture in that same scrapbook.” The entire room goes quiet, as all eyes turn to Bruce. Even Tim manages to roll his head to look at his father.

           He tries to stare you down “Y/N don’t you dare, if you do I’ll tell about your first time drinking.”

           “If I remember correctly Master Bruce, Miss Y/N has a very high tolerance for alcohol. In fact it was she who guided you back home to the manor, the night of Adam Kyle’s seventeenth birthday extravaganza. While you were nearly passed out with a blue tongue from consuming so many jello shots, Miss. Y/N was as steady on her feet as ever.  She took two Aspirin the next morning and was ready to go. You on the other hand barricaded yourself in your room, and hid under the covers when I opened the blinds. To be quite honest, your father wasn’t much of a drinker either. None of the Wayne men are apparently.”

           Bruce’s eyes narrow on you “Four straight tequila shots, and you didn’t stumble once, and you were able to go out into the light. It’s just not fair.”

           You shrug “We all have our special skills Bruce, you fight crime, and I can hold my liquor . . . in heels.” You turn back to your third son “In all seriousness Tim, here’s the real talk. Alcohol poisoning is a very real thing, be aware of your limits. Just like you have them while fighting, you have them when drinking. If you ever drink and drive I will personally see to it that your license is revoked, and the only form of transportation is walking. I will even take away your grappling gun. Alcohol is never an excuse, remember that. You ever try to use it as one, and I will make sure that the punishment you receive is a hundred times worse than this hangover.”

           He rolls his head to look at you and mumbles “That’s not possible.”

           You look him in the eye and say “Try me. I will not lose my kid to booze. Promise me that if you choose to drink you will be more responsible about it, or at least call me or your dad when you reach the limit.”

           He nods, and then groans “Moving hurts.”

           You kiss your son on the forehead “We’ll finish this talk later.”
           “There’s more?”

           Jason scoffs “She has an entire slideshow presentation, with activities!”

           You scooch away from the table and Bruce follows you, his hand gliding over your hip “You’re leaving him to the mercy of the other boys?”

           You nod “They’ll pour coffee down his throat, feed him a taco, their standard hangover cure.”

           “A taco?”

           You shrug “It worked for me.” 

the taco part comes from Gilmore Girls, I couldn’t resist!

Aggressive Flowers (Jason Todd x Reader)

Saw a prompt online and I couldn’t help myself :D

You were minding your business like any normal day, enjoying the wonderful aroma coming from the flower shop your mother owned. It was currently your shift, an early morning shift meaning not many costumers. Just as you were going to turn around to check the flowers out in the back you heard the bell ring signaling a costumer.

“How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flowers?” He slammed a twenty dollar bill on the counter. You couldn’t help but laugh at his request, what type of person would use flowers to say ‘fuck you’.

“Well that’s an unusual request, but I got the perfect idea.”

You patted down the last petunia on the ground. Making sure to spread the dirt around the flower. You stood up, proudly looking down at your work.

“I think we got it.” You said as you turned around to face the man you now knew as Jason.

“Perfect.” He smirked.

“Hey demon spawn!” He called out, a young boy looked out from his window. He looked at the all the flowers below him spelling out ‘fuck you’.

“Todd I didn’t think you were capable of actually finding a way to fill my request.” The green eyed boy finally spoke out.

“Shut up and go find Tim!” The boy disappeared this time coming back with another boy much taller than the younger one holding a cup of what you presumed coffee. He looked down quickly seeing what the flowers spelled out.

“Fuck you Todd! Just wait till Alfred sees this.” The boy sauntered off fuming in anger. You turned your head slightly to face Jason who was crying due to all his laughing. He turned to you with a slight smirk.

“I’m guessing the twenty dollars won’t be enough for this stunt?” He asked as he looked down at all the petunias.

“No but I have an idea on how you can repay me.” You grinned mischievously.

“So how do I repay you?”

“Well we can start off with a date at the local Italian restaurant.” He grinned at your request.

“Sounds good, why don’t I start repaying you now?” He snatched your hand and you both walked out of the garden and into his car driving off so he could repay you.


All That Remains Is For You To Watch 

Inspired by a dream of mine, hope you enjoy!

It has been a long night for you to say the least. You haven’t been one hundred percent focused lately, causing you to be reckless and rather volatile. Now you find yourself tied up in ropes in an old abandoned building somewhere on Founders’ Island. Your capture is Scarecrow, who saw the perfect opportunity to test out his latest dose of fear toxin. 

Crane crouches down to your level and you make contact with his hollow eyes. What catches your attention the most is the vibrant glow of orange radiating from the vials strapped to his chest. The liquid flows through a small tube into his fingertip syringes and then into four claw-like needles. He waves them in front of your face slowly in attempts to intimidate you. 

“It took me a long time to perfect this toxin, one dose is enough to drive ten men crazy.” He pauses for a moment. “What do you think it will do to you?” He tilts his head. 

“Sorry, I don’t do drugs.” You reply with a snarky comment. 

“Hmph.” He lets out a slight laugh. “What is it you are calling yourself these days? Blackbird? Whatever happened to Bluejay?” He asks you one question after the other, trying to get into your head. 

“Never heard of her.” You reply coldly. 

While it is true that you used to go by the codename ‘Bluejay’ you are now referred to as Blackbird, since you changed your look after Jason’s death. It was a sign of mourning and loss to you but to everyone else, it’s a warning not to get on the wrong side of you. Originally, you wanted to become the next Robin to keep Jason’s memory alive but Bruce just wouldn’t allow it. He knew how much Jason meant to you and how emotionally involved you were, so instead he gave the title to Tim Drake, who is the current Robin. For that reason, you can’t stand to be around him. 

“I’m not afraid, Crane. Whatever you plan on doing just do it.” You rest your head against the wall, feeling drained of all your energy, wondering if you are going to meet the same fate as Jason did. 

“Not yet.” He corrects you before sinking his claws into your neck, injecting you with his fear toxin. It burns as it runs through your veins, causing severe discomfort. “Within a matter of seconds, you will become the product of your own fear. Violence… Darkness… Helplessness. All that remains is for you to watch.” A sinister smile spreads across his mangled face. Crane leaves the room to observe you through a two-way mirror, he is eager to find out what he has achieved. 

The room becomes dimly lit and the effects of the toxin have yet to kick in so you try your best to untie the ropes that bind you. As you struggle, you feel the ropes cutting into your wrists, causing them to bleed. Despite the pain, you keep on going. You manage to free your hands and quickly start to untie your feet. 

“Come on!” You grow more and more angry with yourself as you can’t seem to control your own hands anymore.

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To the Ball: Part 4

AN: This is the last part of this series. And honestly I’m happy with how it ends. This is in part inspired by the Gilmore Girls Episode Presenting Lorelai Gilmore.

Words: 1289

           You glare at your reflection in the mirror. “You look like a cotton ball.”

           “I think she looks more like a Q-tip.”

           “I was thinking a snow man.”

           You glance at your brothers in the mirror, “I think we can all agree that I look ridiculous.” You turn to face them. “Can you please explain why I have to do this, and none of you had to.”

           Jason grins “We’re lucky enough to not share blood with the man. You however, are his biological daughter. And if it makes you feel any better, I saw him looking up cotillions for Damian yesterday.”

           You try to hide your smile at Damian’s cry of outrage, as he runs out of the room. “Please tell me you’re serious.”

           Jason grins “Not completely.”

           “Explain please.”

           Dick laughs “It wasn’t Alfred who signed him up, it was Tim. Jason just made sure that word got out so that Alfred will force him to do it.”

           You smile and collapse on your bed. Layers of tulle surrounding you “I still say this is a horrible double standard.”

           Tim gives you a small smile “Yeah, but we still have to go. Alfred is making all of us take the night off, and he even had a talk with Superman about not calling us in unless the world was in danger.”

           You sigh. “At least I won’t suffer alone.”

           Dick grins from his place on the floor “I think Bruce will suffer the most. He has to present you to society, and he hates society.”

           “I’m not too fond of it myself.”

           Jason scoffs “None of us are. But we do what we have to.”

           “Says the man who doesn’t have to wear heels.”

           “True, but I have to wear a tux.”

           You sit up and glare at him “I have to do a curtsey.”

           “I’ll get attacked by socialite ladies.”

           “I have to do that ridiculous fan dance!”

           There’s a moment of silence before Dick simply says “She wins.”

           Jason concedes right before Damian bursts back. Fury is written plainly on his face as he growls “DRAKE. TODD! I’LL KILL YOU BOTH.”

           You watch in amusement as your brother chases the two out of the room, and Dick follows in an attempt to keep Damian from actually killing them. You just take one last look in the mirror before you groan.

           You make sure to bring several books on the day of your debutant ball. You’re ready before everyone else, and you very quickly realize that these debutants are not people to be messed with. They’re all stressed out, and focused on making sure tonight is perfect. You’re half way through a novel when the whispers hit you.

           “All of them are here?”

           “Yep, every single Wayne male is here, biological and adopted.”

           “Any particular reason why?”

           “Not a clue. But if you can get in with one the boys or even Mr. Wayne himself you’re set for life. I hear that in his will he split everything evenly, even with the adopted ones.”

           “Doesn’t he have to of his own children.”

           “Mmhm, both born out of wedlock.”

           One of the girl’s giggles “There’s a way to get set up for life, just pop out one his children and take the child support.”

           There’s a round of giggles, but you’ve heard all you can take. You quietly leave the room for the hallway. You pass by the escorts in favor of a little cove to yourself. You settle in, careful of your dress and start reading again. You enjoy the quiet until someone plops down beside you.

           You glance up at the sight of brown hair and grin “I honestly didn’t think you were going to show.”

           Bart Allen smiles at you “Like I had a choice. Once Alfred got to grandma, everything else was history. For some reason Grandma Iris was really excited at the thought of the entire family dressing up and going out. The Garrick’s came too. ”

           You smile. You had met Bart Allen several months ago at a tennis tournament of all things. It had been at the national level and your team had made it. So had Bart’s. For some reason he had known you immediately on sight and introduced himself. A friendship had been struck up that day, one the Damian seemed to detest.  So most of your interactions took place at the Garrick’s house, where Bart lived. You simply took the Zeta tube and the rest was history.

           You had tried to spare him from it, but Alfred had thought that he’d make the perfect escort for the evening. Your father on the other hand … You’d found that he had become very overprotective when it came to boys since your father daughter relationship had begun.

           You smile at him, and then all of a sudden he says “Got to go.”

           Two seconds later your father shows up. He raises an eyebrow in question before saying “If you’re trying to sink through the floor I don’t think it’s working.”

           You stand up, careful of your heels and the hem of your dress and say “More like I was trying to escape the harpies.”

           “That bad?”

           “Apparently you, and the boys are a meal ticket to be set for the rest of their life. I’d really watch what you drink tonight.”

           “You think I’m that naive?”  

           “Isn’t that how you got me and Damian.”

           “Damian, yes. You however come from too many shots of tequila, and a very low tolerance for alcohol.”

           You laugh “Like I said watch your drinks.”

           He just nods and extends his arm. “Shall we.”

           The entire thing is embarrassing. Especially, the fan dance. But it makes Alfred happy, and if he’s happy you’re happy. As expected more than a few escorts are abandoned in favor of your brothers. And even Bart gets a few offers until he suddenly disappears.

           You find him out on the patio feeding bread to ducks. He grins as you sit down next to him “Careful they might think you’re a swan, and try and make you their queen.”

           You scoff “I have one family of birds; I don’t need another.”

           He smiles at you “You finally found your family hunh?”

           You smile and nod “Yeah, I think I did.”

           “It’s funny when your first showed up they were all so panicked. They had no idea what to do with a girl around full time. Sure they’d had Barbara around every once in a while, but she went home at the end of the night. They honestly had no idea what to do with you. Then things started to change. Suddenly your name was being brought up all the time. And man they were proud when you won your matches at the tournament. They almost killed me when I started bragging that I actually saw you play.”

           “As strange as they are, and as bad a start as we had, I’ve really grown to love it here. Grown to love them. I miss my mom, but at the same time I’m really glad I have them.”

           He just grins “And what about me?”

           You smile as you lean in and kiss him “I am ecstatic that I met you Bart Allen.”

           “WHAT THE HELL?”

           The two of you quickly separate at the sound of Jason’s voice. Bart just leans in kisses you really quick and says “Got to go, see you Thursday.” You laugh as he rushes off and Jason speeds after him, yelling “Come back you sister kissing, speedster.” A moment later your other brothers speed out the door. As you watch them go all you can think is that you’re truly a part of the family.

Share with me your secrets

A/N another requested by B :) - This a non romantic attempt between Jason and Tim’s s/o

“14 dollars?” You glanced around the bar as your boyfriend’s brother yelled at the bartender

“Is it magic fucking whiskey?”

“No sir.”

“Does a motorcycle come with it?”

“No sir.”

“Okay but seriously is it going to be served in Jesus’ shoe?”

You offered the man a sympathetic look, honestly you didn’t understand why it was $14 for whiskey, nor did you care but at this point you just wanted to leave.

“Come on Jason,  just get something else.” You whined

“Fine, I’ll take your fourteen fucking dollar whiskey and you better hope it cleanses my fucking sins.” Jason growled and you quietly ordered a water.

“Oh come on Y/N you’re of age now. Fuck it get them a sin cleansing whiskey too!”

The bartender nodded and started up filling your glasses.

“Now if my wife kills me, I won’t be the only one regretting this shit.” He muttered

“I already am, Tim’s overworking and over caffeinated again.” You whined remembering the last time ended up with an impromptu dolphin friend.

Jason chuckled “I remember dealing with that.”

“How?! Share with me your secrets.”

“I either gave him sleeping meds or had Damian chase him around. We found him asleep on top of a bookcase after that.” Jason reminisced

You laughed “Speaking of sleeping, have your wife’s dreams gotten better?”

He groaned in response “Nope, I think she’s been cursed or watching some weird as shit because she woke up screaming how she was a lobster about to be eaten by a giant octopus.”

“What?” You looked at him with a confused look

‘Trust me that’s a tame one, she’s sleeping as we speak now so this shit better help me get through tonight’s.” Jason reached for the glasses and passed you one.

“Shouldn’t be too long now right?” You asked “Just yesterday you, Tim and Dick assembled the bedroom.“

He nodded “One month.”

“That’s exciting, it’s almost over.” You sipped on the whiskey, you grimaced as it left your mouth dry.

“You better finish that, I paid $14 dollars for that.” Jason said as he pointed at your face, before drinking some of his

“God my wife is going to kill me for wasting money on this shit.” He remarked but continued to drink it.