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*jason, about to kill someone* tim: babe no. jason: *shoots kneecaps instead* tim: good job, ily. jason: *shoots other leg*

Awww, he makes Tim very proud! Now, I’m just imagining the other fam calling Tim up when Jason’s about to make a questionable decision because he’s the Jason Whisperer. Even Damian has done it once and Tim does not let him forget it. He’s got the gentle touch that cools Jason right off!

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what do you think damian would do if he had to be on a team like in young justice

Well, I got two answers for that one, anon.

Preboot, Damian did spend some time with the Teen Titans, and it didn’t go great. He got along very well with Rose Wilson (Ravager), but very badly with literally everybody else. Why, you might ask? Three words.

Timothy frickin’ Drake.

At that point, the Titans were Tim’s team. He wasn’t actually with them– he took some time off to go prove that Bruce was secretly alive– but Damian stepped right into a concentrated group of Tim’s best friends, and it really didn’t go well for him. Example:

Granted, Damian is eighty pounds of arrogant sass, and a lot of people don’t like him– but this was different because that was their immediate reaction to meeting him. That was before he’d said more than two sentences. The obvious theory is that Tim did a lot of venting in front of the Titans, and they’d only heard the worst about Damian. Therefore when he showed up… immediate hatred. The only one who got over it was Rose, because those two are so similar. 

I actually REALLY like Damian’s Titans run, but it was pretty rough on him. In the end, Tim came back to the team, and Damian went back to Gotham. (Obligatory Dick and Damian showcase):

So yeah, that went poorly. BUT, if you stuck Damian with kids his own age, who don’t actively hate him, it would be an entirely different story. To be honest, I await that moment with every fiber of my soul.

Ideally, it would be Damian, Maya Ducard, Maps Mizoguchi, Colin Wilkes, and Nell Little. Colin and Nell present a bit of a problem, because they vanished with the reboot, but I’m hoping they’ll be back eventually. Damian has canon interactions with all four of those kids, and in every case, it went well.

The interesting thing is that Damian really has no idea how to communicate with other children. He just doesn’t have experience– he grew up in Assassinville, and he doesn’t leave the manor by day. So when he tries to talk to them, it’s hysterical for readers and very confusing for Damian. That’s kind of how his relationship with Colin, Maps, and Nell goes. Maya is a little bit different because he might have kind of murdered her father whoops.

Damian does have the ability to lead a team. You see that peeking through in rSOB #3, where he talked Maya out of carrying on her Father’s work. Would he be perfect? Absolutely not. But it would be a wild, beautiful ride for us, and really good for Damian. Kid needs some friends. 

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i've already told you a few times, but happy birthday tim tam!! ily, i hope you had an amazing birthdayy 💕💕


(elvina’s incredible guys TRUST, her blog is almost as cute as her (shes extra cute) so go follow it rn)

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alexander was on alexander's doorstep one day in distress and disarray *T H O M A S C L A A A A I I I M S S S* alexander said {BRA H} and basically begged me to join the fray *T h O m A s C l A i M s - -* i approached alexander and said "i know you hate alexander" but let's hear what he has to say *T. H. o. M. a. S. C. L. a. i. M. S.* well, i arranged the meeting, i arranged the menu, the venue, the seati-- [b U T -]