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USA art from my World Cup features … including a Landon Donovan image that couldn’t be used when he was omitted from the final roster! More art on our new football cartoons, comics, caricatures and quizzes site The Togger at www.thetogger.com

When Hurricane Sandy took out the first floor of my house, it destroyed my drumset, guitar, and keyboard.  My mom told the story to a house she was visiting on christmas and an unnamed samaritan gave her this guitar to give to me as an anonymous christmas gift.  I am so grateful to this man and humbled by his kindness. It is the exact guitar from my favorite movie of all time, Wayne’s World.  She will be mine has turned into she IS mine.  Distasters always prove how amazing and generous perfect strangers can be.  Thanks Again Samaritan God of Rock.  I will praise you by finding your address and sending you a CD where I play all my songs on your beautiful shredstick.  Vaya Con Dios Compadre.

Before this tournament, Noah Davis wrote about how the 2014 World Cup was going to be the end of an era for the USMNT. We would be waving good-bye to Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, and maybe Clint Dempsey, and we would be getting our first peek at Jürgen Klinsmann’s 2.0 squad.

Tuesday’s loss to Belgium pretty much delivered on both of those fronts. We saw the living legends leave it all out on the Salvador field, while a whole nation of soccer-watching fans was introduced to DeAndre Yedlin and Julian Green.

—  Chris Ryan