We all know how Damian tends to use the people he considers friends (or allies). But once, he did this to Tim.

He needed someone with Tim’s strengths and needed that dedicated to the mission full time. So he “gifted” Tim with some Turkish coffee shortly after the man actually had a full night’s rest while he pitched the parameters of the case.

The result? Tim stayed awake for nearly two weeks straight and solved Damian’s case, as well as five other cold cases in the batcomputer’s files before Alfred flushed the remaining coffee and Dick injected Tim with a sedative to knock him out.

Damian’s “requests” for help now have to be submitted via email, where Bruce can view them for approval.


For JayTim week- Valentines edition, day two: Lingerie 

rating: T

length: 1.4K

summary: There he is.

Over two hundred pounds of sharpened muscle. Thick, calloused skin. Coarse, wiry, dark hair everywhere. Scars.  

All on display, and made even more pronounced by the sweet, delicate interruption.

And Jason feels…


He feels vulnerable.

And silly.

And pretty.

And ashamed.

And strong.

And. Right.

He feels content.

Jason Todd is happy.


A/N: Thanks so very much to @masteroftherebels for your help on this one <3<3<3<3

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Tim Shepard dating headcanons :

— requested

might have little errors, but I love it.

☢ he liked you because you were a good girl.

☢ your family was stable, unlike his, but you really didn’t like them sometimes. He’d always take your mind off of fights with your family.

☢ he’d sneak through your bedroom window and stay the night sometimes.

☢ he called his “Little Soc” when you first began talking, even though you were middle class but you did dress like that of a higher class Soc girl.

☢ he introduced you to smoking and drinking. He laughed when you coughed :

“Prove your not such a princess then, Princess.” He grins and hands you a shot of something clear.

You’re positive it’s anything but water, and knowing this you take it from him because you’re eager to prove that you’re not some goody-goody. “Jesus,” you take in the harsh scent.

“Drink it, Little Soc.” His eyes are blazing and blue, you can’t refuse. ‘No longer a good girl Soc’, you lift the glass to your lips.

The liquid slides smooth but stings. Having never drank much, never straight rum, you cough. You don’t mean to but the stinging feels suffocating and it irritates your throat.

Tim chuckles. It’s raspy and maybe even seductive. Maybe that’s just you. You almost regret taking the shot, but the look in his eyes prevents you from being too sorry.

☢ At first, you guys hated each other but he charmed his way into your heart.

☢ The relationship didn’t begin with him asking you out. It started with him kissing you :

“God, you’re so obnoxious!” You cry into the air in frustration. Your hands grip the fabric of your knee-length skirt. It was a way of releasing anger in a non-violent way, of course.

“And you’re oh-so-pleasant, too, you goddamned Soc!” He snarls back, running a hand through his curly dark hair. “Why can’t you just admit you like me, huh?”

You let out a loud huff of annoyance. “Because I don’t want to!”

Suddenly, Tim puts a hand on the bottom of your back and pulls you towards him. Before you can react he’s kissing you with passion and hunger. It feels different but similar to what you’d imagined, and you find yourself kissing back with a hunger alike his.

☢ “Tuesday night, doll. What’re you doing? I thought maybe we could head to the drive-in, and maybe you could meet some of my boys..?”

☢ “What’d you get on that test, Y/N? Go swell? We studied for a long time last night so I just figured…” He often helped you study, and it was cute because he’d read off flashcards in an unsure voice laced with obvious confusion.

☢ Tim made you less and less prudish and professional. You weren’t overly confident at all, just had high-standards and a general distaste for all those around you.  

☢ “So, what would you do if I just yanked on your little ponytail right here, right now?”

☢ You’d wonder about his personal life before you two were official, and he’d get bothered sometimes.

“Your mother,” you start unsure. “Why don’t you like her all too much?”

“I never said I didn’t.”

“You implied it, I inferred.”

“Well, apparently your inferring skills aren’t too great ‘cause if they were you’d get that I was implying your evacuation of my personal space. That enough fancy words for you to comprehend, Soc Princess?”

☢ Tim likes to lay flat on his back with an arm holding you to his chest. He’d tilt his head to your ear and whisper things; things about his day, things he loved about you, anything.

☢ Contrary to what most people assumed, Timothy never laid a hand on you. The relationship was soft and smooth for the first year or so. It was simple, then.

☢ He got drunk one night after coming to the realization that he loved you. He thought in his lousy state of mind that he should call you because to him, loving someone was important and for him it was something he’d always viewed as impossible.

☢ “Hey…” He’d warned one day. “Don’t get to looking like those girls we see all at Buck’s, alright? I know I tease you about it… But I don’t mean it, doll.”

☢ Tim wasn’t around all the time after the first year of you two dating, but in the beginning he was constantly making time to be around you.

☢ “What is it that you do, Tim?” You’d ask him deep, strange questions that you bottled up inside whenever you two stargazed. “What do you do when I’m gone?”

☢ Stargazing wasn’t the proper word for it. He liked to drive to playgrounds sometimes late at night when the kiddies were gone. He’d find a place on the grass near the swings that he liked to lay down with you in his arms. He liked to swing on the swings, too, and then leap off while the swing was still in motion. The fun in this trick was completely and totally unfathomable to you.

☢ He tended to buy or bring you milkshakes.

☢ Lots of people considered Tim to be the type of person to flaunt his girl, but he actually refrained from taking you to The Dingo and other greaser hangouts. Instead, he’d opt for quiet diners just barely within the Tulsa city lines.

☢ When the time did come where he’d need to take you out on social events such as New Years at Buck Merril’s, he’d never allow you to be less than a few yards of him.

☢ “Yeah, this is my girl. She’s cute, huh? Well, she’s mine and only mine. Never thought Tim Shepard would bag himself a Socy girl, did ya’?”

☢ Dating Timothy Shepard involved lots of kissing. It was sweet, though. Not usually hungry or rough, but it had been before, of course. Depended on how he was feeling, mostly.

☢ Tim had taken a liking to grabbing you in personal places, especially in public. He would laugh at the way you’d jump and scold him. You were never truly mad.

☢ He didn’t dance, but he sang for you once and he was breathtakingly good.

☢ He often forced you to make him homemade chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods.

☢ “You know I love you right, Y/N?”

☢ “Don’t you walk away from me, girl!” He’d pull your hips into his from behind, nuzzling into your neck until you erupted into giggles.

☢ When Angela got especially out of line he’d beg you to talk to her.

“Could you talk to her or something? C'mon, please, do it for me, doll.”

You pursed your lips, and flipped your hair over your shoulder. “Tim, I barely know her. Really, I think her brother’s girlfriend is the last person she wants or needs to get advice from.”

He doesn’t meet your eyes. “I’d do it myself, but we don’t communicate too well, you know? We don’t… talk, I guess.”

“Yeah,” you force a smile but it’s clearly one of extreme nervousness. “I’ll do it.”

☢ Tim saved up for an apartment for the both of you after about six months of dating.

☢ Curly liked to lounge around and considered the living room couch home. You’d catch him and groan instantly :

You shut the door and turn to lock it. Tim won’t be home until later. He’s getting drinks with Dally, but you have no reason to be suspicious of that or even worried. Tim doesn’t get drunk often, starting since the beginning of your relationship. 

When you turn, you expect to see the empty apartment. Instead, Tim’s little brother Curly is stretched out on the couch with a big, smug grin. “Funny seein’ you here.”

“I’m calling Tim.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Girl, can’t we just come to a nice compromise that doesn’t involve him?”

“Yeah, sure. Define 'compromise.’”

“Jesus Christ, just call him.”

☢ Tim liked to approve your outfits and what you bought for clothes.

☢ He got overprotective around Dallas and any other boys, but he tried to hide it. He’d just wrap his arms around your waist tightly.

☢ He got angry, angry, when you talked to other boys in front of him. He was easily jealous.

☢ Tim loved you more than anyone else he’d ever been with.

Family - Tim Drake x Reader

Jason    Tim / p. 2   Dick / p. 2 / p. 3   Bruce   Damian /  p. 2 / p. 3

Tim Drake x Reader: Imagine a soulmate AU in which your OTP gets a step-counter. For each step they take, the number on the counter goes down, marking the moment they meet their soulmate. (Prompt from @otp-imagination)

Years down the road after you get married, you and Tim start talking about having kids together. It was the next natural step in your relationship and you were both excited at the prospect of having a little human being to raise and call your own. The two of you were eager to start trying and you certainly found the practice very enjoyable.

 Despite how much you both want them life had other plans and unfortunately you had problems conceiving. After a year of no progress or even the hint of a sign that you could get pregnant, you go and see a specialist. They tell what you had been dreading all along: that there was little to no possibility that you would ever be able to carry a child of your own. They tell you it’s more than likely a lasting effect of your childhood accident.

 You were devastated and felt horrible that you couldn’t give Tim the child you had always wanted. Tim held you at night as you cried and whispered reassurances in your ear that you were all that he needed in life. Eventually you come to believe him but you still want a child with your husband more than anything else in the world.

 You realized how you could achieve your dream during Christmas at the manor. You watched fondly as the family came together and celebrated the holidays. Clearly none of the boys (with the exception of Damian and their newborn) were Bruce’s children biologically but that didn’t make them any less family. That’s when you realized how you could have a family with Tim, even if you couldn’t provide it for him naturally.

 You and Tim talk it over and decide take your infertility as a sign to adopt a child instead. You go to Gotham City Orphanage to start the process after the holidays are over. You were ready to finally become a mother.

 The old headmistress is the same woman who was there while you were an orphan. After an interview that they have with all potential new parents she says she’ll be in touch. You give Tim a nervous look as you left the orphanage that day and he reached down, squeezed your hand and gave you a reassuring smile.

You and Tim’s adoption process turns into this long drawn out ordeal. They had reservations about the two of you becoming parents because of your relative youth compared to other applicants and the worry that the Wayne name would give any child you adopted unneeded spotlight in a time period crucial to adjustment. You briefly contemplated contacting Bruce to pull some strings to get things to move along faster but Tim reassured you that these things take time. The process was a part of the way to weed out parents who weren’t really ready to adopt. But you and Tim were and you were determined to prove that to everyone involved with the process.

Eventually you and Tim were approved for adoption and you were allowed to meet some of the children in the orphanage. You were beyond excited when you found out and you two went to visit as soon as you could. You meet many sweet kids and you really did wish you could adopt them all and take them away from this place you had always longed to get away from as a child.

 While Tim played with some of the younger children, a little girl sitting in the corner by herself caught your eye. You separated yourself from Tim’s side and went to go sit down with her.

 “Hello” You greeted softly. She shot you a wary glance before gazing back out the window.

 “Hello” She responded softly when you didn’t leave.

“Why aren’t you playing with the others?” You asked curiously. She seemed so lonely. It brought you back to your own childhood memories of you sitting alone at this very same window.

 “I can’t.” She responded sadly, her eyes down cast shamefully.

“What do you mean you can’t?” Your brow furrowed in confusion.

 Without another word she lifts up her pants leg to reveal that she had a prosthetic. You were suddenly brought back to when you were the little orphaned girl in this very place that was excluded from the other children’s games. It pained your heart to see that this girl was in the position that you had been in so long ago.

 “I know what you mean.” You say absently rubbing the scar on the back of your neck where your implant was put in.

“How?” she asked sadly with tears brimming in her eyes.  You looked at her sympathetically before you started to share your story with candid openness and understanding.

“When I was a little girl I was in a really bad accident. Both of my parents died in that accident and I lost the use of my legs. I was in a wheelchair for most of my life up until a couple of years ago, really.” You explained.

 “Then what happened?” She asked wide eyed.

 “I got better. A friend of mine convinced me to look into a non-conventional surgery. He didn’t give up on my dream of walking again even when I had.” You said glancing over at time who had giggling toddlers hanging off of his every limb. He playfully roared like a monster as he carefully stomped around the floor in an imagined rampage.

 You tell Tim about the girl later that night. You tell him that you think she could be a really good fit for the two of you. You both know what she’s going through and you believe you can do some good for that girl. You and Tim return later to the orphanage and you both talk and chat with the girl. You make this a frequent habit for a while, even bringing some small gifts for the girl. The more you spend time with this little girl the more you fell in love with her and you could see that she had Tim wrapped around her little finger the moment he met her. You were determined that this girl was going to be your daughter.

 You and Tim had to jump through some extra hoops with the adoption process to further prove that you were capable for caring for a disabled child but you would gladly walk through hell and back for that little girl if you had to. After some time, you were finally cleared to move ahead again with the adoption process. When you found out you leaped into Tim’s arms and smothered his face with kisses all the while crying happy tears.

 “We’re going to be parents!” You cried.

 “I can’t wait to finally bring her home [Y/N].” Tim said with a bright smile and happy tears brimming in his eyes. He hugged you closer to him and buried his face into your neck. “I love you so much, [Y/N]. Thank you.”

 As soon as you are allowed to you and Tim go back to the orphanage you ask her if she would like to be adopted by you and Tim. It took her a moment to respond and was a little shocked by the question.

 “Really?” She asks after a few moments of silence, eyes wide with hope. You and Tim look at each other and nod with hopeful smiles of your own.

 “Yes really. We still need to do some paperwork to make it official but if you’ll let us we’d be honored to be your parents.” Tim says, placing a hand on the girl shoulder. She squealed in delight and started crying tears of joy herself.

 “Oh thank you!” She cried pulling you and Tim into a tight group hug. “Does this mean I get to go home with you?” She pulled away from the hug slightly to ask you with hopeful eyes.

 “Not yet but soon sweetie.” You say softly stroking her hair. “Soon.” You promised before pulling your family back into a tight hug. If you had it your way, you would never let go ever again.

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CHILDREN DIDN’T CHOOSE THEIR PARENTS and they damn well didn’t need to bare their sins on top of that. the joker was a LOST CAUSE ; always crawling out of any dark hole that he had been thrown down into. the possibility of reformation was IMPOSSIBLE but maybe , just maybe, there was still hope for her. tim wasn’t exactly the ever enthusiastic OPTIMIST with a skip in his step and a smile in his heart ( not anymore at least ) but even he still wanted to hold on to the hold that someone could be SAVED.  ❛ — EASY. ❜ tim approved the other cautiously,  ❛ i just want to help you. ❜

“On second thought, I’m pretty sure I forgot something at the Manor-” Bruce began, but was stopped by Tim’s look.

“Nope. Don’t try it, B,” his son warned. “You promised. We’re doing this.”

Bruce sighed, pulling the car into the lot. Tim was out first, rounding the vehicle and popping open the trunk. He grinned as he pulled out his skateboard, tucking it underneath his arm. “C'mon!”

“I still don’t know how you roped me into this,” Bruce grumbled, climbing out and following after him. Tim snickered.

“Stop whining and hurry up.”

“Yes, dad.”

Tim rolled his eyes, but the smile never left his face. They strode towards the large skating area that took up one section of the park, and Tim pointed at the half-pipe. “Looks like we get it all to ourselves today,” he commented. Bruce hummed behind him. “Which is good, because we don’t have to worry about anyone tripping over you when you fall.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, it’s okay B. Not everyone has the knack for skateboarding. Plus, you are getting old and-”

“You won’t finish that sentence if you know what’s good for you,” Bruce cut in, forcing his lips into a scowl, but knew by Tim’s laugh that he wasn’t buying it.

“Sir, yes sir.” Tim replied, spinning around to give him a sloppy salute. Bruce shook his head, lightly punching his son’s shoulder. “Hey, what about a bet? If you manage to skate the half-pipe today, I’ll show you the blueprints for the upgrade on the Bat I’ve been working on. The ones you keep asking me about.”

“Hmm,” Bruce tapped his chin. “And if I don’t?”

“You let me drive the Jaguar for a week.”


“Cool. Might as well hand over the keys now.”

Bruce scoffed. “Just hand me the damn skateboard.”

“Don’t you wanna watch me first? Get an idea on how it works?” Tim arched a brow, already pulling on his protective gear. Then he smiled. “Or you know, you could go ahead. No pointers or tips from me. Basically securing my win.”

“Okay okay, go ahead,” Bruce mumbled, crossing his arms and taking a step back. “Show this old man how it’s done.” Tim chuckled before stepping up onto his board.

“So you’ll wanna keep your feet apart like this, for balance. Knees bent a little. Push off at the back.” he demonstrated, checking to see if Bruce was watching before pushing off the edge of the half-pipe. A moment later he was flipping back up, kicking the board up into his hand with a satisfied smile. Bruce arched a brow, holding out his hand for the board. He felt a little awkward as he stood on it, getting into the position as Tim showed him. Tim watched, nodding his approval before stepping back. “Have at it,” he said, amusement clear in his light tone. Bruce shook his head, then pushed off.

Before he even knew what happened, he was at the bottom of the half-pipe, blinking dazedly up at the cloudless sky, Tim’s laughter ringing in his ears. “Oh man, B,” his son gasped, leaning over to meet the man’s eyes, wiping tears from his own. “I think you went a little too fast.”

“No kidding,” Bruce mumbled, sitting up and glancing around for the board, which had rolled a few yards to his left.

“Gonna go again?”

“Damn straight. I have a bet to win.”


Two hours and many bruises later, Bruce still couldn’t quite get the hang of skateboarding, much to Tim’s everlasting amusement. He didn’t give up though; no, that would only secure his defeat and the inevitable endless teasing from his third son.

He was the goddamn Batman, he could do this.

“I really wish I had brought my camera,” Tim said as the board shot out from under Bruce’s feet once again and he landed with a painful thud. “I’d have some excellent blackmail material.”

“That’s rather unkind.”

“C'mon, how much do you have on us? Probably a lot. Don’t deny it.”

“No comment.”

“Uh huh, exactly. Now that is unkind. Blackmailing your own children. Rude.”

“And blackmailing your own father isn’t?”

‘No comment’.”

Bruce snorted at that before returning his focus to the task at hand. This time, this time he would do it. Pushing off the edge, a fierce look on his face, he rolled down, keeping his balance and footing steady, leaning forward slightly for momentum.

Finally he skated up the other side, sticking the landing. Smiling smugly, he turned to Tim who sat watching in shock before busting out in a huge grin, standing and walking over. “You finally did it,” he enthused, holding out his hand for a high-five, which Bruce (for once) returned. “You got that look, you know, like the ‘Batman time’ look. And you did it!”

“Was there ever any doubt?”

“You don’t want me to answer that- oh no wait. That means I lost doesn’t it.”


“Can I still drive the car?”

“Was that part of the deal?”

“Uhm. Not really.”

“Then nope.”