Picture Tim, chasing around the new Robin even more than the old one, because this Robin was brash and cocky and loud and everything Tim wanted to be.

Picture Tim, trying his best to gather the courage to go talk to Jason at a gala, but never actually doing it, because what would he say?

Picture Tim, after every mission, spending the adrenaline-filled wee hours of the morning just staring at Jason’s costume case, wondering what Jason would have done differently, wondering if Jason would approve of Tim’s actions as Robin.

Picture Tim, staring at the picture of a living Jason Todd pulled up on the batcomputer monitor, chanting to himself that he’s the enemy, he’s the bad guy now, but Tim can’t stop the warm flip-flop in his stomach and the smile that seems to spill out of him as he realizes that Jason is alive.

Picture Tim, locked away in his room, emotionally shattered after his first fight with Jason at Titan’s Tower, trying to pulverize his feelings by tearing up old photos, but no matter how many of Jason’s pictures lay in pieces on his bed, Tim can’t stop the suffocating pain in his chest. 

Picture Tim, chanting to himself that it’s what Bruce would have done, trying to convince himself that he does not love this man, doing his best to be hostile to Jason because he cannot love the man who threatened the lives of his family.

Picture Tim, playing the words Be my Robin over and over again in his head, trying to remind himself that this man isn’t the Robin that was all fierce smiles and arrogant swagger, even as his broken heart lifts its head and begins to hope that maybe, this could work.

ok ok i need to go to bed but i just had the best day and i still don’t believe:

  • tim hanley approved of my post about his book
  • i lost six pounds
  • numerous sweet anons complimented my writing
  • melissa and calista hugged
  • my question got read at paleyfest (AKA CALISTA FLOCKHART KNOWS I EXIST GOODBYE)
  • the paleyfest panel was all about the ladies
  • calista flockhart talking about cat

pinch me

Can someone please explain why the MPHFPC movie adaptation is “sexist and racist?” Because honestly, I don’t see your point. Like, at all. 

As someone who’s in the original peculiar squad or whatever, I think that the characters are all still pretty accurate, minus the ages on some and Emma and Olive’s powers. Even Miss Peregrine, who I’ve seen complaints on her age.

The thing is, Ransom has said that when he was choosing how the characters would look, he was limited because of the old photograph selection he had. The story was created from the collection of photographs guys! Besides, Ransom approves of Tim’s version of MPHFPC and I don’t think he would approve if it was truly sexist and racist.

If you don’t like the changes, I have a solution:

Don’t. See. The. Flipping. Movie.