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After being asked by Kent to sculpt a creature concept, went ahead and recorded the process, with no real tutorial in mind but led to the idea of doing a tutorial on coloring technique done with a greyscale technique. 

Many artists work this way and build up their values before adding color! It’s a great way to focus on lighting without worrying about color balance, harmony, saturation, etc.

Look forward to that happy accident sometime after the Cecelia course =]

The Color Course: Understanding Color

Instructor: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Expert Input: Mel Herring (PurpleKecleon) or more recently GlitchedPuppet

This first half of the color course focuses on understanding color from the terms associated with color, how lights project color, choosing color schemes, and much more. We go into different discussions like why Red and Cyan are considered true complimentary colors instead of red and green.

We begin first breaking down what is Color? Why is there confusion when figuring out what is considered Red? As we continue throughout this course we will constantly refer back to the three terms that better explain what color is.

From there we dive into working digitally and the differences that brings when working with color projected with light rather than pigments. Once you begin understanding working in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) then it becomes easier understanding how colors mix in this digital format.

Working with color, we need to understand the color wheels associated with art and the difference between the traditional and modern color wheels. We will then show you how to choose these colors accurately from within Photoshop.

Then we take the time to look at the terms associated with color such as tint, tone, shade, monochromatic, greyscale, analogous, complimentary, and warm/cool. There are a lot of color terms but they are quite simple once you know the meaning of each.

The last section in our understanding color course looks at creating basic color schemes and we have a guest appearance from one of our favorite color artists, Mel Herring giving her insights on working with color as well!

CGC Concept  Twitch Stream - Blending + Hand Demo

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Stream starts soon at 2PM CST (-6GMT) on our Twitch channel HERE!

I will be going over the different ways to blend colors together and then put some of that into practice as we then blend colors together to create a hand. So if you looking for a refresher on different blending techniques or want a better look at the fundamentals, then this livestream is for you!

Also I’ll give the final hint to the next contest so stay tuned ;)

CGC Concept  Twitch Stream -  How Light Affects Color!

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Stream starts at 2PM CST HERE!

Last week I did a fundamental livestream on blending and using that to create form. I was asked to do another one similar to a basics tutorial but this time on Light and Color. So I asked my friend Frederick (the duck) if he could help us out today for the stream and he agreed! I will go over how light affects color and really focus on the colors within the shadow and light areas to point out the subtle differences. Color is something that takes a lot of practicing and experimenting with so doing simple tests like these are great!

See you in the stream and let me know if there are any other fundamental streams you would like to see!

Stream question of the day: What pokemon do you want to see me paint live as part of this demo?

(Last week we did Magikarp and he was a real splash so this week we’re doing another to celebrate our #Pokecontest going on now!)

CG Cookie Livestream - Styled Hair - 9.23.15

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Today’s livestream may get a bit hairy. We will be going through the entire process of creating a styled hair look on a character. This technique is something I’ve been experimenting with lately and wanted to show how I go about drawing it step by step for you guys! Stay tuned and looking forward to streaming some long locks today!

Stream starts at 2PM CDT (-5GMT) HERE: https://plus.google.com/b/105114413031909640836/events/c54r98hti4ii88hipeblhhcnmqs

CG Cookie Livestream - Live Critique - 9.30.15

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Today is the first live critique livestream we’ve done as it has not only been heavily requested but I believe it could be incredibly beneficial to know how to give critique that is constructive. We have 9 pieces we choose to be the subject matters today with each receiving around 10 minutes each. Come join in, ask questions, and be apart of our first live critique stream of what may be a more regular thing we do here every so often.

Stream starts at 2PM CDT (-5GMT) HERE: https://plus.google.com/b/105114413031909640836/events/cg6qfefcq4fo9v4rjcht3qlm8do

CG Cookie Livestream - Color Shifting Demo - 1.13.15

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)
Moderator: Joe Chico

Today’s livestream will be a demonstration on our latest exercise, E41 Color Shifting. This will further explain the process on how to color shift your colors and then work on showing how to shade and add lighting to an apple. This will show how to add realistic touches very simply and how to do this for your own work! Ask questions and hopefully learn something in the process!

Stream starts at 2PM CDT (-5GMT) HERE: