tim von rueden

After being asked by Kent to sculpt a creature concept, went ahead and recorded the process, with no real tutorial in mind but led to the idea of doing a tutorial on coloring technique done with a greyscale technique. 

Many artists work this way and build up their values before adding color! It’s a great way to focus on lighting without worrying about color balance, harmony, saturation, etc.

Look forward to that happy accident sometime after the Cecelia course =]

Hey everyone, Just finished recording this upcoming tutorial that focuses on two subject matters:

1. How to work from a sketch that wasn’t scanned in properly and how to incorporate the texture quality into the piece. 
2. Working using ONLY the soft edge brush. Yep, that means for EVERYTHING. It’s important to understand that you don’t need fancy brushes or overlaid textures to end up with work you can be proud of!

This tutorial will be released next week on the site! If you are interested, but aren’t a citizen member, you can sign up HERE: cgcookie.com/membership/