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An average day at Wayne Manor

Bruce: *sitting and reading the newspaper* 

*suddenly hears a crash and some screaming from upstairs* 

*footsteps running back and forth on the ceiling*  

Dick: Bruuuuuuce!!!!

*another crash and some muffled grunting* 

Jason: Don’t listen to him, Bruce, everything is fine!!!

*some more muffled cursing and punches*

Damian: This is all your fault, Todd!!!

Tim: For the love of god, somebody put out the fire!!!!

*more running* 

Steph: I got it!!!

*the sounds of a pipe bursting* 

*more screaming and cursing* 

Dick: Bruuuce!!! Call the fire department!!!

Tim: Screw that, call the Justice League!!! Damian’s on fire!!!

*more screaming* 

Bruce: *takes a sip of tea* I hate my life

Second Chances


Dick was the eldest, the golden boy, the one everyone loved and respected.
It was such a cliché then that as the second child, he was second in everything.
Sometimes maybe not even then.

Jason Todd Birthday Week 2017
Day 2: One Sibling - Dick Grayson

Jason watched as Dick Grayson ruffled Damian’s hair. The brat scoffed and swatted his hand away. “Grayson, be serious. Father will be calling us soon.”

Dick only smiled, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, little D.”


After giving a laugh at Damian’s attitude (kid was clearly happy the big bird was around), Dick moved on to talking with Tim about the case they were all called for.

Jason didn’t pay attention anymore after seeing Tim smiling back at Dick. He ignored the tightening he felt in his chest.

He stood away from them while they waited for Bruce. (The old man was off planet but they needed his input before they went ahead with their bust.) Jason already had his hood on and his gear all prepped and ready, all they really had left to do was wait. He wanted to move out already.

Jason didn’t see Dick give him a glance as he stood stiffly by his bike trying to seem relaxed but failing.

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Toy Story 4 is a Go!

Toy Story 4:  Many people, myself included, said this movie never needed to be made. That was until I heard its premise. What is the one story we never see flushed out? Woody and Bo Peep. In Toy Story 4 we will see Buzz and Woody return to go on an epic adventure to find the love of Woody’s life. This promises to be both a knee slapper and a tearjerker. The movie is set to feature the original cast and have a theatrical debut on June 16, 2017

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Spoopy Nights #17: Don’t take it personally

Hello darling! I know your probably getting a lot of these, but for the Halloween special I’d like to request with Bruce and (batmom) taking their baby [ preferably girl :) ] trick or treating for the first time, but her brothers end up wanting to take her instead? Thank you if you do do this! I love all of your writing your very talented <33 ✨

I really hope this meets your standards!


No other content tonight as i’ve been working on something special for someone special to celebrate a special something/ (You’ll see it don’t worry.)

First time publishing a Batmom! @spelibound @uncpanda @whovianayesha @inn0centkidz @civilwarkilledme @azul23blue


“Guys i really appreciate it but i would really appreciate it if i took her for her first trick or treating.” You sighed “Plus you’ll need to be taking care of the city tonight, you know how it gets. You know i’m quite surprised since you guys were adamant you were too busy for babysitting duty.”

Tim sighed and Dick pouted, Jason nodded and Damian didn’t give up.
“Mother i respect your views, however i disagree with them. Nobody knows the candy of Gotham better than us.”

Dick perked up at this “and who better than the respected officer of the law.”

“And you’d love an extra night with Bruce.” Jason suggested  “You always say theres not enough time for him to be home.”

“But if he’s home and you’re trick-or-treating then whos on the streets?” You asked as your daughter twirled around in her costume and giggling into the mirror, as Bruce knelt with her.

“Kate can cover it.”

“Kate can not cover all of your areas boys.” Bruce joined in “I need all the help i can get tonight.”

“Cass and Dinah can help.” Jason reasoned

“No.” Cass said quietly as she fixed your daughters hair bows that she just pulled out. “I have an assigned mission already.”

“Why don’t we just ask her?” Damian asked certain that they’d pick him  over anybody else. For he had spent the entire month with her preparing for this night, knocking on each door of the manor, yelling “Trick - or - Treat!” in hopes to get some more candy. 

This also caught Tims interest as when he opened the door to his younger siblings, despite being pranked by Damian by using the youngest as a distraction, he got the bucket of practice candy given to him, before they went off to Jasons room.

Jason never answered and she refused to move until Jason came home to open his door for her. Even though he didn’t actually live there. Tim quickly intervened and took her to Jasons apartment to go get some more practice. They didn’t bank on him opening the door to his younger sister grabbing his hand and pulling him to the next destination, forgetting the actual reason why there were there.

Then it was Dick’s visit. Jason knew he would be working and under her orders, carried her into the Police Department, with Tim and Damian in tow.
“TRICK OR TREAT!” She had yelled as  she  then started shoving fish shaped biscuits onto his desk and into his hands.
His co-workers and captain thought it was adorable and when asked what they were going to dress up as their face dropped. “Mommy.”

“No.” You shook your head at the idea and Bruce pondered on it
“It is time she makes her own decisions.” Bruce said smiling at his daughter who was now dressed up as a Batfairy. “She did decide her costume.”
“Okay fine.” You were smug you were going to be picked and Bruce grinned at your expression

“Okay sweetie, who do you want to go out with tonight? Mommy or your brothers?”

She scrunched her nose up and suddenly felt shy as she realised all the eyes were on you right now. Anticipation built up in the room and the tension was thick as they awaited her response

“It’s okay, she knows who helped her” Dick grinned at you, he was confident that she  were going to pick them. “Don’t take it personally.”

You watched her pull on Bruce and snuggle into his arm. A small mumble could be heard and when she finally came out she repeated it louder.

“Daddy and mommy, come.” She smiled shyly

You turned to the boys  and smirked at their pouting faces
“Don’t take it personally.”

Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Officer Tim Purdy was dispatched to a situation involving a young autistic high school student who left the campus and may have been suicidal.

Due to the young man’s neuro-developmental disorder, he also had a history of displaying violent behavior.

In order to build a connection with the young man, Officer Purdy sat next to him on the ground, talked things through, and even got him laughing.

Officer Purdy established trust and a relationship that allowed officers to get this young man the help that he so desperately needed.

There’s more to policing than making arrests and enforcing the law. Sometimes taking those extra little steps makes the biggest difference in someone’s life.