"Oakland" by Tim'm West

I need my Blackness close to me

Snug tight like my grandmother’s quilt on a chilly mid-morning

Black like the sediment when you smell it

Black like the safety of quiet under eyelids

During some beautiful daydream

Or like the greying blacklady dreadlock goddess

 glance at you on BART

cuz whitefolks kids are acting “typical”

and you are both grinding your teeth

underneath a polite smile like

                        “they so cute!”

when you know they bad asses

and kicking the back of your seat

                        and you trying to sleep!

Real black like you or her gonna get if they don’t quit.

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What ever I want - Tim’m West ft. Smut Stud


Art & Soul: The Immodesty Collection

  • Art & Soul: The Immodesty Collection is an artistic display of Indie and Neo Soul players that will tell raw an open invidual stories. The collection featured musical guests KOKUMO, Angelica Ross, Poet Lyrical Paradigm Dancer Peter Gaona. The Art & Soul band, DJ 8Ball (Clemmie Carthans) and Host Tovi Khali.