The Batboys as Disney Princes

Dick: Flynn Rider  (flirty, hawt, charming, nice butt, sarcastic, has almost died several times, orphan, has a thing for a certain hair color, gets made fun of for his name, sneaky, hides feelings with humor)

Jason: Aladdin  (street rat, doesn’t listen to authority, protects kids, good at stealing things, witty, wore a vest, wound up hanging with rich people, feminist, strange friends) 

Tim: Eric  (pretty blue eyes, pure, isn’t fazed by weird stuff, heroic, my fave, always rich, depressed sometimes, has a British butler, doesn’t do what he’s told) 

Duke: Kristoff  (sarcastic, doesn’t get rich people, orphan, loner, has issues with authority, a realist, adopted by a super weird family, doesn’t know what’s going on most of the time) 

Damian: Beast  (cuddly, will fight everyone, no friends besides maybe two people, lonely, scary smiles, rude child, not a people person) 

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The Amazons once sent a platoon of their finest warriors to Gotham to help deal with the Gotham Mobs while Red Robin was away. They won, but got decimated in the process. Amazons now send their finest warriors to survive Gotham as a rite of passage into adulthood (whether they travel as citizens or in full armor is up to the initiate, the smart ones go incognito and just try to live normally, but a lot just try to hunt local villains). This complicates Batman’s life to no end.



Prompt: Hi! Is it okay for a request of batman with daughter!reader after she is saved from a hostage taking. She’s shaking from fear because of it, so Batman strolls to a drive through to cheer her up with a milkshake daughter and dad bonding time. Batboys suddenly joins in on the milkshake bonding time with their costumes still on lol

Requested by: wetndryxplosion

    Milkshakes had always been your dad’s go to. If anything bad happened, or there was bad news to tell, there was almost always a milkshake involved. So some part of you, buried deep under the trauma of being Scarecrow’s latest test subject, isn’t surprised when your father pulls up to a drive through.

    The rest of you is dumbfounded, because not only are you still in costume, you’re in the batmobile. You glance back at Damian and Duke to see them less than surprised, and when they ask for cookies and cream and strawberry,  all you want to do is cry. You’re emotionally drained, your body aches, and all you want to do it is go home and take a shower, but when your dad turns to you, you simply croak out, “Cookie dough.”

    He nods, orders, and pulls up. In the rearview mirror you watch Dick, Jason and Tim pull up after you on their bikes. You and Damian are each given a tray with milkshakes, before your father speeds away. He takes you outside Gotham to a rolling hill.

    Your brothers are never far behind. As a group you sit on the batmobile and eat your milkshakes. No one says anything, and you’re grateful for it. You all stay there for a long time afterwards. Your eyes flicker to the two milkshakes still sitting in the carrier.

    A moment later you hear the tell tale drop, and glance back to see Steph and Cass walking towards you. They push Dick and Jason out of their way so they’re sitting next to you. Bruce simply hands them their nearly melted milkshakes, and they each take a long sip before wrapping their arms around you.

    You cling to the feeling of being loved and protected, until your eyes close and you fall into unconsciousness.

Tim has Cassandra Cain and Cassandra Sandsmark listed in his contacts as “Cassandra”. He repeatedly calls the wrong girl and has had entire one-sided conversations with both without realizing he called the wrong person. He once called Cass Cain and told her he needed her to keep an eye on the Titans and train them while he was dealing with the Gotham Mobs. The Titans liked her so much they made her an honorary member. Though they were a little confused as to where Cassie Sandsmark was.