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Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton’s children in their father’s films ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (2010), ‘Dark Shadows’ (2012) and ‘Big Eyes’ (2014)

“They are very much in love, and that is obvious if you only spend a few minutes in their company. Without wishing to sound negative, they are the sort of couple who are so in love that the children are secondary to the parents’ love story. She is very unguarded and genuine, and, in a way, really an innocent, and he just sits there looking at her adoringly and saying not an awful lot. They need each other very much.” 

- A friend of Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter

What it's like dating Tim Drake.

-Tim is such a cute little cinnamon roll and an absolutely wonderful boyfriend.

-He lets you share his coffee sometimes.

- You are the only one who can talk some sense into him when he’s being all obsessive and compromising his sleep.

-Whenever he has new cases he discusses it with you.

- Most of the time you have no idea what he’s saying (He’s way to smart for you ) but he likes discussing it so you go with it.

-He really really gets into it and starts talking animatedly and you can’t help but kiss him because he’s being all adorable.

-It’s the most common thing for you to wake up to an empty bed in the middle of the night or early morning only to find out he’s been over working again.

- You drag his sorry ass to bed and cuddle him till he falls asleep.

-Then you turn his alarm off so that boy can get some sleep.

-Your most common dates are either to different cute small cafes or coffee shops around the city or blanket forts.

-You both really love blanket forts. You have loads of extra blankets and pillows.

-You set one up weekly and just sit there and talk about how your days / week had been.

-Sometimes you call Damien over too much to Tim’s dislike.

-When Tim goes out as red Robin you can’t help but be slightly concerned about him , specially after finding out , but the boy is just as badass as he is hot.
So you stopped worrying too much.

-Literally Tim can go from cute computer nerd to badass superhero mode in like 5 minutes. You find it rather endearing.

-You get along really well with his brothers and Bruce and Alfred.

-You have to reign Alfred in for help when Tim’s being a little too over working. And Alfred does the same. You two are a bit of a team.

-You get along really well with Damien too , which Tim hates.

-Sleepy morning kisses(¡)

- Cuddle sessions after he gets back from missions.

-You insist on patching him up.

-You’ve tried on his costume more than once.

-It had a certain effect on him ;)

-He’s just an adorable loving boyfriend.



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Prompts? We'll I'm not sure if this counts but I read your loopy!tim headcanons and absolutely loved them right away. But I mean all your hc's are golden tbh. The one where Tim gets pouty after being scolded for doing something a loopy teen definitely shouldn't be doing made me smile and I just imagine he collapses on the flour into a puddle a frowns and sprawled out limbs with the occasional mumbled whine when someone walks by. Mind continuing this hc or any loopy Tim hc's? They're too cute. <3

im so glad you like my hcs!! so here’s some more loopy!Tim hcs for you 💜

¤ when he’s lying on the floor, he’ll try to trip anyone who’s walking past by grabbing at their ankles (except for Alfred’s bc Alfred is nice to him)

¤ “Help me to the couch.” “Tim you have two legs that work perfectly fine. Stop moping and get up yourself.” [high pitched] “Everyone is so mean to me.”

¤ very easily distracted and his siblings get a lot of enjoyment of making him go suddenly off tangent only for him to pause a moment later and; “Wait, what was I saying?”

¤ reverts back to horrible 90s slang

¤ walks around aimlessly, sometimes pausing to stare at something like a wall with vivid interest, keeps commentary running the whole time

¤ teaches Cass horrible 90s slang bc he’s terrible

¤ asks Bruce really weird/deep questions and is always smug when Bruce doesn’t have an answer and Bruce is ?? so annoyed ??

¤ orders take-out to be delivered but always orders excessive amounts and everyone’s like “Tim we can’t eat all this this is insane.” “You can’t eat it all, but I can. Just watch me.” “We’re not gonna watch you give yourself a heart attack or diabetes Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne.”

¤ do you know how many times they bring out his full name during these times

¤ so many times like Tim keeps a tally