tim will blush


           The first thing Jason realizes once he gets Tim out of his clothes is just how fucking small he is. His hands are on the boy’s hips and he can almost stretch them around his entire waist. And yea, he’s got big hands, but what the fuck? How does Bruce even let Tim out of the house, much less on patrol? Jason suddenly has the strongest urge to keep Tim locked away in his safe house for an immeasurable amount of time like it’s some ivory tower where nothing can ever hurt him and Jason is the big mean dragon hell bent on protecting him.

           It’s a ridiculous thought to have, because if anyone knows first hand just how well Tim can protect himself it’s Jason. Barely a week ago he’d had his head slammed into a wall a bit too hard for even his helmet to take, and he’d been able to do nothing but watch as Tim took down six mobsters twice his size with an empty utility belt and a butt-load of determination. It had been one of the hottest things Jason had ever seen, and if he hadn’t been suffering from a severe concussion at the time he probably would have kissed Tim. (He did get to kiss him later, at least, when Tim was laying with him in his sickbed at the manor after getting Alfred to patch him up. It had even made him a little less salty about Tim having taken him back to the Wayne center of operations).

           But shit, the kid has to only weigh about a hundred pounds. To test the theory Jason picks him up and throws him onto the bed of this month’s safe house. Tim looks taken aback for a very brief moment before his eyes become hooded and focus directly on Jason. He practically purrs, reaching out for the other man, and shit, the nerd liked it. Well, with how easy he is to toss around there’s certainly more where that came from.

           Jason climbs on top of him, pressing Tim’s petit body into the mattress with his weight and keeping him trapped there. He could just keep him like this forever, completely shielded from the world, warm and pliant in his arms. Well, until the next time some little old lady needs help crossing the street and Tim feels obligated to rush out and do the world some good, but hey, a man can dream.

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Batboys + Bruce have a deaf S/O

Bruce Wayne

  • Would already know sign language
  • Taught all the boys as well so they knew 
  • Would make sure you could read his lips all the time, just in case
  • Doesn’t vew you any differently
  • Reassures you if you are insecure about being deaf
  • If any there are any and I mean any tabloids criticing you about being deaf, you bet he would get the person who made those comments fired instantly and make it real difficult for them to get a new job
  • Will gladly buy you implants if you don’t already have them

Dick Grayson

  • He would get a lil upset that you can’t hear his voice 
  • Gets really happy when you talk because he loves hearing your voice
  • You may be a lil insecure over using your voice but he makes sure to reassure you how much he loves it
  • Doesn’t care that he might have to repeat himself sometimes
  • Happily repeats himself 
  • Normally he’s very expressive which is a major plus
  • You like how he talks to you about everything even if he doesn’t have to explain something to you 
  • It makes you feel included and man you just love him lots

Jason Todd

  • At first finding it difficult to communicate with him in terms of how you were feeling and all that jazz
  • Trust me when I say he would do anything for you 
  • You need him to order you food at a resturant? you betcha, need him to punch some guy for making rude comments about you? will do so happily
  • He would get super angry if anyone spoke badly about you
  • Often will get into fights if some comments were thrown around about you
  • You can tell from his body language and expressions when he’s upset, angry or happy 
  • He loves not even having to tell you when he’s upset since your already at his side cuddling him

Tim Drake

  • He would try to not to be overbearing but it would happen every once in a while since he loves you dearly and would never recover if you were harmed
  • May feel get frustrated at his overprotectiveness since your just a normal person who can’t hear
  • You appreciate his efforts 
  • Helps you order food in public, tell you what’s happening in movies with no subtitles
  • Would definitely be the boyfriend that would always turn on the subtitles since he wants you to be able to know what’s going on during your movie marathons
  • Would get flustered when he realizes your looking at his lips but soon after realizing your reading his lips 
  • Cue Tim blushing like crazy

Damian Wayne

  • Wouldn’t understand why you were insecure (if you were)
  • Since he sees you as perfect and wouldn’t want to change anything
  • Gets violent if anyone even tries to say something critising about you
  • Might get a lil irritated if he had to repeat something a few times 
  • But will never yell at you because of it 
  • Definitely shows his love through actions more than words
  • Through kisses, hand holding and just being there for you whenever you need him to be
  • If he writes you notes, you die since he’s trying his best and will leave them whenever you will find them
  • You might not be able to understand them sometimes if he was rushing to write you a note
  • Asking him about it later and him flushing
  • He signs that it says “I love you my beloved”

Headcanon: Tim talks to inanimate objects

  • Alfred discovered this particular quirk first. He was immediately concerned that Tim was suffering from severe sleep deprivation (which, knowing Tim, really isn’t a big leap) but even with 8+ hours sleep he still does it.
  • He spent so much time home alone while his parents were away that he started talking aloud to fill the silence. 
  • His mother had always sneered at the idea of children having imaginary friends and he doesn’t dare incur her wrath even when she’s not around to hear him (you never know, there could be cameras and microphones that he hasn’t discovered yet, the nanny could report back to them, or one of the housekeepers) so instead of talking to imaginary people/animals he just talks to the stuff around him.
  • “This really isn’t a good idea, is it? Why am I even asking you, we both know I’m going to do it anyway” 
  • Dick hovering in in the library doorway, unsure whether he should be concerned or amused. “Um, Tim? You know that’s a lamp right?” 
  • Damian unconsciously picks it up - every time Tim does something weird/annoying he grumbles at the closest painting. Then gets mad at himself when he realises what he’s doing.
  • Stephanie teases him mercilessly, often interrupting squabbles/disagreements they have to ask the closest inanimate object what its thoughts on the matter are. Tim blushes scarlet every time - it’s a very effective way to win arguments.
  • He tries to be aware enough not to do it in public but there have been several WE meetings where he’s spoken to one or more of the office paraphernalia around him (including, but not limited to, a laser pointer, a pen, a document he didn’t want to sign, and the mobile of the person sitting next to him).
  • One time during a press release, a reporter asked a stupid question and he turned to the potted plant beside him to ask whether it thought it was rhetorical.
  • Jason is still laughing about his mess of a public image after hearing that story.
  • Oracle and Batman both get irritated with him because he often unintentionally breaks radio silence commands by muttering to the things around him.
  • Cass watched him run into a wall once, then stop and ask whether it was okay.
  • Bruce is just glad that it makes his talking to the bats in the Cave seem almost normal.
Family portraits

Batfamweek 2017, day #1: family.

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It starts with a casual comment, one that shouldn’t bother him so much. And it doesn’t. Not right away.

“You don’t have any photo on your desk”, the new girl says. She started working at WE two weeks ago and Tim thinks her name is Kathy, or July, or something like that. He’ll pick it up eventually. Now he just blinks up at her from behind the pile of reports he’s working on.


She bits her bottom lip, now looking embarrassed at her own straightforwardness, and vaguely gestures at his desk again.

“No photos”, she repeats. “People usually have photos on their desk. Family. Girlfriends or boyfriends. You know?”

Family, girlfriends, boyfriends. Yes, Tim knows.

“Well”, he smiles politely. “I’m just trying not to look like I’m fifty and live only for my work, to the point to spend all my time in my office and need photographic reminders of what my family looks like.”

Kathy or July or something like that frowns at him.

“Beside, my family is really ugly”, Tim continues, going for less subtle sarcasm, but the joke doesn’t really comes out his mouth as a joke, and KathyJulySomethingLikeThat looks more confused than before.

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Starting a relationship with Tim Drake

•If you ever had a boyfriend before Tim, be prepared.

•This boy will go BEYOND and BELOW what the normal standard of a boyfriend is.

•You probably started off as his close friend.

•He’s the type to be interested in someone platonically, but then slowly realizes his feelings.

•You both would study and be epic nerds together.

•Everyone ships you two together.

•When Tim would walk into the same room as you, EVERYONE would turn towards you with a stupid smirk.

•Every time you and Tim walked together there was at least one person who asked if you two were dating yet.

•When Tim introduced you to the boys and Bruce it was a embarrassing mess.

•Jason saw you two talking earlier and decided to mess with Tim.

•He told the whole manor that you were Tim’s girlfriend.

•"No, you guys she isn’t my girlfriend.“

•"What? You both were kissing earlier!”

•"Wait what?“


•When almost everything cooled down Damian walked in.

•"Where’s Tim’s girlfriend?“

•The day after that Tim decided to have the DTR talk.

•Define The Relationship

•As you can imagine he asked you out in the most stuttering and blushing way possible.

•"Would you… would you like to be in a… relationship with me?”

•In the beginning things were awkward.

•He didn’t know how to initiate anything.

•He refused to listen to his brothers advice.

•"How’s the relationship going Timmy?“ Dick would ask interrupting his work.

•"None of your business.”

•"How many dates did you have?“

•"Five, why?”

•Dick leaned down and made it seem like he was going to tell something important.

•"You have… protection right?“

•"Dick please.”

•"I have the stuff if you need it ok?“

•"I won’t need it, but thank you.”

•You both would usually see all the kissy couples when you two went out on dates .

•"Tim, I would rather have you holding my hand rather than my butt ok?“ You told him while observing a rather touchy couple.

•"Got it, and lets not have semi public make out sessions ok?” Tim replied while grimacing at a couple making out.

•The one time he put his arm around you at the Manor everyone decided to show up and comment about it.

•"Hey Tim… ooooh hey Y/N.“ As Dick would give the most cheesiest thumbs up.

•"About time Drake grew up.” Damian would abort.

•"You two seem like a very lovely couple.“

•Tim was blushing, but you didn’t mind.

•"Thanks Alfred!”

•He would do things unexpected and sudden.

•Walking to the library he would slowly intertwine his hand with yours.

•Looking at the garden he would wrap his arms around your waist.

•But kissing.

•Kissing was his greatest fear.

•I mean when do you do it? Is there a signal?

•What if things get more intense?

•On a particular evening you both were cuddled up on a porch.

•Tim looked at you and time seemed to freeze.

•He slowly put his hand on your cheek.

•But y'know Tim being a awkward human had to ask.

•"Do I.. Can we kiss?“

•"I think so, I mean do you want to?”

•"JUST KISS.“ Jason yelled from out the window.

•Embarrassed you two called it a night and went home.

•Everyone yelled at Jason because Tim didn’t get his first kiss.

•He ended up kissing you later that night.

•He went to your house and as you opened the door he just kissed you.

•"Sorry I didn’t want to miss my chance. Good night.”


Reverse Batfamily Fic

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth

Summary: The Batfamily goes trick-or-treating

“Bruuuuuuuuuuce!” Bruce immediately held his arms out and caught Dick.

“Dick, you know you’re not supposed to slide down the banister.” Bruce’s lips twitched as he tried not to smile.

“But it’s so fun.” Dick jumped out of Bruce’s arms and spun around, flinging his arms out. “Look at the costume Alfred made for me! Isn’t it the best costume ever?”

Bruce finally took in Dick’s costume and nearly scowled, just barely able to hold it back. Dick was wearing a Superman costume; he even had the signature curled hair on his forehead.

“It’s…great.” Bruce forced a smile on his face as Dick took off, holding his arms out and making whooshing sounds. Jason was the next to bounce down the stairs, wearing a Han Solo costume.

“Bang!” Jason aimed at Bruce. “You’re dead!”

Before Bruce could say anything, he heard a scoff at the top of the stairs and looked up to see Stephanie and Cass descending, each wearing the other’s costume. “It’s not ‘bang’, Jason! It’s ‘pew pew’! Everyone knows that!”

Jason rolled his eyes. “But that sounds so lame. It doesn’t nearly sound as badass.”


Bruce was ignored as Stephanie answered Jason. “Like ‘bang’ sounds any more badass?”


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Jason: so how’s the most beautiful person in the world doing ???

Tim: [not even looking up] I don’t know you tell me Jason Todd

Jason *smiling cheekily* *grabs Tim’s chin*: I’m doing fine darling but I wasn’t talking about me, so I ask again how is the most beautiful person in the world ???

Tim *blushing bright red*: I’m fi-fine

anonymous asked:

I don't know if your ask box is still open, if it is can you do a Bruce find out about his children's boy/girlfriend.

my ask box is always open :) 


Tim wasn’t acting normally. He kept day dreaming, a smile on his face, a rarity for Tim. checking his phone, even more than normal. He’d gotten even more vague about his days and activities. Bruce flipped through the explanations in his mind. Drugs? unlikely with Tim, and his reflexes were still sharp. Given his age and how happy he seemed money problems were out. So it was romantic, a girlfriend. He looked over at Tim, and mentally amended, a boyfriend. 

Bruce leaned back in his chair and looked at Tim. He had his headphones in and was engrossed in homework so he didn’t notice Bruce studying him. Tim had a boyfriend, but who?. Bruce lazily flipped through all their conversations about school, no boys names stood out, Tim didn’t talk about anyone more than normal, there wasn’t any new names. Also Tim didn’t seem that interested in going too school. If he was this distracted by a boy he’d look forward to seeing him.

It must be the other side of Tim’s life. Tim Drake didn’t have a boyfriend, Robin did. Bruce and Dick were the only other male heroes in Gotham. Which left Young Justice. Made sense Tim was excited to go off with them, and vague about details. Which one Bruce thought studying Tim closely. Superboy? The Impulse? god forbid Slobo. Bruce quickly ruled out the last one. There weren’t any long red brown hairs on Tim’s uniforms, so that made Bart Allen unlikely. “hm, Clark’s clone, no accounting for taste Timbo” he muttered to himself. Tim popped out an ear bud “you say something B?” 


4 months later

Tim kicked the floor of the cave and took a few deep breaths. Bruce ignored him working on the Batcomputer. “Um Bruce I have something, important to tell you, and it’s a big deal, I mean it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is, and I just worry it’ll change how you see me, and I just want to say I’m the same person I always am, and-”

“you’re gay” Tim’s jaw dropped, Bruce hid his smile “and you’re dating Superboy” Tim looked like he was going to pass out, “neither thing makes me think of you any differently Tim, you’re a good solider, a good Robin, and I’m proud to know you”

“uh uh uh, thanks Bruce” Tim’s lower lip was quivering, need to act quick to head off water works Bruce thought. “You boys are being safe aren’t you?” Tim blushed “ugh! god yes! I mean no! I mean we’re not- that’s none of your business!” Bruce smiled but Tim was already stalking off making gagging sounds

A Little Negelcted [Tim Drake x Reader]

Anon requested: “Could you do an imagine where you feel like Tim is ignoring you with all his dective stuff and you start to feel lonely but your afraid to show Tim how you feel so you just let it build up until one you just breakdown into tears and just holds you and fluff❤ ″

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1283



“What do you think?” you spun around towards your friends, giving them a little twirl as you did it to show off the gorgeous dress you were wearing. There were a chorus of ‘ooos’ and ‘aahs’ from all of them.

“This is perfect!” Steph cried, clapping her hands together. Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

Cass walked up to you and gave you a bright smile. “You look lovely.” She pulled you towards the girls.

“Yes! It looks amazing on you.” Barbara agreed, smoothing the skirt so there were no creases. “Tim will be speechless.”

You blushed at her statement and glanced down at your feet. You had high hopes that he’ll like the dress, you spent hours choosing the perfect one with the girls. Everything for the date less than an hour from now had to be absolutely perfect.

Noticing your worried state, Steph said, “calm down will you? You’re fine.”

“Yeah, it’s your boyfriend, not some stranger.” Harper added with a slight smirk.

“I know, I know…” you mumbled, turning back around to look at yourself, “it’s just, we haven’t gone out in forever. He’s always busy with a new case or two, he never spends time with me anymore.” By the end of the little speech your voice fell to a whisper as tears threatened to fall. You weren’t going to lie that you missed your boyfriend, but you hadn’t said anything because you didn’t want to sound selfish and needy.

“Oh [F/N],” Kate cooed, “tonight will go flawlessly. You’re overthinking.”

“I guess…” you sighed, taking a look at your reflection one last time before heading out to the restaurant Tim promised to meet you at.

You glanced at your watch for the hundredth time, frowning at it. Tim was thirty minutes late.

As you sat, waiting for your date to arrive there was a beep from your phone, indicating that you received a message. Opening it, you saw that it was from Tim.

Sorry, can’t make it tonight :(

You stared at the message in disappointment and sadness before closing your phone and getting up from the table. You hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but you weren’t feeling hungry anymore. As you made your way out of the restaurant, you thought about how Tim just ditched you like that. You two had been planning this date for months, delaying it every time it came closer and you had accepted his apology each delay.

You were angry at him, but more than that, you were incredibly upset. You felt like you didn’t even have a boyfriend now, since he was slaving every waking hour on another case or two.

You were lonely more than anything, and you hated the feeling of loneliness, for when that happened your inner demons would torture you relentlessly. It followed you everywhere, and it got to the point where you just couldn’t bear it anymore, so you went to bed, hoping it would go away.

It was past midnight when you heard the door to yours and Tim’s shared bedroom open. You recognized the familiar footsteps, his quiet shuffling as he tried to slip into his pajamas without making too much noise.

You felt the bed dip as Tim slipped under the covers next to you, and instantly his arms found your body. His fingers were cold against your skin, it made you shiver, which alerted Tim that you’re awake.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled, his voice weary and weak, “I know you were looking forward to the date today.”

You sighed quietly, knowing from the tone of his voice that he truly regretted his actions. Tim was a workaholic who aimed to please those around him. He was much too selfless for his own good. Whenever something arose he was always the one to take care of it because he would rather be the one to handle the burden. He really didn’t mean to abandon you, it was just his nature to put others before him, and to him being around you was a reward for him. Therefore before he allowed himself such luxury he made himself get through each and every case he had.

And because of that, you accepted his apology, even with the pain of him neglecting you being as excruciating as a knife being plunged into your heart.

The next morning, you woke up to an empty spot next to you. Tim was already gone, most likely in front of his computer typing away. The only indication of him ever being next to you was the creases on the mattress and the fading warmth of his body.

The sight made you sigh once more. You wanted to wake up to his face, to see his eyes and hear his groggy morning voice, but he had abandoned you once again for his duties.

You shouldn’t be upset, he was doing good in this world, but you still wanted him to be there.

You didn’t see Tim again until late at night, when he dragged himself to bed. You were up waiting for him, and your face lit up when you saw him enter.

“Tim! You’re finally back.”

“Yeah.” he offered you a tired smile before discarding his clothes and getting into bed with a huff. Your smile slid off your face.

He didn’t even give you a kiss.

The thought made tears form in your eyes and a lump formed in your throat.

You tried being patient, but you knew you were at your limit and on the verge of a breakdown. Attempting to blink back the tears, you lied down, your back facing Tim as you tried to will yourself to keep it together. However, soon you were quietly sobbing as tears fell from your eyes.

“[F/N]?” you heard Tim ask, picking up on your crying. “[F/N], what’s wrong?”

You felt his hand on your shoulder, urging you to turn to face him. Instead, you say up and wiped the tears off your face.

“N-Nothing.” you muttered, failing miserably to convince your boyfriend.

He turned your face towards him and cupped your cheeks, looking at you in concern. His eyes were filled with worry, fear and sadness as he scanned your face. “Hey… what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“It’s… it’s stupid really.” you stammered, looking away. “I just miss you… that’s all. I-I barely see you or spend time with you anymore because you’re always so busy and-and I wish that we had more time together.” By the end of it, you had tears falling down your cheeks again.

Seeing you cry, Tim felt tears welled in his eyes. He hated seeing you sad and the sight broke his heart.

“Hey, hey it’s okay.” he cooed rather frantically, “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know you felt this way.” His heart sank as he thought back to the past few months and realized that you were correct. He barely spent any time with you, and he should have. He felt like he had failed as your lover and as your best friend. He was the one who made you feel lonely, he was the one who made you cry.

“[F/N], look at me.” he said firmly, “I promise I’ll make it up to you, okay? I’ll make up for the past few months.” He placed a kiss on your forehead and brought your head to his chest. You could hear his rapid heartbeat–he was afraid this was going to drive you away.

“I love you.” he whispered into your ear, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

You nodded slowly, closing your eyes and relishing the feeling of having him there with you.

For the first time in months, you felt loved.

Imagine Dick trying to get him and his brothers to dress up as the Ninja Turtle for a charity fancy dress party. 

Of course, at first, they all object rather loudly. 

Dick explains jokingly that Jason is definitely Raphael because he wears red, likes to argue and is angry nearly all the time. But when it comes down to will protect his and love his family no matter what. Tim snickers and Damian smirks while Jasons opens his mouth to protest however quickly closes it when he realizes he’d be proving Dick’s point. 

Dick then says that Tim is Donatello because he’s super smart and really kind, Tim blushes at the comparison and praise from his eldest brother but it quickly turns into a frown when he hears Damian’s offensive mumbling behind him and Jason is still sulking about being called angry, argumentative and loving this dysfunctional looney ass family.

Next is Leonardo, who he says is Damian, much to his other brother’s protests, Damian, who hasn’t even watched the show isn’t exactly impressed either. Dick explains his reasoning for this is that Leonardo is a great leader and a good guy and that Damian despite his faults is a really good person and will one day make a great leader and Dick would happily follow him. Outwardly Damian is nonchalant about Dick’s little speech however on the inside is all warm and fuzzy. Take that Drake! 

Last but not least he would be Michaelangelo the laid back, funny, loveable one. Jason mumbles about how Dick isn’t even funny or lovable, like the character. Tim mostly agrees with Dick’s assessment of their characters, even if Tim thinks that Damian should be Shredder and Dick should be Leonardo instead while Damian still doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about!  

They all still object to the idea until Dick says that if they do, they get to dress Bruce as Master Splinter. 

Lurk Much?

Hey guys this is my 1st imagine on tumblr. The reader is a batfam sis and dating Jason. Y/N is your name. 

It was about 10 at the manor and things were going pretty slow. You felt like being a hermit and had spent the last few hours holed up in your room and catching up on Archer while eating a variety of diabetes inducing junk food. You were stroking your food baby with one hand while the other reached out to grab the last Milano cookie. Fuck. The bag’s empty. “UUGGGHHHHH”, you groaned over-exaggerating the situation. Whining, you got up from your bed and trekked to the kitchen to grab more food necessities. After stuffing your face with the last slice of Alfred’s quiche you grabbed a new bag of milanos and started walking back to your room. That is, until you saw your boyfriend Jason in the hallway- looking through a slightly opened door with an amused look on his face. You rolled your eyes and called out to him as you walked towards him,       “Lurk much, Todd?”. Jason’s head snapped up to meet your face and he proceeded to immediately shush you “SHHHH!” You rolled your eyes again- “Ok Stalker McStalker what’s so interesting?” “SHHHH!!” he glared at you and wrapped his hand around your mouth while bringing you to face the crack in the door. “Ok dear god Jason I’ll be quiet” you whispered “what is i-” You said as you peered inside the room “Holy Shizzz!!” you excitedly whispered screamed as you saw what was happening. On the far side of the room was Bruce talking to, well flirting, with a woman, while pouring them both drinks. “Oh my god! I didn’t even know she was over! I haven’t seen Bruce do something about his love life in so long! The closest thing I’ve seen to him being on a date was when he awkwardly invited Selina to brunch after she nearly killed him, and that was five months ago!!” you gushed. Jason’s snickered at your immature excitedness and went back to watching the history that was being made in the room. You strained to hear what they were saying. “So Mr. Wayn-” “Oh just Bruce, please” “Mhmm Bruce, such a lovely name. Although not as lovely as the time i’m spending with you”. You and Jason were both losing it at this point. “OMG this is gooold, we need to be filming this” you told Jason. “Babe yess” Jason responded “fuck i don’t have my phone- UUGHHH where’s Tim when you need him. I bet he has a freaking professional camera set and everything.” “What do I have?” Tim asked as he walked up to the two of you. “AAHH” you and Jason gasped and turned around. “Well speak of the nerdy devil” Jason retorted. “Hey!” Tim cried. “SHHHHHH!!!!!” you scolded them. “What’s going on?” Tim asked “What are you guys looking at?”. You and Jason both looked at each and  nodded before grabbing Tim’s arms and pulling him close to you. “Tim if you look, you’ll never be able to go back.” you said dramatically. Jason leaned in really close and whispered in a super serious tone “All of thou’s innocence shall crumble and thou shall become a MAN.” “ok guys what hell, your actually creeping me out here- Tim said. “Look.” you exclaimed and shoved Tim’s face through the door crack. “O my god.” Tim deadpanned. “I know right?!!” you giggled. Jason wrapped his arm around Tim’s shoulder “ See little bro? You should take some notes here and maybe you can actually talk to a girl for more than 2 minutes without fainting in the future”. “Hey!” “Yeah Jason that’s not nice, he talked to Steph for a good FIVE minutes before collapsing.” “In my defense I was severely dehydrated” Tim added. “Ok everyone shut up and watch” you scolded. You could see Bruce and his mystery date standing up near the fireplace and things were getting pretty heavy. “So Bruce what shall we do now?” “Well we could-  You could see Bruce responding and trying to look all manly and seductive while reaching his arm back to rest on the table, but.. he missed. His hand missed the table by an inch and he slipped. It was too much and you lost it. You shrieked “OH MAN HAHAHA”. You quickly realized what you had done but it was too late. Bruce’s head snapped up and his gaze met yours and the rest of his spying children. ‘shit!” Jason groaned. “oh my god” you fumbled “guys we gotta run” You screamed “RUN!!” The three of you took off and fucking sprinted as fast as you could. You could feel the energy coursing through you as you madly giggled and ran. As y’all were running you rambled“Oh my god guys maybe he didn’t see exactly who it was like i don’t know hah guys i can’t i just can’t oh mY GOD FUCKING RUN! RUN!!” “Y/n”! Jason yelled at you through heavy pants “If Bruce couldn’t tell who it was he knows now because of yoUR SCREAMING!” “OH SHIT THAT’S RIGHT” you cried out. Still running, you continued “IM SORRY GUYS I JUST HAVE SO MUCH ADRENALINE RIGHT NOW LIKE I HAVEN’T FELT THIS ALIVE SINCE I ACCIDENTALLY DRANK TIM’S 5 HOUR ENERGY ESPRESSO SMOOTHIE!! AND I- that was the last thing you unintelligibly yelled, as you tripped and face planted on the floor. Jason and Tim hadn’t even noticed you fell behind until you cried out in your best old english accent “ My good lord help me! I have fallen!” Jason whipped his head back dramatically and ran towards you” My good lady, fear not! I am here to rescue thou!” He grabbed you bridal style and continued “Where to, fair maiden?” You put on a serious look “Hhmm, OOH I KNOW, TO THE KITCHEN GOOD SIR. WE MUST GATHER PROVISIONS TO LAST US A FORTNIGHT IF WE MUST HAVE TO HIDE FROM THE FEARSOME BAT.” By now you and Jason had caught up to the still running Tim and you yelled as you passed him “FAIR KNIGHT, WE MUST AWAY TO THE KITCHEN” Tim just followed y’all while muttering under his breath “these people have problems”. When you got there, the three of you grabbed all the food you could then barricaded yourselves in to the game room. “Ok” you said “We’ve locked the door so Bruce shouldn’t be able to get in even if he finds us”. “And I’ve found The Seed of Chucky” Jason said while holding up a dvd case “or well at least one of the Chucky movies. Dear lord knows which one it is. At this point they’ve made so many- like for fucks sake guys one sequel’s enough. “ OK Spielberg we get it. You hate sequels. Now shush and play the movie” you commanded. So there you guys were an hour later. Tim had turned off all the lights and you all had preceded to built a pillow fort that you were now snuggling in . All three of you were in a sugar coma induced state and were staring wide-eyed at the movie. “Bitch don’t go in” you told the person in the movie as they walked towards a door. The music was getting super suspenseful and you, Jason, and Tim were clinging on to each other not taking your eyes off from the screen. “she gonna die she’s gonna die” Tim whispered meekly” The door was slowly being opened. The music was intense. Jason was clinging so tightly to your arm you thought it was gonna fall off. You could hear your heartbeat. The door creaked open. “Oh hey guys there you are!” “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH” you, Jason, and Tim screamed all at once. It. was. Dick. “ Sorry I scared you guys” Dick apologized. “ For the love of god man you gave me a heart attack” Jason glared at him “Also how the hell did you get in? I thought we locked the door?” “Well yeah that one but there’s another door right here” Dick said pointing behind him.  “Oh my god were fucking idiots” you said staring at the door. “So anyway guys, Bruce is looking for you. I’m not sure why.” “ Nope. Nopeity Nope Noooope” you said. “Guys seriously I’m sure whatever is going on he won’t be that mad” Dick remarked. “ HEY BRUCE THEYRE IN HE- Jason quickly spoke in a spookily calm tone “Grayson if you tell him were here , I swear on my already dead soul I will tell everyone about the bikini incident.” Dick’s eyes just went really wide and he gasped “You wouldn’t dare” “try me.” Jason retorted as he kept his glare focused on Dick. Dick just stared at him back for a second before slowly walking out the door and closing it behind him. “Oh yeah Bruce they’re not in there” you could here Dick say in the hallway ten seconds later and then the footsteps retreated and all three of you let out a collective sigh of relief. Sleep took over you pretty soon and you all fell asleep cradled in each others arms. Of course you didn’t escape the day of judgment, as early the next morning you eventually had to see Bruce and he gave you a long talk about spying on other people and that privacy is to be respected. The entire time Tim was just blushing like crazy and staring at his feet while you were focusing in on a very interesting spot on the wall. Jason of course was unfazed, and only opened his mouth to ask Bruce if he “got laid”. 

“The family’s girl” (Batfam x reader) Part5

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Part1 Part2  Part3 Part4 Part5 (here you are!) Part6  Part7


A wild hamster appeared between the two of you, hitting Dick straight in his face, you grabbed the pet before it hit the ground as Dick sweared and grabbed his nose. 

Following the wild hamster came someone who was wearing a hamster hoodie and a mask. They apologized profusely to the two of you, you smiled at them and said that it was alright and then ran away, blushing and hamster in hand… Then Dick looked at you, and realization got to him and blushed he then said,

“Well, I have to go. Tomorrow I gotta go to work early” Dick smiled, but if you looked deep in his eyes, the frustration was there. Because, God, what does a guy gotta do to get laid with the girl he likes, dammit!

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Good night Dick.”

“Good nigh-“You pecked him in the lips before blush hard and run inside your house. As the door closed you leaned on the door.

Dick had frozen, fingers touching his lips. Realization seemed to get to him and suddenly he was yelling happily, dancing and giggling. After his little happiness dance and act like a crazy person, Dick entered his flat.

You smiled as you saw everything through the peephole.

God, he was such a dork!


The next day.

As you were walking home you remembered you had to go shopping…aaand you had forgot the money back home.

“S*ht” You facepalmed.

“What troubles the most beautiful girl in the universe?” A guy dressed in red and blacks, medium black hair and what seemed like wing as a cape landed in front of you, smiling at you as he flipped his hair out of the way.

“Who are you? I thought Nightwing was the only superhero in the ‘Haven.”

“I’m Red Robin, achanté m’lady” He kissed your hand sweetly. You blushed at the same time your stomach decided to be a b*ch and roared like a tyrannosaurus rex.

“…sorry” You smiled awkwardly.

“You hungry? I know a pretty fine place not to far” Red robin suggested.

“I-I don’t have money on me…” Red robin smiled at you before messing your hair.

“Don’t worry about it. Is on me”






That were the thought that were battling in your head as Red Robin had bought you..

To a batman themed McDonald’s.

Oh my f*cking god

“This isn’t as classy as you deserve, but I-I didn’t bought to much cash. This suit is really tight you know?” Tim-I mean Red Robin rambled, a soft blush on his cheeks.

“Red, don’t worry. I love it” You touched his cheek sweetly as his face broke in the cutes smile and the reddest blush.

“C’mon lets go inside! “ You grabbed Red’s arm and dragged him towards the door.

He got a cheeseburger and you got a Batmeal, It’s like a happy meal but batman themed.

 You two were sitting in one of the ‘Haves highed rooftops eating you food, joking and laughing. He told you embarrasing stories about Nightwing and some about his other partners. He asked what you were doing and if there was someone for you.

You blushed as you said no, Red smirked flirtatiously.

“I don’t understand, how someone so beautiful is single” You laughed embarrased at his flirtaious coments.

“Thanks, red. But I don’t think I’m that beautiful” Your smile became strained and sad. 

“You’re kidding right? I’ve meet aliens, superheroines, amazons and you are the most beautiful of them all. With that adorable face, those sparkling (e/c) eyes that silky (h/c) hair….gosh” Red sighed dreamily.

“heh” You said as his declaration leave you speechless, realization got to his brain and his face matched the red of his uniform.


You broke in a laughing fits and after a few seconds Red started laughing with you, his fit was more out of nerves than of finding this funny.

After the two of you calmed down, you found yourself sitting close to Red with his hand around yours.

“What toy did you get?” Red asked you, whishing it was his toy and not his brothers.

“Look! I got a …..”


Tim smiled


Tim smile disappeared.

He frowned as you started playing with the toy.

“pew pew! Hahahahaha”

“How about we do this every Wednesday? Just you and me” Red asked, his warm hand wrapping around yours.

“I-I don’t want to be a burden”



“Y’know, you remind me of my best friend. His name is Tim.” You smiled sweetly and Tim felt cold sweat run through his back.

“TIM? NO, I DON’T KNOW HIM!!!!!1 WHATEVER IS A TIM???!! HAHAHAHAHA TIM DRAKE???! WHAT? I’M CUTER THAN HIM! HAHAHAHA-Sorry, normalyi’mmore seriusandintelligent,youjustaresobeautiful,idon’tknowhowtoact.” Tim rambled, blushing.

“Hey, it’s alright. I-I think you’re handsome to.” Tim face sparkled happiness all over.


Tim thought while smiling softly at you and kissing your cheek, then your nose and then your hand.

“I have to go now, but I can’t wait to meet again”

Tim grabbed you bride style and flied out of there.. He bought you back to your place, entering through the windows.

“Well, goodbye (Y/N). I hope to see you soon.”

“Likewise, Red!” You kissed him European style and Red Robin jumped out, his silhouette disappearing in the sky.

Your phone started ringing.

Tim Drake said:

(y/n)!!! Are you home? I bought movies and popcorn!

You said:

Timmy! Yea come up! I’ll prepare the couch and the blankets.

Tim Drake said:


Meanwhile you got everything done, a nervous Tim Drake was changing in the alley next to your flat. He tried to change at Flash speed, but no. He fell to the ground trying to get out of the stupid tights.


He fought his pants a bit more before successfully changing to his civvies.

“I’m ready. (y/n) get ready to be sweep out of your feet!”


The doorbell rang as you finished preparing everything. You got the blankets ready, you had your comfy pajama and (f/d).

You smiled and went to get the door.

“Hey Timmy!” You smiled at the young man, dressed in a red hoodie and black pants. His hair was a mess and he looked out of breath.

“Hey, (y/n). bought the popcorn!” He said dangling the popcorn in the air.

“Great!” You grabbed it and went to your kitchen. Tim took a deep breath and looked in the mirror, arranging his hair and encouraging himself to confess.

“Timmy! Come in, don’t stand there.”

“oh right! What do you want to see? Tim sat in the conch

“What did you bought?” You sat next to him, covered the two of you in your favorite blanket and put the bowl between the two of you.

“W-Well, we got “Bridget Jones” “The conjuring” “Lego” and “Noah’s diary”. So which one?”

“hmm I feel like seeing a scary movie, so… “The conjuring” I know I’ll regret it but… YOLO”

“hahaha.” Tim laughed at your funny face.

You got up and put the movie in the DVD player. Then sat again next to Tim, but this time your head was tucked in his shoulder, he smiled and put his arm around you. In his head he was high fiving himself and doing a little victory dance.


In the most scary parts, you and Tim sat closer and closer until you were in his lap and Tim was caressing you shoulder absentmindedly. The two of you made a cocoon of the blankets. Tim mussed up the courage to kiss you.


Tim kissed you cheek first then his kisses trailed down to your neck. Sweet little kisses draw a map on your skin. Soft moans escaped you and Tim’s courage increased exponentially.

The movie played in the background as Tim kisses distracted you, playfully you kissed his neck, making him the moaning mess. Most when you found his sweet spot, wich you used against him when you felt like it or he did moved under you, breaking your concentration.

As the movie was almost finished, it had started raining. Loud thunder and lightning painted the sky.

As you were sitting in Tim’s lap and your head was hiding in his neck, your kisses had stopped as the first loud thunder broke the peace of the night. Tim was hugging you his face tucked in your hair, he had stopped kissing you and now was trying to calm you down, when suddenly the light went out.

“AHHHHHHHHH” You and Tim screamed.


Someone was hitting the door.

“OH MAI GAT, TIMMY PROTECT MEEEH” You screamed as hugged Tim tighter, your legs came around his waist.



“SSHHHHH” Tim shushed you.

You went towards the door, your phone’s flashlight illuminated your way. You looked at Tim for reassurance, he gave you a thumps up as he grabbed a frying pan and came next to you, ready to hit the monster.

“1…2….3” You whispered before opening the door.

“AAAHHHHHHIYAAA” Tim tried to hit the shadow in the door but it stopped the pan before it hit it. It growled menacingly and Tim grabbed you and put you behind him, you used the distraction to go get a weapon, that turned out to be a vase, with flowers and everything.

“WHO ARE YOOUU?” You screamed as Tim thought of ways of fighting the shadow without blowing his secret identity.

Lighting and thunder decided to appear now as the shadow of a man entered your flat, it smirked at your despair.

Tim grabbed your phone and illuminated the intruder’s face.

“YOU” Tim said outraged.

“me” It smirked evilly

It was-

To be continued….

Who do you think is the shadow??

TimDrakeWeek 2017 Day 2: Childhood/Adulthood DamiTim

Excited to try this with @iphoenixrising, @the-all-seer and @rahndom if they still want to jump and do a day. :D So far it’s been really fun.

Damian outgrew Tim in his fifteenth year.

In that summer to be precise. Though the sun baked the concrete to the point that everyone stayed inside to not fry to death...it had been a very dark summer for Tim.

Damian hadn’t been subtle at all. Anytime Tim stopped by the manor for a chemical analysis, a briefing from B or retrieve a casefile the current robin would stand side by side next to Tim. Look, compare and smirk. In June the brat was about to the bridge of his nose, by August…he was a hair taller.

“A centimeter is more than a hair I believe, Drake.”

“It’s the width of your pinky, now stop gloating.” With a hand, he pushes Damian back slightly. The teen’s been bad with personal space lately. Crowding him against walls before a mission just to prove heights is rude, dude. It’s almost as if the assassin is relishing the fact that now he can look down on Tim physically as well as emotionally.

“I’m just admiring my new perspective. This angle is surprisingly pleasing to me.” See. Tim doesn’t even know why he’s pissed. He should have been resigned the moment the tiny hell child announced Bruce was his father.

Still the fact itches. “Look, I know oxygen is thinner up there, but could you try not to lose too many brain cells?”

“I’ll try, though the weather up here is quite lovely.” Oh Alfred’s Apple Pie, Damians learned puns. Now Tim has to murder Dick. Especially when the smile Damian gives has a touch of fang. “Now come along, father needs us.”

The boy, ‘cause height difference or not that’s what he is, turns away dramatically after beckoning Tim to follow him.

“Worst. Summer. Ever.”

Dick of course makes it worse, “Who’s my shortest adorable brother?” He coos obnoxiously. Like one of those fat women making baby noises at their pet dog. His palms squish either side of Tim’s face and Tim swears to all higher powers that if Dick tries to rub their noses together he’s gonna bite him. “You are! You’re officially the shortest ruthless vigilante in the family now. I should twitter about this…to everyone.”

“If you don’t get your hands off me right now, I’m going to string you in your underwear somewhere for Bab’s viewing pleasure again.”

Dick’s fingers fly off his face as if it’s scalding. “Awwwwww, you don’t have to get that vicious Timmy.”

“I’m always this vicious, you dick. One day my pain will be yours and on that day I’ll will  remember this moment and you will be sorry.” Tim promises with spite.

Dick coyly presses a hand over his heart, “Oh Timmy, my darling petite–omph,” Dick could dodge the first strike to his thorax, but not the second. But still he wheezes out, “That would never happen!”

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anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine where Tim and his s/o have a secret relationship and the batfam becomes suspicious on why he's been so giddy lately so they start investigating??

Sorry this took a while to post! I am not satisfied with how the ending is but hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Words inside the brackets basically signify the conversation taking place at the same time but at a different place/from a different POV). Hope you enjoy~

Tim fidgets before he takes out his phone, a small smile appearing on his face and he quickly types in a reply. He slips his phone back in to its hiding place just as Bruce finishes his briefing. He glances at the clock and looks back at Bruce. The moment Bruce ended the meeting, Tim immediately head to his bedroom.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Jason randomly says out of the blue the moment Tim rushes out of the bat cave. Dick raises one of his eyebrows.

“Highly unlikely, Todd.” Damian mutters and Jason rolls his eyes.

“It was a rhetorical question, demon spawn.” Jason replies before turning to face Dick. Bruce is out of shot, talking with Alfred so he might just have to make do with Dickiebird and the demon spawn. “Are you guys not curious as to why he has been so giddy and secretive lately?” Jason asks.

Dick shrugs his shoulders. “I did notice he is looking happier but… are you implying what I think you are?” Dick chuckles. Jason shrugs his shoulders before glancing at Damian.

“TT.” Damian crosses his arms. “Well, he was looking at his phone just before he left.” Drake probably had not realized he had been staring at him earlier. By now, his curiosity is already getting the best of him. What if Drake got himself in to trouble?

Jason smirks. “All the more reason for us to start investigating.”

Dick looks at the clock. “So do we want to follow him and see what he is up to?”

Tim fixes his hair just before you came up to him. The smile on your face is so bright Tim has to blink a few times, totally taken by your beautiful, bright smile. He grins the moment you reach him. “Hey, Y/N.” He greets you and you feel your cheeks flush before you pat your hair back in to place – that speed walking from the bus stand probably cause your hair to be out of place.

“Hi, Timothy.” You lean on your tip toes to press a kiss on his cheeks, causing Tim to blush. His blush causes you to blush too and Tim lets out a chuckle before reaching for your hand, lacing your fingers together.

(“Did you hear that? She called him ‘Timothy’.” Jason snorts as he tries to cover quickly cover his laughter.

“Never mind that – did you see that love-stricken look Drake has on his face?” Damian looks almost like he is about to throw up. “I cannot believe I am seeing this.”

“Tim has a girlfriend?”)

“Have you been here long?” You ask him as the two of you start walking towards the diner. Tim shakes his head before switching places with you, letting him be the one walking near the road instead of you. “Thank you.” He smiles at you.

(“That was thoughtful of him.” Dick comments as they continued to follow after Tim.)

Tim laughs when you finish telling him your joke. Seeing him laugh has always manage to brighten your day. You definitely did not know how you manage to get someone like Tim to like you back. When he had confessed his attraction to you, you had been so close to fainting because you had not expect that from Tim. You did, after the initial shock passed, confess to him too. Safe to say, the two of you have been dating for over six months now and you are incredibly happy.

“Thank you for getting dinner with me, Tim.” You tell him as Tim walks you all the way back to your apartment. He grins at you. “I know you were busy earlier.”

Tim runs his hand through your hair before pressing a kiss on your cheek. “I had fun tonight.”

You grin before leaning forward to wrap your arms around him. “Yeah, me too.” You tell him. “Thank you for walking me all the way home.” Tim grins and kisses your lips one last time before telling you to go inside your apartment building. He waits until you are safely inside your building before turning to go back to the manor.

Tim stops in his tracks a block away from your apartment when he sees Jason, Damian and Dick hanging around. He groans and before he could even run away, Damian is suddenly in front of him – this kid really doesn’t care where he is, Tim thought to himself.

“I think we need to have a talk, Tim.”


Prompt: Reader gets turned into a cat by Klarion and Tim, unfortunately, has to deal with them. Normally reader is a well mannered person in general, BUT NO. THEY DECIDED TO BE ONE OF THOSE CATS WHO DOES EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO SPITE THEIR OWNER/CARETAKER by anon

“S/H/N, lookout!” S/H/N turned just in time to see the bright flash of red before it hit her. Tim watched in horror as his girlfriend was consumed with a bright flash of light and transformed into… a cat?

Klarion laughed hysterically before picking up Teekl and vanishing.

“Y/N?” Tim walked over to the small cat and crouched down. The poor thing appeared to be quite confused and not at all happy. It meowed pitifully and poked at him with its front paw.

“Don’t worry. Zee will fix this.” Tim said as he moved to pick her up. She hissed at him and retreated from his grasp.

“Y/N, I am just trying to get you back to the base. I promise I won’t carry you longer than I have to.” Tim said, approaching slower and more carefully. Y/N made many angry noises, but allowed him to pick her up anyway.

They got to the watchtower and Y/N immediately bolted from his arms.

“Who let the cat in?” Bart asked, extremely confused.

“That’s Y/N.” Tim said in a tired voice. “Klarion turned her into a cat and she isn’t really happy about it.”

“Should I try and catch her?” Bart’s body tensed to run, but Tim stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“No, she is fine for now. We should go talk to Zatanna first.” Bart nodded and they went to go find her.

Meanwhile, Y/N the cat had wandered into the kitchen and jumped up on the counter. She was investigating a bowl of fruit when Conner walked in. He slowly approached her before reaching out to pet her. She jumped and hissed before scratching him and running away.

Tim and Zatanna walked in just in time to hear Conner curse as he studied his newly injured hand.

“Do either of you know why there is a cat in here?”

“It’s Y/N. Klarion did it. Which way did she go?” Tim asked

“I think she went that way, but I was kind of distracted when she ran out.” Conner said, holding up his scratched hand.

Tim and Zatanna walked in the direction that Conner had pointed. They found the cat curled up on top of a cabinet in the supply room. Tim sighed and started to climb up to get her.

He was halfway there when he heard a voice from the doorway.

“I don’t remember us having a cat.”

He turned to find his very human girlfriend, tired and dirty, leaning against a wall.

“Y/N!” He rushed to her and hugged her close.

“Well, it looks like you don’t need me anymore.” Zatanna laughed and walked away.

“I thought you were gone.” Tim sighed before kissing Y/N passionately.

“Klarion teleported me a couple blocks away and when I got back to where the fight had been, you were gone so I had to walk home.” Y/N explained breathlessly when they separated. “And I still want to know about the cat.”

Tim blushed and smiled sheepishly. “Klarion teleported the cat to where you had been standing so I thought it was you.”

Y/N tried to stifle her laughter, but failed miserably.

“It’s not that funny.” Tim said with a small pout on his mouth.

“You thought I was a cat.” She giggled, doubling over from laughing so much. Tim’s pout grew a little bit more. Y/N calmed her laughter and gave him another kiss on the mouth.

“I forgive you, but we are so keeping the cat.”