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Do you know anything about Dylan's driving offences, in the division questioner he has two for driving to fast and driving on a red light(possibly more after march 1998) when did they happen? His mom and dad did not like his driving skills and had some fights about it, so was he a bad/sloppy driver? Sorry this question is kinda dumb but.. :)

Not long after the van theft on Jan 30th, Dylan landed two traffic tickets. I would place these incidents in Feb ‘98.   First he got a speeding ticket. Not long after, he ran a red light on his way home from renting a video, and (fun fact!) got a ticket from the same officer who’d questioned him on the night of his arrest, Officer Tim Walsh.  How embarrassing is that?  ;)  

His mom and dad were nervous about his driving habits because he liked to drive fast.  He had acquired a reputation with the neighbors (witnesses after the massacre) nearby Eric’s house for zooming in and around the cul-de-sac to park his car at his usual spot along the curb of the Harris household.

According to Sue in “A Mother’s Reckoning” he practiced some freeway driving on the second day of their journey down to the University of Arizona  
“Tom relinquished the wheel to Dylan on the second day; we hoped to use the trip to help improve his highway skills. The first few hours were a trial. With his crooked glasses balanced on his nose, and his baseball cap turned backwards, Dylan tilted the seat back in a semi-reclining position and drove with only the index finger of his left hand touching the wheel. I sat in the backseat, clutching the door handle and praying silently until I finally asked him to slow down. Tom tried to keep both of us calm, though I noticed he did not need his usual reminder to fasten his seat belt.”    You can just picture Dyl and those long, dexterous fingers of his practicing that casually, overconfident one finger driving technique of his.

Me thinks his reckless need for speed was a liiittle bit of a death wish..

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