tim walker: pictures

When I think about it, photographs, to me are really kind of a dream state. It’s not about a good dream, or a bad dream… it’s more that your day hazes and your mind drifts towards only being concerned by your imaginings.
—  Tim Walker on what photographs mean to him, taken from the foreword of his book ‘Pictures’

Close up of a scattered scrapbook featuring polaroids of model Karen Elson behind the scenes of the charming editorial titled ‘Soldier Soldier, Won’t You Marry Me?’, which was inspired by a Scandinavian childrens tale in which a puppet doll is helped by a giant toy soldier. The story was then interpreted and imagined up for Vogue UK (April 2008) to showcase the lightness and innocence of the the recent Spring/Summer’s Haute Couture collections, and thanks to magical set designer Shona Heath it came to life in the most magical way as it was complete with props of epic proportions; the whole shoot finished perfectly as the images captured were courtesy of none other than the iconically forever dreamy photographer Tim Walker. Scanned from ‘Pictures’ by TW.