tim von rueden

I really love how this came out. I think it’s one of my better portraits. I did this picture for Tim Von Rueden from CG Cookie. It’s his beloved character Red from Swordplay. This is my take on the character. I would have to say she is my favorite character Tim has made and I thought it would be super cool to draw her for him as a thank you for inspiring me so much through the CG Cookie Channel. Tim and Joe have been such an amazing inspiration to me. I’d like to think of something to draw Joe, but I haven’t decided yet. Maybe if he see’s this he’ll give me a hint. ;)
Time: About 4 ½ hours

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Concept Cookie | Concept Art Tutorials and Training.

Curioseando en DA, encuentro unos tutos muy chidos para distintas plataformas de arte (Aplicaciones de diseño) entre ellas Paint Tool SAI, PSD, Gimp, Blender… etc.Hechen un vistazo, esta muy chido y pro. (Info en ingles)

The site manager and concept artist for a digital art tutorial site called Concept Cookie. If you are interested in learning digital art, this site is meant to provide digital artists with tutorials, resources, references, feedback, and insight to help them grow as an artist.
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Exercise: Character Sketching
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Creating Realistic Wrinkles and Folding Fabric

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After being asked by Kent to sculpt a creature concept, went ahead and recorded the process, with no real tutorial in mind but led to the idea of doing a tutorial on coloring technique done with a greyscale technique. 

Many artists work this way and build up their values before adding color! It’s a great way to focus on lighting without worrying about color balance, harmony, saturation, etc.

Look forward to that happy accident sometime after the Cecelia course =]