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~Almost Alice/Tim Burton~





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thatgothamguy  asked:

Tim Drake is the trouble child, comes from a bad home (not as bad as Jason). Poor guy got "stuck" between Jason and Damian during his Robin tenure. But, as you and others have said, there is a right way and wrong way to show how those three can be aggressive and violent against each other. They do it, not for attention, but to cement that they are the only Robin worthy of holding that title. So they go after the Robins before them (only the guy Robins, though). Or, that's my take away of it

Also, in your opinion, whose more violent/aggressive when it comes to taking on villains, Damian or Jason?
And hope my weigh in on the Jason/Tim/Damian violence issue didn’t offend or upset you

Well, first off, it doesn’t offend me at all. I actually put a lot of thought into these situations and especially these three’s relationships. My only issues with discussing it is that people tend to take my posts down rabbit holes that I’m not exactly thrilled about. Either the Blame Game or the Problematic Police and that’s when I tend to get eye rolly.

My general issue with the Jason-Tim-Damian aggression as it plays out in both the comics and in fandom is that there’s this like…. “Victimization Olympics” that has come into play over the years. Like you can’t sympathize more with any one of their histories or abuses without lessening the others even though they all come from very different forms of bad backgrounds.

Jason being a victim of economic strife and poverty which led to him losing his adopted mother to preventable healthcare neglect (either cancer treatment they couldn’t afford or drug abuse that she wasn’t helped with depending on the canon), and a father who died from taking a job that was criminal, yes, but ultimately low level and most likely taken out of desperation more than anything else (why else would you work for someone as likely to kill his hired help as Two-Face). Then growing up for at least a while on the streets, having to drop out of school during that time to avoid social services. These are hardships that are vital to Jason’s character, deserve sympathy and examination. And they’re completely separate from Tim and Damian’s own situations. Jason’s trauma comes from being left to slip through the cracks, and his distrust and perception that the system itself is broken only becoming more reinforced as he learns that for some people, justice isn’t allowed to prevail due to economic and class influence far above anything he would have ever been allowed to have growing up.

[Batman (1940-2011) #424]

Tim’s own neglect and canon familial problems receive a lot less sympathy in fandom, generally, because he is very well off economically. I think that makes his type of severe neglect a lot more unrelatable to people, which is unfair because as I’ve talked about on the blog before, this is a form of emotional abuse that I’ve seen play out in real life many times. And by the time his mother dies and his father is literally forced to be a part of his life due to medical issues, Tim still feels the burden of that emotional neglect and something else grows from that new situation. Jack Drake post-death has been kinda sainctified in Tim’s reflections, but this is a man who while never physically harming Tim, would flip out and break Tim’s things, like ripping a television out of the wall in Tim’s room when he’s mad at Tim. Never his own things or his second wife’s things (who he married barely a year after Tim’s mother died by the by), but always Tim’s things. And if you know anything about emotional violence and abuse, that’s like. Classic. Not to mention, when Jack learns that Tim is Robin and deduces that Bruce is Batman, this is a man whose first instinct is to race to Wayne Manor with a gun and threaten Bruce. Which somehow ends with both of them “comically” yelling at Tim for trying to speak up for himself. Tim being a victim of this situation isn’t really interchangable with physical abuse from his mother (which fandom does because that’s an “easier” and more “classically portrayed” type of abuse – also  funny how easy it is to blame Janet, who was never allowed to have her own character, when it’s Jack who lived and had all these Danger Signs). It’s its own, very specific form of neglect and abuse that caused a lot of the characteristics I personally see as vital to Tim (his inability to confront authority figures, his withdrawn nature in his Robin persona, his willingness to allow grades and school life slip until he literally drops out of high school by the time we get to Red Robin

[Robin (1993-2009) #125 – I always have to back up stuff with Jack and Tim or else people act like I’m making it up – idk why]

And then there’s Damian, whose abuse came in the form of being raised to not have a childhood, being trained like an adult from a young age. And while Tomasi and Gleason have been retconning what they can over the last few years, there is no doubt that the absence of a normal childhood is going to continue to give him deep emotional scars and trust issues for the rest of his life. Part of why my personal reading of Damian emphasizes just how important his relationship to Dick was and that slow burn of their trust and sort of foster-relationship was in Batman & Robin (2009-2011) is because that was the first time in Damian’s life he was allowed to feel security and it shows very much throughout. Especially when he and Dick have this little conversation: 

[Batman & Robin (2009-2011) #10]

And this gets into what fandom goes into and what I refer to as the “Victim Olympics” – like we have to add up points here and reward someone’s fav for having the worst childhood leading up to his Robinhood or something. Which got played up in canon by having these three hate each other the way they did. 

It makes sense for Jason to see Tim as a kid of privilege trying to replace him because he had “none of the baggage” that Jason had. It makes sense for Tim to find Damian’s entitlement and sense of “biological right” over him and the others and find his attitude abhorrent to everything he’s experienced and how grateful he is toward Bruce and the family. It makes sense for Damian to look at the other children, who he has been told are “lesser” because of their lack of blood relations (and blood inheritance is of course everything to Damian’s treatment and raising with the al Ghuls) being loved unconditionally the way they are by the father he can’t seem to please. 

But few (maybe no) canon writers seem to see the levels of these relationships and treat their default Robin as the “true” point of view. And so that just encourages fandom’s natural inclination to do the same. Somehow everyone’s at fault except for your fav and their pain and abuse or neglect or circumstances don’t matter a tenth as much as yours. 

And that rubs me such the wrong way I can’t stand it. Because I think all of these stories are important and need to be told. They’re some of the most real examinations of the way different forms of trauma can be felt by a wide swarth of people, and how they build into those characters so deeply. 

Part of why Tim Drake of the New52, and Rebirth for that matter, doesn’t read well to me is because he’s had that neglect and abandonment completely erased from his history. It’s hard to explain how his asocial tendencies developed in a supportive environment so unlike the one we saw him grow from organically in the previous continuity. And part of that is probably because so few writers – even those who wrote those circumstances to begin with – seem to recognize that those were abusive signals. It was just accidental “oh kids I know who have these behaviors tend to have uninvolved parents. What a weird coincidence”. 

And unfortunately that’s led to the mess that I keep referring to in fandom.

As for your question about who is more violent with criminals between Jason and Damian, that would be Jason. I mean… they’ve both killed but… yeah Jason. He put heads in a dufflebag. 

Wait but Damian put a grenade in a head and threw it at Tim, didn’t he.

Fuck they’re both bad when written by certain people. Okay you’ve got me. It’s a tossup. 


For @bear105…reader is a genius as requested. Enjoy!

“So,” Y/N drawled as they twirled in her chair, facing Tony, “when you say cooked, you mean…?”
“Fried,” Tony replied, looking disgusted, “Shriveled. Barely recognizable.”

Y/N cringed as Ziva quirked a brow. Tim looked down. He glanced around at his coworkers.

“I can’t imagine how that felt,” Tim commented.
“Not pleasant,” Y/N commented, “I mean, an oven is bad enough, but a flamethrower?”
“I was twelve,” Tony rebutted, “and it was an accident.”
Ziva chuckled. “Tell that to the bird.”

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Batboys playing Monopoly

Dick: Jason, you asshole, you can’t put that many hotels on Boardwalk.

Jason: I can do what I want to with Boardwalk. It’s my property.

Tim: I thought I had Boardwalk.

Jason: No, Boardwalk is mine.

Tim: No, I’m almost positive I had Boardwalk.

Dick: Come to think of it, it’s a little odd that Jason has all the most expensive places.

Jason: So? That just means I’m good at this game.

Tim: *scoffs* More like you’re cheating.

Jason: Don’t believe me?

Tim: No, I don’t.

Jason: I don’t care. Boardwalk is mine. Now Dick, give me my fucking money.

Dick: No! 

Jason: What do you mean “no?” You landed on my place with my hotels, so pay up!

Dick: It’s not fair! You’re pricing me out of the game! *points his finger at Jason* Go to jail.

Tim: *pinches the bridge of his nose* You can’t just tell someone to go to jail. They have to land on it.

Dick: Well I’m not paying this asshole anything. He’s got six hotels on Boardwalk. There’s no way that’s allowed!

Tim: Well, you lost the instructions, so I guess we’ll never know. I don’t think anything about the way we’ve been playing is allowed.

Jason: Pay me my money, dammit.

Dick: No. Banker, tell him he’s got too many hotels on one property.

Damian: *sulking* “Banker” isn’t even a real job. You guys just don’t want me to play.

Tim: With how Jason cheats, do you really want to?



Tim: Just pay him the money, Dick.

Dick: Fine. *throws all his money and his playing piece at Jason* *takes the shirt off his back and throws it at Jason too* Take it all! You’ll just pry it from my hands anyway and put six fucking hotels on it! *storms off*

Jason: God, he’s so dramatic.

Tim: *rolls the dice* *lands on Boardwalk* *looks at Jason*

Jason: *smirks*

Tim: Aw fuck.

Damian: Yeah, screw this. I’m never playing Monopoly.


For kirstiehenderson29 who requested a McGee imagine

“Why don’t we ever go out as a family and do something! Anything!” You whined, leaning back in the chair at your desk, watching as your co-workers packed their things and grabbed their phones and coats. It was a Friday, and for once in your career, you were all getting out at a fairly reasonable time, and personally you wanted to celebrate.

“We are not a family.” Ziva snorted, shaking her head in your direction.

“Figuratively!” You continued to argue, sitting forward and allowing the front two legs of your chair to reunite with the floor with a thud.

“I am not related to DiNozzo (Y/N). Figuratively or not.” She pulled on a pair of gloves and zipped her coat up before giving a wave, “Besides tonight is not a good night for me, maybe another time.” You groaned loudly, mumbling something about how no night was ever a good night.

“Come on Tony, you’re really going to pass up liquor? Are you sure you didn’’t bump your head or something?” He opened his mouth to answer but you continued, cutting him off, “I know you don’t have a date so no excuses!”

“How do you know I don’t have a date?” He asked, giving you a smug look, “I happen to get a lot of dates.”

“I checked your phone, you’re more than free, she canceled after you refered to yourself as ‘the man’.. Some advice Tony, don’t refer to yourself as the man.” You returned his smug look, as his changed to a glare. McGee laughed from his own desk, and your smug look morphed into a grin.

“How did you get into my phone!”

“Tony your password is 2580. Everyone can get into your phone.” McGee chirped, and you nodded your head in agreement.

“Alright fine, I’ll go.” He huffed, and you grinned before swiveling to look at Tim puppy dog pleading eyes on full blast. Those always worked on him.

“Tim? You’re coming right?” You asked, watching him glance quickly at Tony before clearing his throat slightly, offering you a shy smile.

“I would never subject you to a night alone with DiNozzo, (Y/N).” Tim promised, grabbing his own bag from under his desk and standing. You jumped up, proud of yourself for getting the guys to agree to go have some drinks with you tonight. At your old job, everyone had been so close and you missed that work feeling. Not that your team wasn’t friendly, and close, they just never did anything that could be considered non-work related. You pulled your own coat on quickly and grabbed your purse from your desk, and your bag with all your work gear from under the desk.

“Brilliant, meet at McClanahan’s! See you in fifteen!” You announced before walking out of the bullpen, set on being there first and finding a table where you’d be able to hear each other talk.

The boy’s watched you go, and suddenly Tony felt a hand hit the back of his head. He spun, expecting to see an angry Gibbs but was only met with a stony glare from McGee.

“What the hell, Probey?” He asked, own hand itching to raise. McGee glared for another second before a blush started taking over, causing him to look a lot less menacing.

“Why did you agree to come?” He asked, lowering his voice slightly, like he was afraid you might suddenly burst back into the room. Tony smirk.

“Because we’re having drinks as a family, McGeek.” He taunted, starting towards the elevator. McGee followed, obviously not amused.

“You know how I feel”

“How you feel!” Tony mocked, “That’s your sister!”

“Shut up, you kn-”

“Don’t make me tell dad!”

“Oh drop it, all I’m saying is I’m sure you could think of a reason to go home early… Hey wait, I took the subway this morning, drive me?” He called, chasing after as Tony merely continued to smirk.

When the guys came through the door you made eye contact and smiled, waving them over to your booth in the corner. And that’s where the three of you sat, drinking, and laughing, and not talking about work and death. In your hour and a half of relaxation you found out Tony can actually cook. McGee shared a few things about his writing. And you admitted to still owning (and occasionally wearing as a bathrobe) a Harry Potter cloak.

It was Tony’s turn to go buy a round, and it was five minutes of comfortable conversation with Tim before you even noticed that he hadn’t returned. Another five minutes before you bothered mentioning it.

“Where’s Tony?” You asked, craning your neck to try and see the bar, where you spotted him nearly instantly, chatting up a younger blonde woman. McGee’s smile faltered when you started looking around and he shrugged slightly.

“I-uh, oh looks like he found his latest victim.” Tim muttered, glancing down at the table. You let out a laugh, moving around the booth slightly, so you were closer and could here him better.

“I think you were telling me about college Tim.” You grinned, your buzz causing you to lean forward slightly. McGee looked up surprised, before smiling and laughing, leaning in as well to continue his story so he didn’t feel like he was yelling in your face.

At some point Tony came over to the table for his coat and bid you both goodnight. McGee got you both another drink, and you continued to talk for what felt like hours. Talking to McGee was easy no matter the situation. You always chatted at work, lunch breaks, car rides to cases, after cases when you both felt the need to just distract yourselves.

“Did you drive here?” You asked, too tipsy to be embarrassed by the fact that the words came out too close together and each symbol hung onto the next. Tim shook his head, finishing off his beer and pushing the empty cup away. You could see his own buzz written across his face with a red blush and a relaxed grin.

“No, I took the subway to work this morning, so Tony drove me here.” He admitted sheepishly. You grinned your hand finding his, tapping your fingers on the back of his.

“I think I should probably get a cab, and grab my car tomorrow.” You murmured, a small giggle slipping out before you could stop it. Tim’s ever constant blush deepened ten fold with the presence of you hand on his, tapping idly.

“I-Is that you, saying.. You want to leave soon?” He asked, tripping over his words more so then he was a moment ago, causing your brows to knit in confusion as you tried to work out the cause. He didn’t magically get a lot drunker. Then it clicked. You were making him nervous. A grin overtook your features and you turned his hand over on the table, softly running your fingers over his palm in circular motions.

“Depends,” You grinned, “Are you coming with me?” The look that came over Tim was brilliant. Eyes wide, mouth slack, cheeks red.

“(Y/N) - I , you- I mean I- if you-” You cut his rambling off with another giggle.

“Settle McGee” You smirked, leaning forward slightly and pressing a firm kiss to his cheek, “I was merely inviting you over for some coffee.” He considered that a moment before his lips turned up into his own grin, and he nodded his hand wrapping securely around your smaller one.

“Planning on showing me that Hogwarts robe?” He asked, leaning in slightly. You scoffed and shoved him out of the booth, taking a few bills from your purse to pay for your drinks, and allowing him to do the same before taking your opportunity to let go of his hand and pull his head down, face inches from yours. He tensed up, his little confidence boost from your cheek kiss wavering.

“Careful..” You smirked, your breath dancing over his slightly parted lips, “Or I will retract my offer.” You allowed your lips to ghost over his briefly before pulling back and grabbing his hand, tugging him towards the exit.

anonymous asked:

from what I have seen Tim usually could be so calm and logical in situations where other people insult or even attack him but I don't understand why when its Damian he goes berserk?

The relationship between Tim and Dami is very complex and interesting and I really, really get annoyed when it’s just boiled down to ‘lol they snarky’ by comic writers because??? That’s just part of it?? and even so that’s just the superficial aspect of the relationship???

Like look at it from Tim’s point of view. He’s in a very bad place when Damian comes along. Stephanie has died, his dad died not long before, I’m pretty Kon had honestly just died. Mentally, Tim is sad and depressed and is really clinging to Bruce and the whole Robin thing as a way to move himself forward. It’s the only stable thing in his life. Then comes in the personification of Tim’s worst fears: a new brat, Bruce’s blood son, who’s trained and intelligent and much less needy than Tim (in his mind). Tim’s always been afraid of not being good enough, of not being able to honor the Robin legacy. He’d started to gain confidence in himself but these recent deaths have wrecked him. So Tim is feeling incredibly insecure and threatened, but also angry once he gets to know Damian. Because Tim may be insecure but he won’t roll over and let this brat take Robin from him. Plus he sees Damian’s murderous habits and rudeness as a disgrace to everything Bruce has built. Basically he’s very overprotective of Robin and Bruce from what he sees as a mistake of biology.

But then Bruce dies Tim actually does lose Robin to Damian and he is really, really hurt. From Bruce dying to Dick’s betrayal and him being essentially alone. He can’t really blame Bruce for dying, he loves Dick too much to truly hate him so Damian is an easy target for Tim’s pent up aggression. Tim is very jealous of Damian, that he got to be Robin, that dick chose him over Tim, that Tim was really pushed to the side to make room for the new kid. And a lot of that directly isn’t dami’s fault but the Batfam for allowing Tim to feel that way. And to be fair there are moments where Tim is patient with Dami when he the kid doesn’t deserve it but yeah, overall Tim is very antagonistic towards Dami. He’s rude and dismissive and sarcastic to his little brother. Because deep down he still feels unworthy and Damian waltzing in and taking something that important to Tim left lasting scars. It’s also just become habit? I imagine he walks in and rude comments just flow out without him thinking of it. We all have those people, Tim has had so many negative interactions with no sign of reconciliation that he just continues perpetuating the problem.  

Now from Damian’s point of view he comes in with his snooty princely attitude which also covers his nervousness on meeting his father and his fear of failing the ridiculously high expectations put on him by Talia and later Bruce. His first thought, as an assassin, is to kill Tim and take his place. But it’s more than that. He’s angry at everything Tim stands for, because Tim isn’t just a partner, he’s an adopted son. And from damian’s POV, Tim is weak and soft and not suited to be at his father’s side but that also covers his hatred that Tim is by Batman’s side while Damian’s waited years for the privilege of meeting his other parent. He’s also upset when Bruce yells at him for trying to kill Tim, in Damian’s mind, for choosing Tim over him. A weak, pathetic boy is better than the perfect Damian? He is angry and that’s where a lot of that initial difficulty comes from: jealousy and anger and spite.

But then he’s Robin and he works with Dick and Damian’s heart begins to grow and he really becomes attached to Dick and the Robin role. Tim has been away so it hasn’t been a big issue but then Tim is back and suddenly damian feels threatened like Tim once did. Because now that he’s in the family he knows Tim is much beloved and has value. He sees dick, who Damian now adores himself, worrying and fretting over Tim and he’s worried that he’s going to lose everything he’s gained to Tim. By this point, Tim has given up on Robin but Damian doesn’t know that. So he deals with this the only way he knows how, through violence and being as snarky and overconfident as possible to try and convince Tim and everyone that Damian has earned the Robin role and he’s not relinquishing it. Bruce comes back, Damian is still Robin and is going to keep it but the problem still persists. Because now Damian’s in a pattern, like Tim, he’s built up this anger towards Tim from jealousy and probably his own kind of hurt as well. Dami’s heart is fragile by this point, he’s just learning real love and we know Tim isn’t really being as open and kind as we know he could be. Damian sees Tim’s meanness and responds with his own meanness out of hurt and that just continues the vicious cycle.

What’s fascinating is that you can see Tim and Damian have a lot of the same issues: They’re both jealous of the other, secretly convinced the other is loved more and angry at each other for real/perceived wrongs in the past. They’re both so insecure they can’t even really see that the other is suffering the same doubts and hurt. It’s easy to point fingers and say ‘Tim/Dami is the bad guy here and Dami/Tim is the victim’. But it’s not. Sometimes Tim is more at fault, jumping to mean conclusions and writing off Damian’s good progress while sometimes Damian knows just how to hurt Tim’s weak spots and really is beating Tim while he’s down. They’re too caught up in their own bitterness and petty jealousies that they can’t see which is delicious and ironic. The real bad guys here is the Batfam, really Dick and Bruce, who have allowed this relationship to sour to the point that Tim/Dami really can’t have a civil conversation. Like Dick treated Tim horribly when he was Batman and probably talked a lot about how cute and perfect Tim was and Bruce was pretty hard on Damian on top of also pretty much ignoring Tim. The fights are played off for humor in the stories but… it’s actually really sad that the family doesn’t seem to notice/care that the two youngest boy fight constantly say some pretty cruel things to each other.

TL;DR: Tim is a jerk to Dami, Dami is a jerk to Tim. They go back and forth on who started this fight or who made this shitty comment. The thing is they have similar problems: jealousy, insecurity, inability to let what happened between them go but they can’t see it or address it. I blame the Batfam for the development of this antagonistic relationship because Bruce and Dick should have treated the boys, together and separately, better and prevent this from happening but also to have nipped this feud in the bud but now it’s to the point where it’s pretty solid. That’s why I’m fascinated with the 'Dami finds Not-Dead Tim thing in Rebirth, because THIS is the chance for the boys to bridge the gap between them. Damian can see Tim’s worth, realize he loves him, see that tim is also hurting and what he went through while Tim can see that Damian does care and has someone bloody come and save him. Now that’d be a great story.

While we are beating liberals half to death just think about this DEATH TO THE LEFT

Democrats have incited violence against republicans for so long that the “resistance” claimed at least 4 victims. 1)Tim Kaine asked for blood on the streets. 2) Loretta Lynch did the same. 3)Obama asked for his supporters to rise up. 3) CNN announced who would take over the government if all elected republicans were KILLED during Trump’s inauguration. 4)A NY play shows the killing of Trump. 5)Snoop Dog kills Trump in a video. 6)Kathy Griffin decapitates Trump in a photoshoot …Update …. 7)Madonna – “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.” 8)Robert De Niro: “I’d Like to Punch Him (Trump) in the Face”. 8)Avengers director Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*ck Paul Ryan to Death”. 9)The creater of the Wire, David Simon: “Pick Up a G*ddamn Brick” if Trump Fires Robert Mueller. 10)The Wrestler actor Mickey Rourke Threatens to Beat Trump with Baseball Bat: “He Can Suck My F*cking D*ck”. 11)Actress Lea DeLaria Threatens to ‘Take Out’ Republicans and Independents with Baseball Bat after Trump Win. 12)Rapper YG Threatens Trump with “F*ck Donald Trump” Song. 13) Marilyn Manson Kills ‘Trump’ in Music Video. 14)Rapper Everlast Warns Trump: “I Will Punch You in Your F*cking Face”. 15)Larry Wilmore Jokes About Suffocating Trump with ‘Pillow They Used to Kill Scalia’. 16)Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Puts Stephen Miller’s Head on a Spike.17) Sarah Silverman Suggests Military Could Help Overthrow Trump. 18) Kathy Griffin promised to beat up Barron Trump… Bad apples or a rotten tree?

anonymous asked:

My friend was just drawing mini robins and she was telling me she'd imagine that if Dick was ever turned back into an itty bitty babe, he'd do the same thing her niece does: pat everyone's cheeks and make the noise "pap" every time he did and give slobbery kisses and blow kisses and demand to be held by everyone (mainly Tim would fall victim to this and Bruce would never admit it but he would too. The JL). Just thought I'd share that little headcanon with you (she's on a bby!robin drawing kick).

hahaha tim and bruce are the weakest human beings in the history of the universe. Baby!Dick would be so fucking spoiled always, it’s ridiculous. 

Damian is weak to the gross ass baby kisses, because they’re actually hella sweet. Jason is weak to Dick’s obnoxious demands to ride on his shoulders, or sitting on his back like he’s a horse. He takes lots of selfies, so Dick can never live it down.