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Fanart - The Teamiplier (again)

I..I just love drawing these guys 💛💜❤💙 also! I added @PamelaHorton13 from Twitter to the team. She’s kinda the new member I guess?? She’s not main cast, I like to think she’s like the “back up gal” y'know? And she needs moar love uwu

Speed Draw >> https://youtu.be/xuC-yZSOuiE

Anyways hope ya enjoy! :D
@markiplier @crankgameplays

Oh. My. God. alsfjsdf I JUST noticed Josh’s new twitter header how did I not notice before

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REDRAW THIS WITH THE VOLTRON CHARACTERS PLEASE I’LL GIVE YOU MY FIRSTBORN ((and if it’s already been redrawn can someone send it to me))

Jeremy and Kimberly look like they’re not exactly sure how to do it. Bex looks like she’s doing a lazy dab (note the bent left arm). Josh has fucking PERFECT form. Tim is pretty good too. Tyler also, tho he kinda looks more like he’s trying to hide his face than dab

We don’t deserve this cast wth

I want to see a sci-fi movie...

Where Rinko Kikuchi

is the adopted daughter of the Galactic Space General Sigourney Weaver,

who leads humanity against an endless horde of giant aliens designed by Guillermo del Toro and the Pan’s Labyrinth crew

who are all motion-captured and voiced by Andy Serkis

and take orders from the cosmic space conqueror Tim Curry.

After a terrible battle, Kikuchi gets taken in two wise old mentors played by Terry Crews

and Isaiah Mustafa

going full Old Spice

with the intention of teaching her how to pull off all that crazy shit they do in those adverts.

and eventually finds a rival in the evil space empire’s greatest warrior Gwendoline Christie

but manages to defeat her and Curry’s superweapon with the help of a giant super robot

with an AI voiced by Aisha Tyler.

The third act twist is that Curry was just the henchman of the *true* dark lord of the universe: Ken Watanabe

who is also Rinko’s father

and pilots a giant samurai mech

and is basically the Anti-Spiral but for Old Spice

and Rinko and her robot must defeat him by using bunch of crazy Old Spice-inspired madness

and also the Aisha robot gets a horse because of course she does

and she finishes the fight by punching the baddie into the sun

before going on to be crowned Galactic Space Empress and building up a super team of badass Old Spice Power-users to defend the universe, kinda like the Justice League but with giant robots and physics-defying madness.

If anyone wants to buy this pitch, you know how to reach me.

  • To Tim: What’s the difference between writing for  the comics vs the show? 
    • The comics happen so fast, write the adventure and 3 months later it comes out, and there’s no production limitation with comics, in terms of how much Voltron can be in or how many giant monsters they can plug
  • Every paladin has bonded more with their lions - where can they go from now? 
    • Tim: “Bonds can become closer” plenty more to unlock emotionally and intellectually, we’ll see who steps up
    • Bex: bond with lion like bond with people - it can deepen and develop over life, will keep going and evolving
    • As seen with Zarkon, a bond with a lion can be broken, and a bond can be damaged if you betray the lion
    • Tyler: Just cause you form a relationship doesn’t mean they show you everything right away - nuances to the relationship
  • What was fun to discover with characters 
    • Bex really likes 1st ep. Season one Pidge is all family, then she has realization that these have become her people; catapulted into community growth instead of just self growth
    • Tyler enjoyed going to new depths, not just regular scenario like school, higher stakes cause defending universe. Lots of characters (esp Hunk) were a bit of a mess in the beginning and then became more sure-footed, all paladins got that in season 2 to an extent
    • Ty’s fave character to watch was Keith, his internal struggle and the test with the BoM. Almost like watching a superhero origin story - want to see the person becoming the hero
    • “we have 5 superheroes and they’re always progressing”
  • Fave scenes: 
    • Ty: the space caterpillars, when they came out with theglowing  eyes
    • Image of Pidge smuggling some onto castle “she must’ve” “Pidge is a hoarder so-” “castle is big” 
    • Ty: another awesome moment was getting farted out of the weblum, found it hilarious
    • Tim: fun how Hunk and Coran went to get the crystal and mentioned the weblum - foreshadowing, things pay off
    • Bex: when Coran thinks he’s gonna fly the lion. Tim: it’s a suit he made, he didn’t steal Alfor’s 
  • Pidge and Hunk seem much more the ambassadors of the team - good at getting aliens to trust them
    • Ty: Hunk can trust himself in a situation, his softer side really services him like on the mermaid planet. He’s approachable and likeable and personalbe, it’s a skillset and he’s learning to embrace it 
    • Tim: Hunk is able to see multiple sides of a situation, never forgets how crazy this situation they’re in is, he’ able to put himself in other’s shoes
    • Bex: Pidge communicates with technology, needs an extra step to make that connection with people. So when she meets the Olkari it’s like “these are people I can actually communicate with

A BIG happy birthday to these two amazing people who inspire me everyday! @floatingmegane-san @markiplier

SP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4jHEI2q6lc

@markistellar @mary-plier @biscuitplier @lissachan504

Also, a little thank you video for Mark! :3

Questions I have been asked

Here are some questions I have been asked so far.

1) Is the, The Thank You Project just for Ethan?

Answer: No it is not just for Ethan it is for all the boys as well as Amy and Kathryn (I know they’re at the shows and they both deserve it to). They have done a lot for us.

2) Why can’t we use signs?

Answer: Because most venues don’t allow big signs and we’ll most likely throw it out. Plus printer paper is cheaper.

3) Why bring extras?

Answer: For the people who didn’t hear about the project.

4) When do we hold “Thank You” up?

Answer: Towards the end of the show. I personally have not gone to a show but I have been to a lot of events/concerts and they usually tell you when the night is coming to an end.

5) Why color?

Answer: Because color is cool

6) Why are there tags for the projects?

Answer: To help the ones participating in the project(s) get information I might not have gone over. I really want to keep these as much of a surprise as possible so I’m trying to avoid their main tags. Plus it keeps things organized when the dates come.

7) Is this project on other social media?

Answer: YES YES YES. I don’t have Instagram so feel free to spread the projects around there. No one has gotten back to me on Twitter, it’s kinda getting ignored though.

8) What do you put in the blanks on Ethans project?

You put whatever you’re heart desires! CrankGameplays does not define Ethan so come up with some unique things

Ex: CrankGameplays is the amazing or Ethan Nestor is funny (bad examples but you get it).

9) Is Ethans project online?

Answer: Yes. It’s date is Nov 23.

10) What are the dates?

The Thank You Project is Feb 25th for people attending that show.

Project E (Ethans) is Nov. 23

If you have more questions please let me know!!



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