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 Here’s your real gift @scribefigaro! I figured Miroku and Sango would probably settle down in a home all their own pretty quickly after the final battle (this is move in day). 

 I hope the shading is to your liking.

The best moments of the 'Chelsea Lately' Finale

1). Ellen Degeneres “confronts” Chelsea for never asking her to be on the show.

2). As Chuy presented the Roundtable players, Fortune Feimster and TJ Miller came out as “The Lesbians” of the group. Amazing.

3). Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Mary McCormack basically roasted Chelsea for dealing with her friendship. By the way Sandy slayed it…

4). …she brought out 50 Cent. *drops mic*

5). Sure 50 Cent and Miley Cyrus performed, but the Gwen Stefani led closing number featured some amazing cameos from: Allison Janney, Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Nealon, Anna Farris, Justin Theroux, Naya Rivera, Gabriel Iglesias, Selana Gomez.

Kelly Osbourne, TJ Miller as a plant, Miley Cyrus, Joel Mchale, Tim Allen, Natasha Lyonne, G-UnitAvril Lavigne who sang “she can’t go on faking every day that Chelsea cares about Kim and Kanye”…

6) With Leah Remini, Kathy Griffin, and Chloe Moretz in the background, David Grohl revealed he was Chuy’s dad. It was a cute moment because I love Chuy!

7). Oscar Winner Marlee Matlin was doing the sign language version of the song. At one point she had to perform: “so roll yourself a join and have a drink.”

8). Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s face:

9). I never really got a good chance to be serious and say ‘Thank you,’ but I want you to know that I am grateful for this career. Thank you very much. Cheers to you, girl!

PTA members

Hello! This is a blog dedicated to the AU of Ptatale! As of recent this trend has been blowing up. The silly nonsense about a couple of normal world parents interacting with Undertale’s unique character roster. Some PTA members I’ve noticed/made are listed as followed:

Linda: the antivax, gluten free, subtle racist mother who thinks their child is the best around, horrible cooking. Is however a Strong mother.

Helen: the overt racist, bad southern side like, drank the Trump flavored koolaid. Buys stuff from the store. Persistent in her beliefs, rather determined.

Diana: Tool #1. Can’t be saved. Mindslave to Helen and Linda.

Carol: Tool #2. Needs better friends, overall a kind sweet woman. Divorced.

Rebecca: horrible mess, needs a lot of support, husband and one son is dead. Has another son and daughter, is getting help to move forward with life.

Keisha: Supportive black friend of Rebecca. Early mother and is criticized. Will knock your shit into place. Living son has autism.

Mary Ann: silent mysterious woman, unknown to who her child is. People are afraid of her especially if she’d talks.

*Jubilee: Rebellious mother whose child is constantly sick. Divorced single mother who seems apathetic towards everything including her son, in reality takes care of her son as if he was a in terminal condition.

David: horrible douche who’ve came back from the military, claims to have the best family. Married to Helen. Also a Trump cultist. Insecure about masculinity, only the soldier part is his redeeming quality.

Frank: Another douche, this time a strict health freak, says nameste way too much, pseudo-Buddhist, yoga and man buns. Linda’s husband.

Tim: David’s tool, rather annoying one. Diana’s husband

John: gamer who still thinks they’re in college. Carol’s brother.

Patrick: Mary Ann’s husband? Idk perhaps a gender bent version of her.

*Harold: divorced player constantly trying to get their son a date.

The starred ones are the ones I made, the rest are others creation.
I’ll mainly use those ones.

Political views: I’m pro-bearded Riker.

s-u-n-s-p-o-t-s If the nearly omniscient Q thought Riker was worth conferring godly graces to (in hopes of, in turn, assimilating the best of humanity), he should at least qualify as a viable life partner. He’s also an emotional wreck–an em-path might appreciate the range.

ultracheese  That’s good propaganda, right there. I presume it worked? I wear one like Wilson wears Tim-the-Tool-Man-Taylor’s fence.