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If The Outsiders had Tumblr blogs

Darry- Inspirational quotes, things that make you think.

Two-bit- Post jokes and “good comebacks”, repost Mickey Mouse gifs/photos

Steve- cars, babes on cars, has a strategic tagging systems.

Dally- baddie aesthetics, doesn’t really have original post just repost.

Sodapop- Selfies, aesthetic photography, repost horse related things

Johnny- Good vibes, yoga/meditation, and self love

Ponyboy- Fandom blog. Known for quote related gifs and epic imagines.

Tim- Pit bull appreciation blog. Puppies, old doggies, all the dogos.

Angela- Up-cycling and broke life hacks on how to look fab af

Curly- dark humor and memes

this panel is Upsetting because Tim is so, so certain that the batfam will come for him, that they’ll be there for him, but will they?  Everyone seems 100% certain that he is dead, and there isn’t a breadcrumb trail like there was when Bruce was lost in time to lead anyone to Tim, so how long will Tim be imprisoned?  How long will Tim be waiting there before he begins to doubt that anyone is coming for him?  Before he begins to lose hope that anyone is even looking for him?  Before Tim, the robin who knew Bruce wasn’t dead and brought him back, who almost went to extremes like a lazarus pit to bring loved ones back, begins to believe that nobody will do the same for him?

Green Eyes

A/N: Hey guys, this is my first Jason Todd imagine, and it’s based off this piece of fanart by the amazingly talented @ceara-banana . I hope you all enjoy it! Feedback and comments are welcome


He didn’t really remember how it happened. All he knew is when he came out of the pit everything was different. A few months passed and he learned something interesting about himself, he had powers. He had become a meta somewhere between getting blown up and coming back to life. And his powers were a little too similar to a certain red headed villainess of Gotham. The first time it happened he nearly shot a tree. He was sitting in a park with a copy of Pride and Prejudice he’d lifted from Bruce’s library soon after he was made as Red Hood.

The day was hot and he had taken cover under a tree in Gotham Park. He reached for his ice tea, but his eyes were glued to the page, his hand ended up knocking the cup over.

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