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Darry- Inspirational quotes, things that make you think.

Two-bit- Post jokes and “good comebacks”, repost Mickey Mouse gifs/photos

Steve- cars, babes on cars, has a strategic tagging systems.

Dally- baddie aesthetics, doesn’t really have original post just repost.

Sodapop- Selfies, aesthetic photography, repost horse related things

Johnny- Good vibes, yoga/meditation, and self love

Ponyboy- Fandom blog. Known for quote related gifs and epic imagines.

Tim- Pit bull appreciation blog. Puppies, old doggies, all the dogos.

Angela- Up-cycling and broke life hacks on how to look fab af

Curly- dark humor and memes

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"conquering soldier with a conscience Jay + spoil of war Timmy" I've been looking through your PitVerse and this is so great to me!! Could you expand on this one a bit more?

Late answer, but I had to regroup my ideas on this, because I’d totally forgotten the epoc.
So, originally, I was of two mind in whether to place the story during the Sack of Rome (1527); or one of the sieges lead by Barbarossa during the Franco-Ottoman alliance (1540s) - quiet possibly the siege of Reggio Calabria, at that.
Then I thought something waaaaaaaaaay older would work better; namely, the Roman’s conquest of Britain in—uh, 60-70 AD? I think? With Jay as a Roman and Tim as Celt. Which then lead me to wanting Jay to be a Viking and Tim a guy born in Russia or Constantinople in the early 1000-1100 centuries?, I even went briefly with Spanish Jay and Inca Tim during the Spanish conquest, but UGH. SO MANY CHOICES.
I think we can imagine this being either the British/Roman or Viking scenario. 

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Philophobia - Chapter 5 - Pisces314 - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“You still live at home?” Tim asks but then wants to slap himself. What happened to the manners his parents taught him? Dick thankfully doesn’t seem bothered by his question.

“Yeah, until I find a decent place around here anyways. I was in Bludhaven for a while but I moved back in to be closer to work and my girlfriend. Plus, our dad was completely hopeless at dealing with the other brats without me.” He winks at Tim, or tries to. Both eyes end up closing in an overexaggerated blink towards Tim.

“Oh that’s, uh, cool.” Is all Tim can think to say to that. “Are you driving me to your office or…” He trails off, eyeing their cars doubtfully. It doesn’t seem logical but it’s the only reason he can think of for Dick to be waiting for him in his driveway.

“Nope, we’re actually doing an in-home visit today!”

“A what?” Tim asks, feeling a pit of dread form in his stomach.

“It’s part of my job to come check out your living situation,” Dick explains, voice taking a softer tone as he notices Tim’s confusion. “It was in the packet I sent home with you and your parents at the hospital.”

this panel is Upsetting because Tim is so, so certain that the batfam will come for him, that they’ll be there for him, but will they?  Everyone seems 100% certain that he is dead, and there isn’t a breadcrumb trail like there was when Bruce was lost in time to lead anyone to Tim, so how long will Tim be imprisoned?  How long will Tim be waiting there before he begins to doubt that anyone is coming for him?  Before he begins to lose hope that anyone is even looking for him?  Before Tim, the robin who knew Bruce wasn’t dead and brought him back, who almost went to extremes like a lazarus pit to bring loved ones back, begins to believe that nobody will do the same for him?

cover story
The best lies are true. For Tim/Kon week: non-powered AU. [AO3]


Kon’s definitely the weirdest bodyguard he’s ever had. Not that he has that many to compare to, but Tim’s pretty sure that Kon has talked more in three minutes than his last bodyguard had in three months.

When they’re safely home at Wayne Manor, Nelson had usually disappeared to monitor the security cameras, or patrol the grounds, or whatever he did when he was off-duty. Instead, Kon slumps on the couch next to Tim, stealing his popcorn and critiquing his zombie-killing moves.

Clark vouched for him, Tim reminds himself. Though Clark is a man who voluntarily wears flannel, so his judgment is questionable.

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The ending of Viska was X injecting himself with the formula he created, then going to a Pit. Ra’s is waiting for him, takes the vial X had that contains the formula and breaks it. Then he stabbed X and leaves him to die, saying he knows Tim won’t use the Pit. X tells him he’s not Tim, then crawls into the Pit.

The formula he created cancels out the effects of the Pit and it starts leeching to the other Pits, changing its chemical make up, making it so Ra’s can’t use the Pit as a weapon (I don’t remember exactly what I had planned but Ra’s weaponized the Pit so he could personalize it’s effects to people, and Tim ruined this possibility)

As X starts to die, from bleeding out and drowning, he has a flash back to being Tim, to falling from the cliff and doing the same thing. He accepts who is is and blacks out as a hand pulls him from the water.

He wakes up back in Gotham, knowing he is both Tim and X. Jason and Dick are with him, they tell him they don’t care who he is, they just don’t want to lose him again.

X decides to not tell them the truth, but he goes to Bruce and explains everything to him. Bruce let’s him go and he goes back to Jason and Dick.

I Don't Want to Hear it

For JayTim week, day six: redemption

rating: T

length: 3.6K


“I don’t want to hear it,” Tim says as he turns to leave, and Jason wants to grab him and hold him and grovel until Tim believes that he really is sorry, but his hands stay at his sides and Tim walks through the door, leaving Jason alone in the break room.

All Jason can think is how beautiful Tim looked in that dress and how he hopes Tim won’t stop wearing them, just because of one stupid thing Jason said.


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anonymous asked:

In your Robin Reversal AU did Damian try to avenge Tim after he died?

I wouldn’t completely call it avenging, but Damian did get very, very angry and took it out on a lot of criminals and villains. It got to the point Bruce couldn’t even tell Damian when cases involved Joker because Damian would see red and focus solely on the Joker, no matter his relevance. 

He broke into Arkham more than once to just beat the living tar out of the Joker. And what made it worse was the Joker expected him, and laughed every time.

In his weaker moments, he’d cry, and beg his father or his friends or anyone to let him use the Lazarus Pit. To make a deal with his mother or his grandfather. He would take the responsibility for Tim and anything the Pit madness made him do, he promised, he swore.

They always said no, and on some occasions, were forced to sedate him to get him off that track. Tim dying really wrecked him, and no one could tell if it was because Tim was a child when it happened, or if Damian really had come to love him in their short time as brothers.

anonymous asked:

How do you think red-x tim would be like?

*cracks knuckles and takes a deep breath* i have thought about this……so much, finally i dont have to rant to my friends 

okay so tim would get brought back to life via the lazarus pit, and ra’s would be right there and ready to calm tim in all his pit madness glory. but something goes wrong

tim doesn’t come out of the pit frothing and angry, he comes out, catches his breath, and stares at ra’s with harsh green eyes before he blinks and takes in his surroundings

the pit didn’t very well change tim, it just sort of dulled his restraints, his empathy, the nagging little voice in his head that always told him to ‘hold back, be quiet, don’t say anything.’ (his parents were big believers in children should be seen not heard) 

so tim’s ruthless and ready to show all the bat’s exactly what they’re missing now that they lost him, he’s ready to show them all he’s not some underrated little tech support. 

tl;dr he’s mean, he’s snarky, and he’s ready to take over Gotham