tim tebow nfl

The NFL God is a Christian god.

“When Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah intercepted a Tom Brady pass and returned it for a touchdown Monday night, he did what so many other NFL players do to celebrate a big play: He paused to make a religious gesture of thanks. But Abdullah, a devout Muslim, found that his religious display was met with less latitude than, say, Tim Tebow when he brought Tebowing into the NFL. Abdullah was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct because he slid to the ground, then knelt in in the end zone.”

Under this new precedent, every sign of the cross deserves a penalty.

Trent Dilfer:  Why keep this NFL dream alive, when so many people out there say you shouldn’t?

Tim Tebow:  'Cause I love it.  When you love something and you’re passionate about something… you want to go after it.  No matter what my outcome is, it is okay.  BecauseI am not going to have to turn around and live with regrets saying “Man, I wished I had trained harder.  I wished I would have pushed myself.  I wished I would have done more.  Because everyday I have pushed myself to the limit.”