tim tam white

Dude, we all make jokes about the “type” of kid Batman adopts.  White boy, black hair, and blue eyes? Must be a Wayne.

But in all seriousness I think people forget that canonically his kids are not white. 

Dick Grayson

is Romani. 

Damian Wayne

Is Chinese/ Arab/ American

Jason Todd

His continuity is basically a “pick your own robin” adventure game at this point and the general consensus of the fan base is he is of Spanish decent. 

Duke Thomas

is obviously not a white boy. I know he’s not a “robin” so people may say he doesn’t count from the original “trope” but he’s still a batkid, hence he counts. 

Cassandra Cain 

is Asian. I don’t now if they say specifically what she is in since she was reintroduced in New 52 (Which is when I started reading) but she was born in Tibet and I believe her mother, Lady Shiva is Chinese. 

Barbara Gordon 

Although having the blue eyes has flaming red hair. Making her the butt of all kinds of jokes that start and end with Red. As if every single other member of this family doesn’t wear red too. 

Bat family by milkisall (Google then into Deviantart but couldn’t find the link) 

Stephanie Brown

White girl yes. Blue eyes and blonde hair she can be considered a stereotype but not Batman’s. Plus, although she may wear his symbol, she’s distancing herself from him so fast she’s close to running over pedestrians. 

The ONLY kid that fits the bill of our favorite stereotype is Tim Drake

Tim Tam is the white boy, black hair and blue eyed kid that although didn’t start the stereotype, certainly didn’t help it. But if you look he is the ONLY one who fits this particular trope. 

And I know the writers, directors, and even fans have a really bad habit of white washing these guys into being all white, or ignoring Cassandra and Duke for the most part entirely. But in CANON, if we look back on it, our favs aren’t white. And it just kinda pisses me off when people are being serious when they say that Bruce is racist and shit. Like, nah bro. Bruce collects orphans. Doesn’t matter what they look like.

 If you’re parents are dead stay off the streets cuz he’ll swoop you up faster than anything else. “This one is mine now.” 

“Uhhh. My mom is right over there.” 

“Poor thing! Watching their mother walk away from them!” 

“She went to get me ice-”

“Alfred! Prepare the Batcave!”

“So….this is happening I guess.”

“Don’t worry. Alfred will tell you everything about the Manor when we get home.”

“Can he tell me where the door is so I can get the hell out?”