tim shaughnessy

Post-Shattered Sight. Robin comes to and remembers where he last saw Regina. Second part to this. 

Unedited, unbetad.


When Robin comes back to himself, he is alone in a shop with a broken door. His pockets are heavy and his body is sore. For several moments he just stands there, blinking rapidly (his eyes feel dry and scratchy), trying to work out where he is and what’s going on.

It is the strangest sort of re-awareness, like startling awake when you hadn’t been totally asleep, or like waking up after being so drunk that the revelry of the previous night feels like memories belonging to someone else.

He sticks his hands in his pockets, finds currency (both coins and paper), three mobile phones, several gold and jewelled rings and necklaces, a solid silver pear-shaped paperweight, and an actual, literal trophy. A small, gold-coloured trophy with the words ‘Tim Shaughnessy Award For Academic Excellence’ engraved on it.

Robin is disgusted with himself. This was no thievery for the benefit of the unfortunate. This was stealing because he could. Because he was good at it and wanted to rub his talent in other people’s faces. It was arrogance and selfishness and bitterness. That trophy wasn’t even real gold.

He rubs a hand over his face and winces at the tenderness of his cheekbone, his right eye. His ribs hurt when he breathes deeply. The worst of him had not been satisfied with mere robbery, it seemed. He vaguely remembers shouting, a scuffle with Will Scarlet, throwing the first punch… his knuckles ache, come to think of it.

He should get out of here, make sure everybody is all right, Will included. He remembers loosing arrows. All of his arrows, which is maybe what he’s doing in what appears to be an outdoors and adventure supplies shop (he came here looking for weapons, he thinks, can’t remember clearly). He needs to hold his boy, make sure he’s safe, check on Marian, and Regina…

Regina. Oh God, Regina.

The bottom drops out of his stomach, so fast he thinks he might be sick. The memory comes back to him in a rush. Blood. Regina, on the floor of the Sherriff’s station, a terrible wound in her stomach, blood pooling around her. Himself, looking down on her and telling her she deserved to die. Walking away. Leaving her there. To die.

Robin lets out a moan of anguish and fear, drops everything and runs as fast as he can out of the shop.


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