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Mystery Scribble Theater Monday #17 - Missed Opportunities

The theme of doing the right thing continues…and simultaneously slides into “no good deed goes unpunished.” Sometimes, that’s how it feels.

But hey. It gets better.

And even with the snark, there’s enough empathy in Crow’s programming that he doesn’t want to see this new human on board slip into desperation. He’s a jerk, but he’s not totally heartless.

With this strip, I’m closing out the first “season” of Mystery Scribble Theater. The original idea was to take a big ol’ hiatus till after Christmas, but I think I may have to…recombobulate this plan.  I feel like there’s a whole buncha you that are now here thanks to a particular mug in a yellow jumpsuit. O_O Hello and welcome and all that good junk!  (Dear MST3K cast/crew that have given me an enormous boost this year: I’ve got friends with an in to a really awesome distillery here and I could send you all something nice for Christmas. Just…just saying. If you don’t drink, I know where I can get amazing cookies for you instead. This is a completely serious offer. Redeemable at any time.)

Instead of a full-blown hiatus, I’m just going to take a couple week break so that I can get caught up on commissions, work on “season two” of the comic, and most importantly, rest a little so I don’t burn out. I love doing this thing entirely too much to let it suffer and I’m continually surprised at how much love it gets from all of you.  You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys. This really started as a fun, goofy way to show my love for MST3K and the darn thing got legs.  This is not what I expected at all!

I’ll still try to post some WIP Wednesdays and for a small handful of Mondays, I’ll share some finished stand-alone MSTie art so you still have something to look forward to! And before you know it, the strips will start up again and you won’t even notice I was gone.

I’m also hoping to attempt a few art streams either on Picarto.tv or Twitch, once I figure out the setup for the latter.  I’ll post here and on Twitter when those will be live if you want watch. I’d love it if you would!

For those wanting to catch up, you can look here: Mystery Scribble Theater Mondays. (Links page is coming soon, plus I’m working on a Facebook page for the comic as well, just in case Tumblr isn’t quite your cuppa.)