tim scribbles

Before Bruce's birthday...
  • Tim: I just can't figure out what he wants.
  • Stephanie: Beats me. Hey! Cosmo has a trivia list about Bruce, maybe it'll help!
  • Tim: Steph, that's--
  • Stephanie: Ooh, fill in the blank activity! "What does Bruce Wayne hate the most?" That's easy. *scribbles* Me.
  • Tim: He doesn't--
  • Stephanie: Next up! "What is Bruce Wayne's favorite activity?" Well, he IS old. Probably "Filing taxes."
  • Tim: As if. Try, "Brooding in a dark corner thinking about Hot Topic merchandise"?
  • Stephanie: "Crying about My Chemical Romance"?
  • Tim: "Styling his hair like Sid Vicious"?
  • Stephanie: That's Jason.
  • Tim: Learned it from somewhere, right?
  • Stephanie: *scribbles* "Lamenting the lack of punk rock" it is!
  • Tim: Let's check the answers.
  • Both: *lean in*
  • Stephanie: "Wine-tasting"? What the hell?
  • Tim: Sold! That's his birthday gift, no take-backs. Hey, what does he hate the most?
  • Stephanie: ...When his children buy him bad gifts.
  • Tim: It does not say that!
  • Stephanie: You're right, it doesn't. It says "When Tim drinks his coffee."
  • Tim: See, I might have bought him a new coffee mug set if he hadn't said that.

What do I do when I run out of Jam fics again??? Also imagine Tim having a bad breakdown and Jay just holding him and rubbing his back and just letting Tim cry it out for a bit. And eventually, when Jay starts cracking under the stress too, Tim does the same for him. Cuddle buddies helping each other out in times of need. Yeah. Jam. It’s heartbreaking. I missed this ship.