tim roderick nelson

roderick} a traitor’s heart

i. run boy run - woodkid ii. marked man - mieka pauley iii. the devil within - digital daggers iv. hate the taste - black rebel motorcycle club v. if i had heart - fever ray vi. dark side of me - coheed & cambria vii. at the crossroads - those poor bastards viii. we used to be friends - dandy warhols ix. nocturne - bruhnuhville x. let it be - the beatles



“How do you like being a lawman?”

The Signs as Tim "Roderick" Nelson quotes:
  • Aries:How the hell are ya?
  • Taurus:Come on. Come on. Ring-a-ding-ding. Come on. It's not over until you stop breathing.
  • Gemini:We're in this together. You and me. Everything I am, is because of you.
  • Cancer:So it was all a lie, huh? You used me? You used me!
  • Leo:Wanna get drunk?
  • Virgo:I'm gonna cut right to the chase. I made a rather impulsive move earlier. It's a character defect. Gets me in alot of trouble.
  • Libra:And you have a boyfriend somewhere. And your boyfriend's got a boyfriend and...I'd call that a grey area. Wouldn't you?
  • Scorpio:Are you bumming? You look like you're bumming.
  • Sagittarius:It's exciting. Most people, they live their whole lives...they never find any real purpose, you know? You've helped me so much. I never believed in myself until you did.
  • Capricorn:It's not that I'm fascinated with death, professor. I'm more interested in the last moment alive.
  • Aquarius:You're still breathing.
  • Pisces:Shouldn't you be in a hospital right now? Near death?