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Bats Gone Wild

Bruce had been trying to get the League to upgrade their security–both external and internal–for months. The Watchtower wasn’t secure, and neither were any of the private rooms or armories aboard. But, no matter how hard he pushed it, nobody was listening.

Then he made the mistake of complaining about it to Barbara. So, during the League’s next off-world mission, she hacked the teleporter… and unleashed the Robins.

The League returned to the Watchtower to find that the batfamily had managed to break into every single room in the satellite. Dick and Jason had taken all of the mattresses out of the rooms and piled them in the center of the meeting room; Tim had somehow jury-rigged the coffee maker to run off a Javelin engine and had drained the entire unholy mixture in one go, then crashed in Power Girl’s bed; Steph and Damian were playing table tennis in Icon’s room with a piece of kryptonite for a ball. The rattling in the air vents turned out to be Cassandra with a bag of Tostitos. They found Terry sleeping upside down stuck to the ceiling of the conservatory, with Jason and Kate taking turns trying to shoot him awake with increasingly impractical weapons taken from the “alien overlords” vault and Dick trying to poke him awake by launching himself from the top of the Tamaranean Maples. Duke was found passed out in Bruce’s room, having apparently tired himself out attempting to contain the damage.

Within an hour, Barbara Gordon had received dual contracts from Queen Consolidated and WayneTech to upgrade security on the Watchtower. A day later, one more rule was added to the unofficial Justice League rules of order: no more than 3 unsupervised Wayne children allowed on the Watchtower at a time.

Summary of BBCAN4 Finale:

Skipped through the entire final HOH competition, apparently Tim quit?

Nikki and Maddy wanted to vote for Cassandra, bless them.

Visible rage and disappointment on the juror’s faces when Tim was evicted, confirming that season 4 will have a shit winner.

Maddy’s question: “Phil, for once in your life STFU and let Nick answer.”

Phil: *butts in anyway*

Cassandra’s question: “You guys totally lied too, remember?” 

Phil: “Noooooooooo.”

Tim’s question: “So you guys had fake relationships in the house?”

Phil: “Yeah, I mean no!”


Kelsey’s plea for $100,000: “I self evicted for Raul and played the game for Jared, vote for me.”


Kelsey in the DR: “It was really me and Jared, fuck Raul.”


Arisa: “Hey, let’s slut shame Maddy for a bit.”


Jury is then forced to vote between Kelsey, who was already evicted before jury, and idiot brothers who tried to self evict during their HOH reign.

Best line of the night is from Mitch: “Sometimes dumb luck wins out.”

Everybody all over the internet expressed that they would be voting Kelsey over the brothers, and yet somehow brothers “won” Canada’s vote. #rigging

And Canada gets their worst Big Brother winners yet, the brothers.


This is a conversation that Zack and I would have. For serious. (in fact i'm surprised we haven't yet)
  • Billy: Every time she farts she's thinking that her water's breaking or that she's having contractions. So back off!
  • Tim: Hey Billy can you pass me that violin please?
  • Billy: Shut up.
  • Tim: You're hoggin' it.
  • - Friday Night Lights, Season 4 Episode 2